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Nationally recognized political and economic commentator, marketing consultant, and author who regularly appears on national news outlets such as Fox News and C-Span.

Topics include:
Disturbing trends and under-reported attacks on our freedom including ballot harvesting and California Politics.

4 Powerful, Little Known Things You Should Know About California’s Recall
[See Video of My Speech With Larry Elder]

Craig HueySeptember 13, 2021 | Current EventsElectionElection ResultsPolitics

America is watching the California Recall.

The Democrat socialists are in a panic.

Here are 4 powerful things you should know about this recall election.

1. Larry Elder and I spoke on voter fraud. 2,400 people watched this. You must see what I said to Larry.

You can see the video HERE.

2. The recall has implications that impact not only California but the nation.

The 2022 election will be impacted. Socialist legislation in Washington will be impacted.

It can have a tsunami effect across the country even for the 2024 Presidential race.

3. In California, the socialist Democrats created a corrupt system to vote that includes:

  • Mailing in your ballot, even on Tuesday
  • Registering to vote and voting, even on Tuesday

That’s right, same-day registration and voting.

That’s why you still have time to contact friends and relatives in California to get them to vote.

Even if they aren’t registered, they can vote.

4. Here are my instructions for voting:

1. Go to the voter guide by clicking HERE.

2. In order to vote, first make sure you’re registered. Registering to vote is easy and quick! You can register in one of two ways:

1.       Register beforehand online! To do so, just click HERE and you’ll be redirected to


2.       Register in person at an early voting center or even on Election Day when you visit your local voting center. It will only take a few seconds to get you all signed up! Click HERE to find your local voting center.


If you have received your ballot in the mail already, here’s what you need to do:

1.       First, fill it out….

It’s important that you first vote YES on Question #1 to recall Gavin Newsom before you cast your vote for a new governor.

2.       Then, sign the envelope included, and put it back in your mailbox or visit your local post office before the 14th to make sure it gets postmarked in time. (Ballots cannot be post-marked after the 14th) You can also drop it off a voting center on election day or even early in some locations.

If you or the postal service lost your ballot, here is what to do now to vote:

If you can’t find your ballot or have not received one, visit your local voting center – which can be located by clicking HERE. Please note that in some counties, early in-person voting is available right not if you don’t want to wait until election day.

Check with your voting center.


For the sake of our values and even our religious freedoms, we cannot let Gavin Newsom stay in power. Please make sure to stand up and cast your vote in the recall election by Sept. 14.

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Special California Recall Insider Alert – 5 Things You Should Know

How do evangelical Christians feel about the California Recall election?

We asked 100,000 evangelical Christians what they thought.

Here are the results:

The recall is divided into two questions…

Question #1: Should Governor Gavin Newsom be recalled?

  • 97.6% evangelicals said YES
  • 2.4% evangelicals said NO

Question #2: If Gavin Newsom is recalled, which candidate would you vote for governor?

In California, the candidate with the highest vote total wins if the “Yes” vote prevails.

  • Larry Elder… 84.3%
  • Kevin Kiley… 7.4%
  • John Cox… 2.1%

All other candidates got less than 0.5%.

Incidentally, Caitlyn Jenner got 0.2%, liberal Republican Kevin Faulconer 0.5%, Pastor Sam Gallucci 0.5%, and YouTuber Democrat “Newsom light” 0.5%.

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Craig HueyAbout Craig Huey 

President, CDMGInc/Huey Report

Author | Political Commentator | Blogger | Political Analyst | Business Expert

Craig A. Huey is Americas #1 expert on accountable marketing and advertising for business, politics, and cultural transformation. Huey has been a regular speaker at FreedomFest since its beginning. He is a nationally recognized political and economic commentator, marketing consultant, and author who regularly appears on national news outlets such as Fox News and C-Span. 

Huey is a business owner, marketing expert, author, speaker and former Republican Party candidate who owns two direct marketing companies as well as several websites that provide guidelines for voting. Considered an expert in direct response and digital marketing, Huey has helped turn several companies into multimillion dollar corporations with advanced data targeting and integrated marketing. Many of his clients are in the alternative health and investment newsletter fields. Huey has also helped clients raise significant capital through equity crowdfunding marketing under the JOBS Act.

Huey is a frequent guest on TV, including Fox News, and the radio, speaking as a small business expert and political commentator. Huey is the president of,, and ElectionForum.Org. Huey is the publisher of Direct Marketing Update, an industry newsletter that educates readers about marketing strategies that help them generate new leads and increase profits through integrated marketing, including direct mail and digital marketing.

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