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California vs. free states in America

  • The politicians and bureuacrats have abused their power and imposed unfair and unnecessary rules and regulations that have been harmful to our society.
  • People in the U.S. have been fooled into thinking that the mask would be a form of protection – but the deception is starting to fall apart.

Guest Craig Huey

Founder, Election Forum
Huey Report & Reality Alert
Congressional Candidate in Maxine Waters District ... came in 2nd ... as a Republican --- in California!

Nationally recognized political and economic commentator, marketing consultant, and author who regularly appears on national news outlets such as Fox News and C-Span.

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Craig Huey on NewsMax

Shaking Things Up: Free States vs. Oppressive States, Mask Mandates vs. Choice. Pastors with Courage vs. Bowing to Caesar

Submitting to collectivism being imposed by the federal and state governments is what we are seeing now.

Our individual rights and freedom are guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution – and these are being diminished at a fast pace…

  • People from communist countries that fled to America several years ago recognize the massive government control being forced on us that is part of a socialist society program.
  • People in the U.S. have been fooled into thinking that the mask would be a form of protection – but the deception is starting to fall apart.

People have had enough – and we are now seeing a revolt.

In California, some churches are singing the worship song “No Longer Slaves to Fear” – but they are being slaves to fear!

The pastors bowed their knees to Caesar.

This is a failure of the pastors and church leadership for too many churches.

Many California pastors followed God and not man during this time of covid. These are the real heroes in these dark times.

The churches that opened their doors despite government orders to close have thrived during this time while others who bowed before government have not.

  • The gospel needs to go forth – the body of Christ is so important, and the Bible tells us that fellowship is an essential part of church

But today we have the government telling us what we can and cannot do in church.

  • We have the government that is promoting a political agenda – and this is being done at taxpayers’ expense.

Our tax money is going to non-profit groups and community-organizing groups that register people to vote and recruit for political activity.

For example, the Department of Transportation is running ads telling them how wonderful the “Build Back Better” program is that President Biden is promoting

This is an example of a government bureaucracy out of control.

Click HERE to listen to the interview. It is about 25-minutes long.


The Dark Oppressive Cloud of Fear: 5 Reasons Why Doctors and Scientists Are Forced to be Compliant or Silent

Across America, there is a dark cloud of fear that lingers over the medical establishment.
Doctors and scientists have been afraid to speak out for truth or express an alternate point of view – more so than at any time in American history.
The national repression of the free expression of opposing ideas is something that has circumvented the First Amendment rights of doctors and scientists – and it’s because of Big Government, Big Money, and Big Tech.
Here are five reasons why...

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The Washington D.C. bureaucracy is using your tax money to help transform culture and politics into a radical, pro-socialist society.

This misuse of taxpayers’ money is being done in a massive, blatant way under President Biden’s bureaucracy.

Disturbing Fact #1: Your tax money is sometimes going directly to radical “non-profit” politically-biased groups for transforming America based on politics.

Disturbing Fact #2: Your tax money is now being spent on regulatory government agencies that are pushing a political agenda.

Craig HueyAbout Craig Huey 

President, Creative Direct Marketing Group & The Huey Report

Author | Political Commentator | Blogger | Political Analyst | Business Expert

Craig A. Huey is Americas #1 expert on accountable marketing and advertising for business, politics, and cultural transformation. Huey has been a regular speaker at FreedomFest since its beginning. He is a nationally recognized political and economic commentator, marketing consultant, and author who regularly appears on national news outlets such as Fox News and C-Span. 

Huey is a business owner, marketing expert, author, speaker and former Republican Party candidate who owns two direct marketing companies as well as several websites that provide guidelines for voting. Considered an expert in direct response and digital marketing, Huey has helped turn several companies into multimillion dollar corporations with advanced data targeting and integrated marketing. Many of his clients are in the alternative health and investment newsletter fields. Huey has also helped clients raise significant capital through equity crowdfunding marketing under the JOBS Act.

Huey is a frequent guest on TV, including Fox News, and the radio, speaking as a small business expert and political commentator. Huey is the president of,, and ElectionForum.Org. Huey is the publisher of Direct Marketing Update, an industry newsletter that educates readers about marketing strategies that help them generate new leads and increase profits through integrated marketing, including direct mail and digital marketing.

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