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We bring expert guests who can provide on the ground updates and commentary on the happenings in Israel/Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and national issues as well.

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Michael FriedsonMortar Barrage from the Gaza Strip Does No Damage but Raises Tensions

(Michael Friedson, Co-founder and Executive Editor of The Media Line, on the ground in Jerusalem) Two dozen mortar rounds fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory early Tuesday morning failed to cause any damage or injuries, but two shells that exploded inside communities – one near a kindergarten – shook up the residents of virtually every Israeli town within range of Gaza-based rocket fire. Making matters worse is the time spent in bomb shelters when the siren sounds, signaling the unsettling and disruptive experience even if live rounds do not hit any particular location. Also ominous was the army report that most incoming rounds were intercepted by the Iron Dome system since only inbounds that are on line to hit something are actually destroyed by the defense system; those that are on a trajectory to miss completely are allowed to fall harmlessly into open spaces. The message, then, to those sitting in the shelters is that but for Iron Dome there might have been bloodshed and chaos. Prior to the mortar rounds, automatic weapons fired at cars on the Israeli side of the border. The post Mortar Barrage from the Gaza Strip Does No Damage but Raises Tensions.

( appeared first on The Media Line (
Norbert Richter
Fire Your Congressman
The only way to curtail the lopsidedly pro-incumbent dynamic in American elections is with a counterflow of contributions to challengers. That's the idea behind Fire Your Congressman, his newly launched PAC. And @FYC_PAC seeks to have many others leave on the voters' behalf. 
Sheriff Richard Mack
Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
Latest Government overreach:
The King Amendment (HR4879) intends to prevent states from setting basic standards on the production of a huge variety of agricultural products sold within their own borders. This may sound nonthreatening, but King’s legislation is so broadly worded that its effect could nullify hundreds, if not thousands, of state and local laws concerning states’ agricultural standards, food safety and labeling, children, consumers, animals and more. This is massive federal government overreach and takes away the power that states’ have historically possessed – the power to pass their own laws to protect the public health and safety of their citizens.
Michael Friedson
The Media Line
Michael Friedson, Co-founder and Executive Editor of The Media Line News Agency, a seasoned broadcast and print journalist with more than two decades of experience covering the Middle East oversees the work of the agency’s correspondents reporting from all parts of the region.

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