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These Air Force commandos saved troops under fire for years.

Now they are fighting to save their buddies.

Guest Avail Eric Hohman says here is another reason 1st There came to be:

Military Suicide Rates Are at an All-Time High; Here’s How We’re Trying to Help


The reasons for the Air Force increase are not fully understood, coming after years of effort by all of the military services to counter a problem that seems to defy solution.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, isolation became a global issue – but especially so for service members in quarantine. With military suicides increasing by 16% throughout 2020, the risks of isolation during quarantine in the military were noteworthy. Those infected while serving overseas, or troops who returned from deployment, were required to first complete a mandated 14-day quarantine before returning to duty or before finally being allowed to head home. These quarantines were made even more challenging by the fact that service members were not only isolated from others in their unit, but also from their loved ones and home.
Former Air Force Combat Controller Eric Hohman
Former Air Force Combat Controller Eric Hohman holds the CCT scarlet beret during the first annual Scarlet Beret Gala put on by The First There Foundation, a new nonprofit dedicated to helping CCTs and their families. San Antonio, Texas, Sept. 10, 2022. (Parish Photography/Courtesy Eric Hohman).

‘I woke up one morning, started typing a mission statement, and First There was born. Really it was out of necessity because I didn’t want my friend to kill himself.’

BY  | PUBLISHED NOV 2, 2022 10:40 AM | Task and Purpose

You never know who you might end up sitting next to in class one day. For example, biology students at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill between 2017 and 2019 may not have known that the quiet older guy in their classroom was a decorated Air Force commando who saved his entire team of U.S. and Afghan special operators from being overrun on a 2008 mission in Afghanistan, a mission where he repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire and directed danger-close air strikes against the local militant group despite being shot through the leg.

As incredible as it sounds, that kind of story is fairly common in the world of Air Force combat control. Though many civilians and service members may not know about them, CCTs are some of the most elite special operators on the planet. Trained to the same physical capabilities as their better-known comrades in the Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs, CCTs are also technical experts who can call in deadly close air support within 10 meters of their position with a sucking chest wound while surrounded by enemy fighters.

“Nobody knows about us, even though we kill more people on the battlefield than anyone in the history of human warfare,” retired Air Force CCT veteran Dan Schilling told Task & Purpose last year. “What CCTs do is they stitch everything together, and they determine whether everyone on the battlefield lives or dies.”

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First There was established to look after our own. We are in a unique position where we can speak and stand up for our brothers, who cannot because of possible Command punishment.

What is being done to our career field for the sake of furthering the woke movement and promotion is degrading, insulting, and extremely dangerous.

We stand with the men of Combat Control who continue to hold the line and exceed the standards.

#combatcontrol #wehaveyour6 #dontlowerstandards #usaf #afsoc #endwokeairforce #holdtheline
Guest: Eric Hohman
Founder, First There Foundation

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I became Americas' most lethal weapon. 15 Years as an Air Force Combat Controller. In April of 2020, my first supervisor and teammate, Chris “AZ” Rush, took his own life after only six months of leaving the Combat Control teams.

The First There Foundation was founded to combat suicide among teammates and establish an extension of the team room where Controllers can find refuge in the midst of the difficulty of civilian life.
Guest Avail Eric Hohman:

Eric Hohman, First There FoundationU.S. Air Force Combat Controller (Ret). Eric has an extensive law enforcement background which includes force protection and criminal investigations.

  • President, First There Foundation (
  • Combat Controller
  • Expert in Facility Security Management 
  • Experienced in analyzing military and civilian border security legislation.
  • As an Air Force Combat Controller he was tasked with hunting down terrorists.
  • As a Special Operator he has been awarded the Bronze Star with Valor.
  • Served 15 years in the United States Air Force.
  • Became a military police officer as a Security Forces Airman. 
  • Worked in emergency management and operations.
  • Certified as a Military Investigator, collecting crime scene evidence and processing it. 
  • Served in the United States Air Force police SWAT team called “EST” (Emergency Services Team).
  • Involved in operations across Texas and the south. 
  • Worked with Secret Service agents in San Antonio to protect Air Force One & more.
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