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Jackie Jones

Lt. Col (R) Sargis Sangari

Want to talk with a US Army (Iranian born) American Soldier (Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col.) who understands how Iran thinks?

Topics - Iran | Russia | Drones & More

While everyone is looking at the latest shooting of the Iranian drone by the U.S. Navy as being paramount to our future relationship with Iran we should be looking at the strategic picture of the Iranian foreign minister being in NY trying to negotiate a new deal with the U.S. reference the ballistic missiles and the nuclear deal. - LTC (R) Sargis Sangari 

Lt Colonel (R) Sargis Sangari was born and raised in Rezaiyeh (Urmia), Iran. He immigrated to the United States in 1980 at age ten after the Iranian Revolution.

OP ED by LTC Sangari as seen in The Daily Herald on July 7th 2019:


To understand foreign policy, understand backyard wars by Sargis Sangari

Russia's dealings with Iran have followed a similar trajectory of failure, primarily due to their contrasting political ideologies, and, more significantly, the cultural underpinnings of those ideologies. As Rudyard Kipling famously observed, "East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet." This is true, and maybe especially so, even when the East (i.e., Iran) is a backyard state of the West (i.e., Russia. or the EU).

Simply put, backyard states commonly dislike being backyard states and are opposed to viewing themselves as such. Failure to consider the sociopolitical history of a state can lead to increasing tension. Identifying and exploiting backyard tensions/friction points among rival powers can be critical to a nation's survival.

1. Hardliners vs Moderates on shooting down the drone. 
2. Middle Eastern Pride Issue - Is Iran ready to negotiate? Discuss the signals.
3. Strategy: Is Iran isolating Saudi Arabia?
4. What's the Arab League doing re: Turkey & Iran.

About Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari:

Lt Col (R) Saris SangariLt. Col. Sargis Sangari is a retired US Army Colonel who saw extensive combat in the Middle East as a Special Operations Forces soldier and who, after retirement, continues to advise the fledgling Assyrian Christian Army in Iraq known as Dwekh Nawsha with his military expertise.

Area of Expertise:
Military strategy, Middle East Foreign Policy, Assyrians in Iraq & Syria.
Media Contact: Jackie Jones | | 662-259-0988

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