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Pastor Stephen Broden will be at NRB
Response to Pres Biden's State of the Union:

America deserves so much better
Our economy is in shambles, inflation is crushing, unemployment in the black community is frightening!

The President bragged that the economy is the best it’s been in 40 years. What is he selling us?

Our nation is divided and fear rules the atmosphere of most communities. What is he selling us?

In his State of the Union speech, the President painted a picture that does not fit the reality of far too many Americans. What is he selling us? 

Prices are going up, and the shelves in most stores are thin of products. False hope is not hope at all! 

Unfortunately the spirit of deception is flowing out of our nation and our President is the chief executive prevaricator. -- Pastor Stephen Broden, Exec Dir Content of Character

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Guest Avail Pastor Stephen Broden

Pastor Stephan BrodenBusinessman, political commentator, former professor, and an activist for pro-life causes.

  • Co-Founder of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition
  • President and Founder of Protect Life and Marriage Texas
  • Ex. Dir, Content of Character - founded because of what is happening in our culture - a deliberate and engineered effort to use the black community to destroy our America.
  • Prior GOP Candidate for Congress, Texas
  • Outspoken Constitutional Defender


Pastor Broden says:

I have studied and researched and come to the conclusion that there is a deliberate attempt by the liberal left and progressive movement to use the black community as a hammer against the system.

They have seduced the black community into supporting their agenda because they framed their agenda around issues important to us. They duped us and deceived us into supporting them. They used our black voting power to seize power in the Government and they make policies to advance their agenda. We were duped, deceived and manipulated into supporting them. They have NEVER supported our issues.

The Christian voice has been marginalized, negated, diminished and canceled. All the major institutions that influence us in America are controlled and influenced by Cultural Marxism (Media, Government, the Arts, Education, Corporations, the Family and the Church). Christians have been pushed out of the public square.

Other topics:

Do you know the Survivability Rates for COVID-19?

The power elite will use our fears to insert into our society new policies and laws that will expand government and limit our liberties. Remember, 9-11 gave us the Patriot Act, which opened the door for the government to invade our privacy. Standby, here comes a whole slew of regulations designed to restrict and limit our God-given liberties defined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

While we’re trembling about COVID-19, here are a few areas where societal changes are in process. Many of these changes will be permanent:

  • The rise of telemedicine
  • A boon to virtual reality
  • Religious worship will look different
  • Congress will go virtual
  • Government will expand
  • Electronic voting goes mainstream
  • Voting by mail will become the norm

These are just a few of the changes coming our way. The elite will use these changes to drive our nation toward One-World Government. The coronavirus crisis is perfect to set up systems and practices for a strong man to come and dominate a global government forecasted in the Holy Bible. Follow the links below to see what the power elite and progressive liberals are saying about taking advantage of this crisis.

Black Americans are being Manipulated and Exploited.

Abolitionist Teaching Network follows CRT dogma

"Abolitionist Teaching Network, like most Marxist, is seeking to divide and splinter our nation for the purpose of creating chaos in order to replace our founding principles with a socialist paradigm. These efforts to use race as a battering ram against the system are but a tactic of the left to destroy us from within. Black Americans are being manipulated and exploited to accomplish their goal to destroy America!" -- Pastor Stephen Broden

Pastor Stephen BrodenGuest Pastor Stephen Broden
Executive Director
Content of Character Series


Pawn of Change by Pastor Stephen BrodenPawns of Change

Author, Pastor Stephen Broden

Pawns of Change describes my attempt to probe the progressive movement, which currently is synonymous with the Democratic Party. A pawn is a powerful chess piece when used appropriately.  The Progressive movement in America has used the black community as a pawn on the chess board of politics to advance its own agenda and “fundamentally change” America. This is a deliberate and malicious exploitation of the community.
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