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THIS IS TYRANNY!! Yet, moronic people who supported this regime are quiet, meek, and wretchedly complicit as this action is leveled against them, their family and communities!! -- Kevin McGary, Co-Founder Every Black Life Matters

Democrats’ ‘Inflation Reduction’ Bill Will Increase IRS Agents by 87,000 Employees

The Senate on Sunday passed the Democrats’ sweeping economic package that would allocate billions of taxpayer dollars to facilitate the expansion of the Internal Revenue Service’s workforce.

The IRS would receive $80 billion if H.R. 5376, the $750 billion “Inflation Reduction Act” passes the House and lands on Biden’s desk. The funding would mark a 600 percent increase from 2021 when the bureau received $12.6 billion.

The Woke Culture: Its Origins and Agendas

Its Times for Truth

Get “WOKEd UP!” 

Would Wokesters confirm their commitment to combat "racism" sincerely even if the facts are "inconvenient?” 

When “woke” people deem you “supremacist,” privileged” and/or racist, do you have an “answer?”

Cowering and appeasing them is NOT AN ANSWER! 
In Orlando Aug 8 - 10th
Guest Avail Kevin McGary

Author | Keynote Speaker | Political Commentator 

Founder Every Black Life Matters (
Master Class “Hell RAZER” Trainer, IT Specialist- Cyber Security- Author - Keynote Speaker. Talks -#antiMarxism #everyblacklifematters #activefatherhood #nuclearfamily #freemarkets #educationalchoice #Woke #Wokeisms
Kevin McGary - Author Woked UP
Marx’s followers were disappointed, that the “worker’s revolution” did not take place in the Western world and they came up with a different strategy. Conquering the free world, by transforming the consciousness of the people, using culture as a weapon became their scheme. This is the true origin of the Woke Culture.

Just Released:

WOKEd UP!:   

Finally Putting an Ax to The Taproot Of White Supremacy And Racism In America

Taproot: A taproot is a large, central, and dominant root from which other roots sprout laterally.

What is the taproot of White Supremacy?

How the Left uses "Racist," "Racism," and "Equity" to Divide Americans

With the radical left rapidly redefining the commonly understood meaning of words from "infrastructure" to "citizen," it can be hard to keep up with the dizzying array of lingo, jargon, and dogma that is needed to understand why the heck Democrats are talking about these days.

Let's start defining these commonly used words ... they don't mean what they used to. Understanding what these terms mean to the 'woke' is key to understanding their rhetoric and ideas. 
Y’all WOKEd UP?
What is WOKEism?
Where does “White Supremacy” come from and who started it?
Who is the pioneer of “modern-day” racism (Yes, it can be attributed to 1 person)?

These are the pervasive talking points for "Wokesters."

Yet, all of these questions and issues are not only addressed, but they are thoroughly "decimated" (as false narratives) with facts and truth in this book! 

Today, Woke minions demand an end to racism and White Supremacy. They assert the caricature of "White," "cis-gendered," and "Patriarchy" is the primary culprit for ALL instances of racism, White Supremacy, and misogyny/sexism in America! Fundamentally, they say America's culture embracing toxic masculinity coupled with "Whiteness" (privilege) are the primary hegemonic forces that need to be undermined and ultimately destroyed. With that, wokesters demand support for, and obedience to, CRT! But what if all these assertions are false? What if you can define precisely why and how they are false narratives designed to destroy, not unify? What if you could explain the precise moment when racism, White supremacy, rampant atheism, genocide, eugenics, and sexism/misogyny (virtually all modern-day evils) were unleashed…And by whom? Would Wokesters listen? Would they confirm their commitment to combat "racism" sincerely even if the facts are "inconvenient?” 

 "WOKEd Up!" was written to arm you with facts that will allow you to "flip the script" on the hysterical "woke" minions by exposing them to historically factual TRUTH! 
Author Kevin McGary - Woked UP

Kevin McGary, Pres of Every Black Life Matters

About Kevin McGary

Author | Keynote Speaker | Activist

Master Class “Hell RAZER” Trainer, IT Specialist- Cyber Security- Author - Keynote Speaker. Talks -#antiMarxism #everyblacklifematters #activefatherhood #nuclearfamily #freemarkets #educationalchoice #Woke #Wokeisms

President, Co-Founder, Every Black Life Matters
Chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation of California
Kevin McGary is an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. In the arena of civic engagement, Kevin serves as Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, and is an executive with the Douglass Leadership Institute and the Northstar Leadership PAC. 

As a professional, Kevin has worked the past 35 years in Information Technology. He has been designated a “Top Performer” throughout his sales career in the arenas of Cybersecurity, Enterprise Applications, Application Development Automation and Enterprise Job Scheduling/Utilities. He has entrepreneurial skills as he has started and participated in a number of “start-ups!” Kevin leads a collection of proactive individuals committed to developing innovative and new approaches to today's socio/political issues, and with the assistance of elected officials and a myriad of community activists, he lectures and provides workshops about today's most perplexing issues.

Articles & Blog Posts by Kevin McGary

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