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Guest Avail Kevin McGary
Author | Keynote Speaker | Political Commentator | Master Class” trainer and Minister | Cyber Security IT Specialist
Topics: #BLM #antiMarxism #everyblacklifematters #activefatherhood #nuclearfamily #freemarkets #educationalchoice #Woke #Wokeisms #CRT
As see in | Oct 25 2022

Are You Complicit With Evil? Here’s a Litmus Test!


Dietrich Bonhoeffer gravely warned: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil... Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Author Kevin McGary
President, Every Black Life Matters

Chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation of California
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Using Bonhoffer’s truth as our test, we all should consider whether we have been silent after observing the grotesque racism of the Los Angeles City Council. Another is whether we are meekly silent when we observe criminals committing horrible crimes and then being immediately released from jail so they can engage in even more heinous acts. What about when we are silent after seeing multiple instances of ruthless thugs randomly attacking and maiming elderly citizens? Following the basic logic and tenets of Bonhoeffer’s quote: If you are not expressing outrage about the brazen attack on humanity, you are complicit in evil!

Usually outspoken leaders of the Democratic Party were quiet when observing manifest racism from the president and leaders of Los Angeles City Council who (for example) deemed “Mexican Americans” as “a lot of little short dark, ugly people.” They remained quiet despite learning the president of the Council was quoted calling the son of a fellow council member “a little monkey who needs a beat down.” Everyone should agree the grotesquely hateful racist remarks require a strong response and the demand for immediate resignations. Yet, while there was an outcry from people groups living in Los Angeles, there were few (or no) condemnations demanding immediate resignations from Newsom, Biden, or any other leaders in the Democrat Party. Why? If we apply the sentiment of Bonhoeffer’s quote, we’d have to say they’re acting in ways complicit with evil!

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Awakened to be Woked - Get equipped to stand against Wokeism!

AWAKENed to be WOKEd - taken right from Kevin's book WOKEd UP!: Finally putting an ax to the taproot of white supremacy & racism in America

Politics Should Not Be a Litmus Test for Employment
Is America finally waking up to ‘wokeness’?

Choice — particularly choice of thought — has always stood as an existential threat to wokeness in all forms. But I already know how to think, and I suspect plenty of other folks out there already know how to think too. -  Kevin McGary, Co-Founder Every Black Life Matters -- the antithesis to BLM.

Corporations Waking Up to the Damage ‘Woke’ Capitalism Has Done to Their Businesses. 


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Is Kanye Exposing the Elite’s Plan to Exterminate the Black Race? – Kevin McGary Interview

Kevin McGary, founder of Every Black Life Matters, discusses Kanye’s recent claims that blacks are being exterminated as part of a sinister agenda to reduce (or eliminate) the black race altogether.
Is Kanye Exposing the Elite’s Plan to Exterminate the Black Race? – Kevin McGary Interview

Kevin McGary, Pres of Every Black Life Matters

About Kevin McGary

Author | Keynote Speaker | Activist

Master Class “Hell RAZER” Trainer, IT Specialist- Cyber Security- Author - Keynote Speaker. Talks -#antiMarxism #everyblacklifematters #activefatherhood #nuclearfamily #freemarkets #educationalchoice #Woke #Wokeisms

President, Co-Founder, Every Black Life Matters
Chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation of California
Kevin McGary is an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. In the arena of civic engagement, Kevin serves as Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, and is an executive with the Douglass Leadership Institute and the Northstar Leadership PAC. 

As a professional, Kevin has worked the past 35 years in Information Technology. He has been designated a “Top Performer” throughout his sales career in the arenas of Cybersecurity, Enterprise Applications, Application Development Automation and Enterprise Job Scheduling/Utilities. He has entrepreneurial skills as he has started and participated in a number of “start-ups!” Kevin leads a collection of proactive individuals committed to developing innovative and new approaches to today's socio/political issues, and with the assistance of elected officials and a myriad of community activists, he lectures and provides workshops about today's most perplexing issues.
Marx’s followers were disappointed that the “worker’s revolution” did not take place in the Western world and they came up with a different strategy. Conquering the free world, by transforming the consciousness of the people, using culture as a weapon became their scheme. This is the true origin of the Woke Culture.

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WOKEd UP!:   

Finally Putting an Ax to The Taproot of White Supremacy And Racism In America

WOKEd UP! defines precisely why and how today's Marxist false narratives are specifically designed to destroy, not unify. It helps explain the precise moment when racism, White supremacy, rampant atheism, genocide, eugenics, and sexism/misogyny (virtually all modern-day evils) were unleashed…And by whom? 
Author Kevin McGary - Woked UP
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