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If you think you are doing “all the right things” but still haven’t seen the success you were expecting, or feel like you are a branch disconnected from the vine with very little fruit to show for your efforts, then this book will transform your life and business.

Helping CEOs Partner with God for Success!

It's not just about making money.

Guest Jeff Ahern

My passion is to break down the complexity of what the big business' are doing to help Christian business owners be successful and most importantly, Kingdom minded. - Jeff Ahern

Jeff Ahern: Business His WayAs Paul had Barnabas and David had Jonathan, we provide a peer-level sounding board of seasoned Christian business leaders when seeking wisdom for conducting business in the marketplace. Although secular management consulting companies can provide significant business expertise, our team provides a model of business acumen that is built upon our experience and expertise in the corporate environment as well as the Word of God and the leading of His Holy Spirit. We will come alongside you as a business advocate to provide you with the believer’s edge in wisdom that will help to set you apart as business owners and CEOs that are highly favored by God and man.
  • Transform your business from a secular business to a kingdom minded business.
  • Use Biblical principals to succeed in business
  • Figure out what God wants to accomplish through your business.
  • Know what to watch out for.
  • Know what not to do .. keep the focus
  • Honor the second commandment.
  • Don't write a contract you would not sign yourself.
Want to be the best at what you're doing? ... create industry best practices ... 

Why are there so many non believers successful in business and Christians aren't?

'Win-Win' ... Mastery ... not mediocrity!

We're called to be excellent ... If God called you to do something, you're anointed to do it.

Some things are easier caught than taught.

We don't just teach people, we help them hear from God ... we help business owners with being Kingdom minded.

Poverty is not the absence of money, it's the absence of God.

What Clients say:

“I truly believe that in order for business owners to operate effectively ‘for such a time as this,’ cutting edge business intercessors are not only recommended, they’re essential. First State Manufacturing is living proof of the “before” and “after”.

“Business owners are already risking it all. To truly minimize their risks AND maximize their resources in the marketplace, seeking qualified intercessors like Business His Way should be considered true ‘operating capital'”.

"Best book on business I've ever read."

"It all started with focused prayer and me finally giving up MY agenda, an agenda of denial and thinking that sales success was ALL that mattered. Basically, the phrase: “If money can solve the problem is it REALLY a problem?” Meaning for me that making more, borrowing more or creating more money was NOT going to solve my real problem. It was only disguising the problem. It was only BLINDING me from the problem, this problem: Tim was not in relationship with Christ…I was not ABIDING in Him and still expecting I could earn the fruits. I had it backwards!!"
Sozo services - Celebration 15 years to Ministry and Christian Business Leaders
Sozo Services helps business owners and CEOs partner with God for success. We show them how to utilize biblical techniques, the power of prayer, and the leading of the Holy Spirit to go to higher levels of success than they’ve been able to achieve using their talent and business skills alone. Our team members come alongside Christian CEOs and business leaders and serve in a role that can best be described as a combination of business intercessor, prophetic voice, and business confidant. We work closely with business owners and CEOs to help them obtain wisdom and understanding from the Lord in order to make better decisions.
Jeff Ahern
President, Sozo Services

Jeff AhernJeff Ahern is an author, public speaker, and former Naval Officer who has provided management consulting and business process improvement services to Fortune 500 and Government clients for over twenty years. He is co-founder of Sozo Services, Inc., a spiritual advisory firm helping business leaders succeed and achieve their personal and corporate goals by using Biblical, Spirit-led solutions.

Author Jeff Ahern offers practical advice using biblical principles on how to bring the abundant life Jesus promised into your business.

Latest Book:
In Kingdom Business Success, you’ll learn:

  • How to partner with God for success in your life and businessAuthor Jeff Ahern
  • How to make the paradigm shift necessary to see the abundant life operate in your life and business
  • How to stop working for the Lord and start working with Him
  • How to determine your Kingdom assignment and the Kingdom purpose for your business
  • How to implement Kingdom principles of success into your business
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