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May 8, 2018

Welcome to our Daily Guest Pitch,

Jackie JonesI am so excited to bring you available experts ready to appear on TV, radio, talk shows, podcasts or as references for articles and blogs. By clicking their names, you will find links to full bio's, video and audio interviews for your viewing. 

For scheduling or questions, please email or call 662-259-0988.

I look forward to working with you.

Jackie Jones
Sheriff Richard Mack
"Only out of control narcissistic politicians could find excuses to circumvent our Constitution to promote their own selfish agendas and anti-American programs."

Sheriff Mack, the son of an FBI agent, has written six books and has stood against the incursions of the Federal Government fightingt for civil rights from Hawaii to Bangor, Maine. He is the Founder and President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) and is on the Oath Keepers Board of Directors.

The Economist explains Why is the American sheriff such a polarising figure?
Sheriff Richard Mack: A new approach to defending the Second Amendment
Michael Friedson

Speculation Rife Over President Attending US Embassy Opening in Jerusalem

"Speculation is running rampant over whether or not US President Donald Trump will attend Monday’s opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem."

"Israel’s top defense official is warning against Israelis becoming overly euphoric about the historic move of the embassy. Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman admonished on television Saturday night that the move “will come a price that is worth paying.”

Futility as Palestinians Turn to Sending Kites with Burning Payloads into Israel

Michael Friedson, Co-founder and Executive Editor of The Media Line News Agency, a seasoned broadcast and print journalist with more than two decades of experience covering the Middle East.

Michael hosted The Media Line’s nationally-syndicated Mideast Week radio program and appears daily as commentator on radio programs airing around the world, including the BBC World Service, ABC Australia, CTV Canada; affiliates of America’s major networks, and a New Hampshire news station bloc where he’s a featured member of morning program.

Mark Hancock

“The Boy Scouts are not just for boys anymore. Girls are allowed to join the Cub Scouts and they’ll be allowed to join the Boy Scouts next year. Of course girls who identify as boys are allowed to join. We shouldn’t be surprised. Many people say that boys and girls are the same and that giving boys a separate space creates inequality.”

“But boys and girls aren’t the same, and boys need their own space, says the CEO of Trail Life USA. Mark Hancock explains how his organization offers a better way.”

Mark explains how his organization offers a better alternative.

Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA, is an award-winning writer and conference speaker, he serves as Chief Executive Officer of Trail Life USA.

Danny Punnose

The Water Crisis in America 

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) releases a yearly grade for infrastructure for the United States as well as a grade for each state. They gave the United States a grade of D+ for the year 2017. We have heard, for many years, much discussion regarding the national need for infrastructure renovation—Roads are in disrepair, bridges are crumbling, airports all need upgrading. Rarely—rarely—do we hear that our water infrastructure systems are also in red flag conditions.

663 million people around the world do not have access to safe drinking water as of 2015

Right now, there are 11 major cities on the Planet that are most likely to run out of drinking water.

Those cities are:

  1. São Paulo, Brazil’s financial capital.
  2. Bangalore, India, where rapid growth as a technological hub outstrips advancements to the city’s plumbing, resulting in half its drinking water lost to waste.
  3. Beijing, China; the country is home to some 20 percent of the world’s population but whose continent has only 7 percent of the world’s fresh water.
  4. Cairo, Egypt, where the major water source, the River Nile, is the increasing destination of untreated agricultural pollutants and residential waste.
  5. Jakarta, Indonesia, where rising sea levels with saline water have resulted in 40 percent of Jakarta to be below sea level.
  6. Moscow, Russia, where 70 percent of the water supply is dependent upon surface water, but pollution, a leftover from the USSR industrial legacy, has contributed to the fact that 35 percent to 60 percent of total drinking water reserves do not meet sanitary standards.
  7. Istanbul, Turkey, which is now technically in water stress. Experts have warned that, if not checked, the situation could worsen to water scarcity by 2030. The city’s reservoir levels declined to less than 30 percent of capacity in 2014.
  8. Mexico City, Mexico, where 1 in 5 residents have tap water only a few hours a week, and another 20 percent have running water just part of the day.
  9. London, England, where the city draws 80 percent of its water from the Thames and the Lea rivers, has a waste rate of 25 percent, and consequently is predicted to have serious shortages by 2040.
  10. Tokyo, Japan, which is now initiating plans to collect rainwater due to its high precipitation—some 750 private and public buildings in the city have water collection and utilization systems.
  11. Miami, Florida, is suffering from an earlier project to drain its swamps, causing the unforeseen problem of the Atlantic Ocean rising as water warms and now contaminating the Biscayne Aquifer—the city’s main source of fresh water—and causing closure of nearby outlying wells due to saline infusion.
Full report here: Global Water Crisis Special Report

Danny Punnose is Vice President of Gospel for Asia (GFA). Danny works alongside GFA’s leaders and serves at GFA’s U.S. headquarters, based in Wills Point, Texas. He travels within the US and other countries to speak at conferences and churches. Since 1979, GFA has been committed to serving the poorest of the poor in Asia. GFA sponsors children, invests in community development and helps families in need of care or during disasters.
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