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Faith is Falling Because the Family is in Freefall

Guest Avail:

JP De Gance, Founder & President of Communio

Talking Topic:
Sharing solutions to the family breakdown problem in America, as it drives so many negative outcomes.
“It is the church that played such a fundamental role in the great social movements of our country, from ending slavery to fighting the injustices of segregation,” De Gance noted. “And churches, we’ve learned from this test campaign,  are best situated to help reverse the disintegration of the American family.” A Great Opportunity: Closing the Gap in Relationship Ministry.

Communio commissioned a Barna Survey to understand where Evangelical, Catholic, and Mainline churches are allocating their ministry time and resources. The study found that marriage and relationship ministry is a big gap within American churches. Closing this gap is the largest cultural health opportunity.

Think of the Philanthropy Roundtable as the R & D component - the testing of the product and marketing and data mix, and introducing 21st century tools to pastors that they either didn't have, or couldn't afford.

The group JP is now heading to roll out those proven methodologies across the country is called Communio, It is a new 501 C-3, and JP is also APR/Our American Stories Relationship Expert.

JP De Gance StatisticsThe work JP has done, and what the Philanthropy Roudntable accomplished, is news every church and every pastor and congregant will want to hear about. And hosts of big radio shows, and some of the TV folks too - and the blogs, websites etc.

Here is a long piece by Seth Kaplan of Johns Hopkins in National Affairs on the stunning results of JP and The Philanthropy Roundtable's work. It dropped a few weeks ago. 
Summarized version:

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John Paul JP De GanceAbout John Paul (J.P.) DeGance
Founder and President of Communio

J.P. launched a relational health movement based on data-informed statistics, replicable playbooks, and intentional outreach. 

After five formative years as a project of The Philanthropy Roundtable, the Culture of Freedom Initiative is now Communio. The initiative identifies and scales proven strategies that boost the habits that give rise to human flourishing: strong families and strong faith. 

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