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Jackie Jones

Iraqi COR Decision: A Harbinger of An “Iraqi” Civil War

Near East Center | Lt Col (R) Sargis Sangari

In the Iraqi parliamentary elections held on 12 MAY 18, 250 of 328 sitting members of parliament were voted out of office.  Today the outgoing MPs who lost their re-election bids voted to change the election law and remove all the members of the High Commission of Elections, who had begun certifying the election results. These are going to be replaced by nine hand-selected judges charged with performing a recount of the vote. Full Article here.

Sangari: "What this amounts to is a coup by the ousted members of parliament, one that is likely to arouse the anger of a large segment of the voting public. If their actions are not reversed Iraq may well descend into civil war".  

Lt Col (R) Sargis SangariLt. Col (RET) Sargis Sangari

Norbert Richter

Norbert Richter
Fire Your Congressman

The pro-incumbent bias in American politics won’t be dismantled overnight. Ultimately it can be whittled away only by emboldening and strengthening challengers. Fire Your Congressman gives fed-up voters a way to leverage the power of money against the fortress of incumbency. 

Both political parties are guilty in inhibiting challengers to the sitting incumbent by restricting fundraising opportunities and chances to engage with the incumbent in debates. 

If both parties are discouraging involvement and primary challengers of the candidates … the representation starts to fail, and we’re witnessing that right now.

Fire Your Congressman

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Todd A McNuttAuthor Todd A McNutt

"Here we go... I said this was coming when  bought the Whole Foods, Inc grocery store chain! We ARE heading toward a cashless society and with it go the jobs for Cashiers. You don’t think so?"
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