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Guest Avail Andi Buerger, JD

Survivor | Author | Advocate
Founder, Voices Against Trafficking™

Winning the Fight Against Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation


Voices Against Trafficking Presents A Free Online Forum

Washington, D.C.- March 22, 2021. Voices Against Trafficking (VAT) will host an international human rights forum on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT (UTC-6pm). The event is free and will live stream over Facebook and YouTube. No registration is necessary.

Voices Against Trafficking speaks for the voiceless who desperately hope someone, somehow will find them, bring them back to safety, help them heal, and catch the violators who have stolen their innocence and liberties as human beings. Voices Against Trafficking leads the outcry for vigorous prosecution of those who find their prey, regardless of race, gender, culture or socioeconomic status. Through our combined voices, we are committed to eradicating human bondage and sexual slavery.

The March 30th online forum features a powerful lineup of advocates including Kathy Hatem/ Enough Is Enough, Dr. John DiPaola/Congressional Candidate, Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer/London Center for Policy Research, Laura Joyner/US Marshals Service Missing Child Unit, Hunter Allen/ Krav Maga Master, Taylor Blatchford /Miss Alabama Contestant, Danielle Freitag /CSE Survivor and Action 169 CoFounder, Randy Purham /House of Representatives Candidate, Donovan Vaughn/ Darkroom Productions, Wiley L./Youth Advocate, Jay Heisler/Policy Insights Forum(Canada), and others in the fight against 21st Century slavery. The Honorable Blanquita Cullum will moderate.

Also scheduled are presentations of the prestigious Voices of Courage Award to Congressman Jim Costa(CA-16) and nationally syndicated Westwood One broadcaster Jim Bohannon.

Join us and be a part of the solution on March 30, 2022, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT (UTC-6pm).

Viewers may click on the livestream button on to connect directly once the program begins.

For information, visit

For media interviews or details, contact:
Jackie Jones

:20 Audio Spots Available by Andi  Buerger, Voices Against Trafficking

See below

Andi Buerger:
A survivor of trafficking
(as a child to 17 years old)

It is difficult for the average person to understand that Andi's abusers were her own parents. Despited these horrors and much therapy, Andi has overcome her trauma and her book gives hope and encouragement to other victims. This is a must read for anyone who has been trafficked or misused, for mental health professionals treating the trauma of abuse, and for those who want to better understand how to impact their community in light of this growing trend. 

First victimized as an infant, Andi Buerger spent her first 17 years subjected to abuse and sex trafficking at the hands of her own family. Now, as a speaker in federal and local law enforcement venues, Andi discusses talks candidly about her own experiences and her quest to defeat traffickers who thrive even in America’s smallest towns. Andi’s story of survival led to a law degree, a life of business success and the creation of Beulah’s Place in Redmond, Oregon. Here, she is taking action to support prevention at the community level, and providing a model for communities worldwide. Beulah’s Place is devoted to rescuing young people who are at-risk prey for predators and sex traffickers. Andi Buerger’s true-life message is compelling for anyone fighting trafficking as a law enforcement professional.
One of my great heroines!! Andi Buerger a survivor of trafficking (as a child to 17 years old). She is the Founder/CEO of Voices Against Trafficking and Beulah's Place. Andi has rescued almost 300 at risk teens from trafficking--providing victims with safe housing, helping them continue their education and get jobs. She is the real deal!!! Giving young people hope and showing them the way. An inspiration--making a difference for the good and really saving lives every day. Proud you Andi Buerger!! --- Host Blanquita Cullum, The Hard Question-SmartTalk Radio Network/WCGO AM/FM Chicago

Andi Buerger available to talk about new book from Voices Against Trafficking and what we need to do to stop human trafficking, protect our communities and our kids, and more.

“When we allow our children to be sold, to be used as a commodity, to be violated, persecuted, neglected, discarded and preyed upon by criminal influences, we deteriorate as a civilized community. There is nothing civilized about exploitation of the weak, the innocent, the vulnerable for selfish gain.” -Andi Buerger, Beulah’s Place

Voices Against Trafficking has Just Released First Book

Author Andi Buerger - Voices Against TraffickingVoices Against Trafficking: the Strength of Many Voices Speaking As One collects insights, stories, and frontline knowledge from trafficking survivors, human rights advocates, and journalists. Every chapter provides essential truths and advice that affirm we can defeat the rising tide of human predators. Compiled by veteran activist Andi Buerger, these words demonstrate the power of joining as one voice against the evil of 21st-century slavery that is the business of global human trafficking. One voice has tremendous power. But when voices unite collectively to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation, an unstoppable movement is born.

Breaking news: We have just heard that the Library of Congress will include this important book to the library.  

About Andi Buerger, JD

Survivor | Author | Advocate
Founder, Voices Against Trafficking™

 Andi Buerger's Continued  Fight Against Human Trafficking 
When we allow our children to be sold, to be used as a commodity, to be violated, persecuted, neglected, discarded and preyed upon by criminal influences, we deteriorate as a civilized community. There is nothing civilized about using the weak, the innocent, the vulnerable for selfish gain.” - Andi Buerger, Founder, Voices Against Trafficking and Beulah's Place
Andi Buerger is one of the world's most fearless fighters against Human Trafficking. Through her organizations, Voices Against Trafficking and Beulah's Place, she has rescued hundreds of innocents from the multibillion dollar transnational criminal industry.

Media Highlights:
The Lars Larson Show (Syndicated)
The Danielle Lin Show (Syndicated)
EWTN Television Network
CBN Television Network
Voices Against Trafficking launched its “ADD YOUR VOICE” campaign on July 29, 2020 in hopes of getting one million names and commitments by the end of Summer 2023, spurring this human rights movement on to greater heights and greater action for all victims of human trafficking.

Beulah’s Place, a 501(c)3 nonprofit serving at-risk homeless teens in danger of abuse, trafficking or other criminally predatory activities. Through Beulah's Place, Andi and her husband Ed have successfully rescued hundreds of teens. 

Voices Against Trafficking MP3 :20 spots availableAvailable MP3 :20 Audio spots:

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