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Jeff Roberts:
V.P. Operations, Recall of Santa Clara County Supervisors
Pictured below, Local Santa Clara Resident, Mechanical Engineer.

Neil Mammen:
President, Committee to Support the Recall of Santa Clara County Supervisors

Kevin McGary: 
President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, and co-founder of Every Black Life Matters

Nuremberg Code
Pipelines - Supply Chains
No Transparency
No Public Records accessible
CA - Most Oppressive Mandates in the Country
Public Health Director has ALL the power
The Board ignores all rulings.
Attention Supervisors of Santa Clara County:

Please accept this formal invitation to Dr. Sara Cody to debate Dr. Simone Gold on September 19th at Calvary Chapel, 1175 Hillsdale Avenue, San Jose from 6 pm-9 pm. 

Statement for Debate:

Lives could have been saved if the County had recommended the use of alternative medical treatments like Ivermectin and HCQ for early treatment of COVID!

Affirming : Dr. Simone Gold
Opposing: Dr. Sara Cody

In the event that Dr. Cody is unwilling to debate, we invite each and every one of the Santa Clara Country supervisors to represent the county and present your defense and justification for allowing Dr. Cody to enact her policies on the County and prohibiting alternate treatments. Since we are a republic and not a democracy, the responsibility for any legislative action rests on the direct conscience of the representative and not on any other person.

Neil Mammen
President, Committee to Support the Recall of Santa Clara County Supervisors

Santa Clara Country Residents Say Enough is Enough:
(As California goes ...)

Time to Recall County Supervisors

As seen in San Jose Spotlight

An effort to recall the top elected officials in the county is starting—but organizers are still gathering volunteers before hitting the streets to canvas for signatures.

Jeff Roberts, a Santa Clara County resident inspired by the campaign to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, is trying a similar strategy to remove the entire Board of Supervisors for imposing restrictions on businesses and places of worship during the pandemic.

Roberts and three other residents opposed to COVID-19 vaccines launched the Committee to Support the Recall of Santa Clara County at the end of July. The committee made its announcement at the members’ place of worship, Calvary Chapel, which racked up close to $2 million in fines during the pandemic for ignoring county guidance on not holding indoor gatherings.

Many county residents have railed against COVID-19 mandates during the pandemic, such as social distancing and indoor mask mandates, with some businesses flouting the rules and accumulating fines.

The committee wants to recall all five county supervisors, and members claim immunization mandates and capacity restrictions are a violation of the freedom to choose one’s own health care. But the clock doesn’t start ticking to gather signatures until the committee submits its intent to recall to the county Registrar of Voters.

“We’re waiting to get a full team on board and that means making sure that we have a legal team,” Roberts, vice president of operations for the committee, told San José Spotlight. “It’s just such a political thing, but for me it really became personal.”

Roberts said his breaking point came when his employer began asking about his COVID-19 immunization status in June. Roberts, a mechanical engineer, said the same question came up every two weeks per a now-phased out mandate—and every time he had the same answer.

“The county required all employers to start surveying employees every two weeks. You can understand what they’re trying to do,” Roberts said. “They’re trying to make sure you are out of a job in the future and that you feel the pressure politically to concede.”

Roberts didn’t have trouble convincing Albert Benavides, who said he attended the Calvary Chapel more frequently to support pastor Mike McClure after the county hit him with fines for resuming indoor services in May 2020.

“I have a feeling a lot of people supportive of the recall of the Board of Supervisors are also supportive of recalling Gavin Newsom,” Benavides told San José Spotlight.

Now that the committee has officially launched, the group can begin accepting donations on its website. The site, which is still being developed, shows an image of Supervisor Otto Lee with accompanying text stating the county “systematically destroyed the lives and businesses of hundreds of thousands of county residents” with its response to the pandemic.

Lee told San José Spotlight the recall campaign used an image that captured his anger during an April 10 rally in Cupertino against Asian American and Pacific Islander hate.

“What’s disappointing is they either took the picture out of context because I look angry, or they chose this picture because I’m Asian—or because I’m an immigrant, then that we just can’t stand (for),” he said. The other four supervisors either declined to comment or were not immediately available.

Roberts said he has no doubt the support for a recall effort exists. The challenge lies in gathering 130,000 signatures in 160 days for five individual petitions, one for each supervisor. As of Wednesday, the committee has not started canvassing for signatures.

“If we had 300 to 500 volunteers and a full team and legal team onboard, then I think we’re going to have everything we need to submit these (petitions) to the county Registrar of Voters for approval,” he said.

Recall Santa Clara CA Supervisors
Jeff Roberts, vice president of operations for the Committee to Support the Recall of Santa Clara County. Photo courtesy of Jeff Roberts.

Kevin McGary, President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, and co-founder of Every Black Life Matters

Comments by Kevin McGary regarding Lee's comments:

Kevin McGary President of Every Black Life Matters ( condemned Santa Clara County Supervisor Otto Lee for playing the race card and trivializing real racism. 

Otto Lee's picture is on a website calling for his recall and all the other supervisors of Santa Clara County. The recall cites their draconian shutdowns, fines of $6.8M and the destruction of small businesses to the benefit of giant corporations. The picture is on the website. 

Otto Lee said: What’s disappointing is they either took the picture out of context because I look angry, or they chose this picture because I’m Asian—or because I’m an immigrant, then that we just can’t stand (for).

McGary said: "It's quite clearly Lee's attempt to drum up sympathy with a false claim of racism. What he doesn’t realize is that the president of the Recall Committee who authorized the website is also an Asian and an Immigrant. 

McGary continued: There is real racism in the world and when Otto Lee brings in frivolous racism charges, he mocks all those including African Americans and Asians who have actually been affected by real discrimination and racism. Lee should be ashamed of himself. This shows that he cares nothing about the real victims of racism and makes light of their plight. 
How can comparing an angry picture of oneself be equated to years of slavery, Jim Crow laws, followed by oppression and the purposeful destruction of families. He should resign immediately."

Kevin McGary, Pres of Every Black Life MattersAbout Kevin McGary

President & Co-Founder,  Every Black Life Matters Kevin McGary is an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. In the arena of civic engagement, Kevin serves as Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, and is an executive with the Douglass Leadership Institute and the Northstar Leadership PAC. 

As a professional, Kevin has worked the past 35 years in Information Technology. He has been designated a “Top Performer” throughout his sales career in the arenas of Cybersecurity, Enterprise Applications, Application Development Automation and Enterprise Job Scheduling/Utilities. He has entrepreneurial skills as he has started and participated in a number of “start-ups!” Kevin leads a collection of proactive individuals committed to developing innovative and new approaches to today's socio/political issues, and with the assistance of elected officials and myriad of community activists, he lectures and provides workshops about todays most perplexing issues.

About Neil Mammen

  • Neil MammenExecutive VP, Co-Founder of Every Black Life Matters
  • President, Committee to Support the Recall of Santa Clara County Supervisors

You can help us all by volunteering.Co-Founder, Every Black Life Matters Neil is the co-founder of Every Black Life Matters, supporting life from the womb to natural death; and founder of, an apologetics, theology, and evangelization ministry. Apologetics is the investigation and defense of the truth of Christianity using facts, reason, science, history, archaeology, and philosophy.

Neil is a speaker at conferences around the U.S. NPR debating Eric Rothschild of the ACLU and Eugenie Scott; and on over 40 radios shows including the Bob Dutko Show, the Lars Larson Show, the Sam Sorbo Show, the Eric Metaxas Show, American Family Radio and on KKLA with the late Frank Pastore. He is the President of the Values Advocacy Council, has spoken for the Family Check out:
Fox News Interview of Kevin McGary, President of Every Black Life Matters
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