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Topics: DeCouple China
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Guest Avail Paul Boardman

Chairman, DeCouple China
Rebuild America
Host - Decouple China Radio Daily Recap
Host American Enterprise Radio
Founder, CEO at IG Consulting

Topic: Breaking Ties with China
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Decouple China PAC The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has committed repeatedly over several decades to a written and publicly stated global communist policy toward colonizing the United States of America.

Americans need to force an economic break with China.

  • Don’t do business with companies that are hurting our interest by dealing with China.
  • American companies like Google and IBM have been roundly criticized for helping to create and expand China’s modern surveillance state.
  • Ford and Tesla have built factories there that give jobs to Chinese workers at the expense of Americans.
  • Apple produces products in China that could be built by friendly nations instead.

A lesser-known consequence of globalization is that countries and companies share their technology, their data, and their strategies with each other, even for vastly different objectives. American companies like Google and IBM have been roundly criticized for helping to create and expand China’s modern surveillance state. Even companies that would seem to have no interest in state censorship or surveillance are key players. Recently, U.S. game developer Riot Games was contracted to help enforce the Chinese government’s monitoring and control over gamers in that country. Full article here.

Decoupling for those that don’t know, is separating your economy from the economy of another nation. Right now, the US and China have heavily intertwined economies because we opened relations with them under the Nixon Administration. They make basic goods and materials and ship them here, where we buy them and ship money back to China. Whereas Americans used to be known for making things, now we’re just a nation of financiers and consumers. That’s mainly because of our relationship with China.

But it isn’t just that America should be making things rather than buying them from China. There are also national security risks at play- because of our economic relationship with China, we don’t make the basic materials and supplies needed for wartime. Rare earth mineralspharmaceuticals, technology products, and more are all made in China and are things we would desperately need for a future war with them. Would we really be able to win without producing our own medicine?

For those reasons and more, it is high time for America to decouple from China. We need to separate ourselves economically from them as soon as is possible so that we are once again economically powerful and militarily self-sufficient. 

And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Impact of China Buying U.S. Debt 

U.S. debt offers the safest heaven for Chinese forex reserves, which effectively means that China offers loans to the U.S. so that the U.S. can keep buying the goods China produces.

Hence, as long as China continues to have an export-driven economy with a huge trade surplus with the U.S., it will keep piling up U.S. dollars and U.S. debt. Chinese loans to the U.S., through the purchase of U.S. debt, enable the U.S. to buy Chinese products. It’s a win-win situation for both nations, with both benefiting mutually. China gets a huge market for its products, and the U.S. benefits from the economical prices of Chinese goods. Beyond their well-known political rivalry, both nations (willingly or unwillingly) are locked in a state of inter-dependency from which both benefit, and which is likely to continue.

Chinese Economics 

China is primarily a manufacturing hub and an export-driven economy. Trade data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that China has been running a big trade surplus with the U.S. since 1985.3

This means that China sells more goods and services to the U.S. than the U.S. sells to China.

China has declared information warfare against America — Biden must respond vigorously

  • After the G-7 meeting, China flew the largest number of aircraft ever through Taiwan’s airspace.
  • China’s unofficial military spokesman, retired People’s Liberation Army (PLA) senior Col. Bao Ming, was brutally graphic and unambiguous in describing China’s intended responses to any U.S. intervention to defend Taiwan: Full article here.
For Xi Jinping’s China, the struggle for technological primacy over the United States has now become a central factor in Beijing’s overall relationship with Washington, as well as in China’s national security and national economic strategy more generally. China’s ambition is to achieve national autonomy in all critical technology categories in the decade ahead and, where possible, to then achieve technological dominance over its economic and geostrategic competitors. This applies, in particular, to the principal drivers of the artificial intelligence revolution, next-generation mobile telecommunications and quantum computing. These ambitions are made clear in the “Made in China 2025” strategy of April 2015 which identified ten core technologies where China would need to prevail. The list is led by ICT but includes all other major technology categories as well. The strategy sets targets for China to be 70% nationally self-sufficient by 2025 and then globally dominant in all by mid-century.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has committed repeatedly over several decades to a written and publicly stated global communist policy toward colonizing the United States of America.

Paul BoardmanPaul Boardman has been fighting for freedom for over 35 years when he managed Reagan/Bush 84 campaign in Texas. He was Republican nominee for Congress in West Los Angeles in 1963 and a co-signer of the “contract with America”. In 2011 he was Managing Director/Founder of the National Ingenuity Campaign. Mr. Boardman authored American Ingenuity and Reagan to Trump, American Ingenuity. Since September 2014 he has Hosted American Enterprise Radio. In July 2020 he began

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