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Guest Avail for NRB: Sgt Mike McGrew

Sgt Mike McGrew - Author & Speaker
Sgt Mike McGrew, Author & Speaker
  • Author
  • 30-Year Police Veteran
  • Major Crimes Homicide Detective
  • Hostage Negotiator
  • President of the Police Officers Association.

"The more time passed, and the more gruesome the crimes I witnessed, the less I wanted to talk about it. I found myself internalizing a lot of the trauma I experienced. It may have been an attempt at self-preservation, but bottling it up only allowed the darkness to eat me up from the inside. I believed all the murders and deaths I had seen cost me my family, and took much of my soul. 

The reality was many of my colleagues suffered from some form of post-traumatic stress injury. It would become part of my life’s mission to help law enforcement officers and veterans who struggled with the darkness they encountered on the job. But I couldn’t save anyone from a life of despair until I was saved myself." - Sgt Mike McGrew

In this book/his life, Mike stands face to face with evil and deals with unthinkable human carnage perpetrated by, or on, fellow human beings and the effect on First Responder. Mike’s personal life spirals downwards but here’s the thing, Mike discovers for himself and others, hope out of hopelessness, grace for the unforgivable, freedom for those in bondage, comfort for the brokenhearted, and a peace that surpasses all understanding. Mike’s book will inspire anyone seeking a deeper level of strength, meaning, hope and love in their life.
Market Potential
  • First Responders
  • Law Enforcement/Military Personnel
  • Firefighters/EMTs
  • People that Need Healing in their life
  • People with Addictions (AA)and Co Dependencies
  • People that like Police Stories
  • People of Christian Faith
  • People that have experienced Trauma
  • People that have experienced Loss and Grief
  • People that have experienced loss of a loved one through suicide.
  • People who have Recently Divorced
  • People struggling with Cancer
  • People seeking the Supernatural
  • People experiencing Spiritual Warfare
  • People who have lost faith and are looking for renewal
  • People that want to share Evangelistic Material with their friends and family
  • Bible Study Groups
  • Home Churches
  • Meet Up Groups

A Recent Interview on America's Voice News:
Sergeant Mike McGrew Former Santa Barbara Police Officer and Author of A Higher Call to Duty on America's Voice News

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