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Rev James Harden 

President and CEO, CompassCare | Pro-Life Strategist Author 

Daniel Tomlinson
CompassCare Director of Community Relations

CompassCare’s Buffalo Office Firebombed by Abortion Terrorists. 

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Jane Fonda—broke FCC regulations (per our Private Investigator’s evaluation) when she advocated for the murder of pro-lifers on The View:

Hollywood icon and far-left activist Jane Fonda sparked a firestorm for suggesting pro-life advocates should be "murdered." (Screenshot/ABC News)

Maoist Antifa Pattern Observed in Actions of DOJ and Upper Echelons of Government

Rev. Jim Harden— CEO of firebombed pro-life medical network— now believes the reason why federal law enforcement refuses to tell the over 250 pro-life organizations who have been attacked by pro-abortion terrorists in 2022 is simple: DOJ/FBI and upper echelons of government are infiltrated by Maoist Antifa sympathizers—the attacks are perpetrated by Maoist Antifa.
Nine months of pro-abortion attacks on pro-life groups have gone virtually unanswered by the DOJ and FBI. The attacks on pro-life groups fit the pattern of Maoist Antifa “direct action” terror. The tacit support of the terror activity either by failure to investigate, refusal to arrest, or turning investigative and arrest power on the pro-life victims, leaves only one conclusion: the DOJ has been infiltrated by Maoist Antifa. Is it a coincidence that the woman, Kristen Clarke, in charge of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division responsible for investigations into attacks on pro-life groups is vehemently opposed to pro-life pregnancy centers, asserting similar Maoist Antifa mischaracterizations that the groups are harmful to women? Maoist Antifa characterizes pro-life pregnancy centers as “enslavers,” harming a woman by forcing their religious beliefs on her and thereby relegating her to being a permanent socio-economic underclass—implying the child is a financial burden. Hence, in the eye of Maoist Antifa, pro-life pregnancy centers represent both capitalism and Christianity—Antifa’s two primary enemies worldwide.
This despite the fact that, in 2017, sources from inside the FBI and Department of Homeland Security told Politico that they labeled Maoist Antifa activity as domestic terrorism. What changed? The Maoist Antifa pattern has not changed. But the leadership of the DOJ has, along with those in charge of the DOJ, namely the Biden Administration. The refusal to call out Maoist Antifa by law enforcement permits them to hide in plain sight, emboldening their waves of violence and permitting them to recruit more bully brownshirts to their Marxist cause. This cause: to destroy and dismantle the current socio-economic global structure, to accomplish their goal of worldwide Maoist communism. Maoist Antifa-Jane’s Revenge stated, “We fight not just for abortion rights, but for trans liberation, ecological harmony, decolonization, the destruction of … capitalism, and the uprooting of the entire global civilization.”
Rev. Harden says, “Add to the DOJ’s negligence this the multifaceted wave of pro-abortion ‘direct action’ coming from big tech, and pro-abortion politicians, and even U.S. District Court Judges, whose pattern of timinglanguage, and objectives are consistent with Maoist Antifa’s pro-abortion violence, responsible investigators are forced to consider Antifa infiltration in the DOJ and upper echelons of Federal and State government. Giving Maoist Antifa terrorists a pass, actively undermines the rule of law. But the political elite appear to be actively engaging in direct action themselves, consistent with Maoist Antifa’s goals.”
Interestingly, the attacks on pro-life groups, the attackers, and their co-conspirators in government fit the federal definitions of domestic terror in sections 2331 and 2332 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code. So what is the reason why the DOJ and the FBI refuse to identify recent terror activity as Antifa, from the organized attacks on pro-life centers to the “Cop City” incident in Atlanta Georgia? Rev. Harden gives his answer, “Complicity.”

On March 2, the pharmacy chain Walgreens announced it would not sell or ship chemical abortion Mifepristone in twenty states. Walgreens admitted in a press statement on March 6 that to do so in several states is illegal. In an open letter to FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, 22 State Attorneys General explained that the FDA’s

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In a shocking release of whistleblower testimony, FBI Special Agent Garret O’Boyle claimed that the FBI began targeting pro-life pregnancy centers after the Dobbs decision last summer. Describing the FBI leadership’s directives to update threat tags that began targeting “pro-life adherence,” O’Boyle said, “When this threat tag came out, it was like, why are you

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During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, March 1, Attorney General Merrick Garland was questioned regarding the disparity in how the FBI treats pro-life people and groups. At the hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz pointed to a picture of CompassCare’s firebombed pro-life medical office in Buffalo noting similar attacks nationwide for which pro-abortion domestic terror

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In the nation’s abortion capital, New York, on Monday, February 27, the U.S. Second Circuit Court unanimously ruled in favor of pro-life institutions. The court held that a 2019 New York State law, dubbed the Boss Bill, is unconstitutional, violating the 1st Amendment rights of pro-life employers. The law, signed by former Gov. Andrew Cuomo,

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Despite a likely resurgence of attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers in the wake of a federal judge’s ruling that could overturn the FDA’s approval of the chemical abortion pill, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has issued no warning to, nor allocated any resources for, the protection of pro-life people and organizations. Rather, on February 15,

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A federal judge in Washington DC, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, is presenting an argument that the 13th Amendment of the Constitution provides a right to abortion. Citing Andrew Koppelman who claimed in his paper Forced Labor: A Thirteenth Amendment Defense of Abortion, “When women are compelled to carry and bear children, they are subjected to ‘involuntary servitude’

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Pro-life strategist warns, Monday, February 20, that more organized, pro-abortion domestic terror can be expected ahead of a federal court ruling potentially overturning FDA approval of the chemical abortion pill. Private investigators says that pro-abortion terrorist group, Jane’s Revenge, is linked to Antifa. After the leak of the Dobbs case reversing Roe, Antifa recruited disaffected

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About Rev James Harden

CEO of CompassCare Pregnancy Services

CompassCare’s Buffalo Office Firebombed by Abortion Terrorists. 

Even after many of these acts of domestic terrorism were captured by security cameras, the FBI has not made a single arrest, making Biden’s Department of Justice appear to be applying a two-tiered system of justice. Full story here.

Rev. James R. Harden, M.Div. is the CEO of CompassCare Pregnancy Services and lives outside of Rochester, NY with his wife and ten children. Rev. Harden pioneered the first measurable and repeatable medical model in the pregnancy center movement, helping hundreds of centers nationwide become more effective at reaching more women and saving more babies from abortion. He has written extensively on medical ethics, executive leadership, and pro-life strategy. Recently CompassCare’s pro-life medical office in Buffalo, NY was firebombed.

About Daniel Tomlinson

Daniel TomlinsonCompassCare Director of Community Relations

Daniel Tomlinson is the Director of Community Relations at CompassCare, a Pregnancy Center based in Buffalo, New York. CompassCare’s pro-life medical office in Buffalo that was firebombed on June 7th and reopened a miraculous 52 days later. Having served at CompassCare for 12 years, Daniel is passionate about resourcing the mission of CompassCare and educating the community on the equal value of every person. He and his wife have four children and live outside of Rochester, NY. 
Twitter @compasscare
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