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Social Media App Designed to Unite Christians

Our Action Place app

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Author Chris Maxwell

Various groups work diligently to unite Christians. By hosting events to be attended by people of different locations, denominations, ages, and nationalities, ministries push for harmony in today’s often divided church.

Elaine Beck realized that can happen by not just meeting in a geographical location or on a particular date or a single webcast. In today’s hi-tech world, she grasped the reality that people can be together even when they aren’t.

“I thought, okay, God, now I see it,” Elaine said. “We needed a social media account for Christians. It started when God put in my heart the need to bring all the Christians together.”

From that inspiration, Blessings Through Action began. The social media app for Christians, Our Action Place, is a way of seeing Elaine’s dream come true.

Blessings Through Action seeks to remind Christians of these two questions:

  • How can we come together to build a common framework for all Christians to support one another, support our leaders, and respect the will of our Heavenly Father?
  • How can we bring more Americans to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and with those new Christians build a better, stronger and more faithful America?

The two questions can be answered, Elaine believes, “as all Christians come together.”

She and her team offer ways to bring the followers of Christ together online. They believe the app is practical—and today’s best method of uniting people while offering important information.

Blessings Through Action seeks to find these answers through “All Christians Together In Our Nation,” sharing many voices as one voice.

“Together we can respond to what happens on the national stage and move together to make changes for the better,” Elaine said. “We want to be sure our voices are heard. And we plan to develop communities that better reflect the Christian principles our nation was founded on.”

The website and app are safe for teenagers. Blessings Through Action hopes to meet teenagers and college students where they are. The Our Action Place app includes Christian Daily News, providing a healthy view of what is happening in the United States.

For those seeking to download the app, “Everything is free,” Elaine says. “You sign up and you will learn all you need to know on the web page. You can talk and read about nation’s strengths and weaknesses, and what we need to do for God instead of doing it man’s way. This is a means to talk to the nation about the truth, what God says about abortion, what he says about loving him and doing what’s right in all avenues in our country. We have an ‘action of the day’ where somebody says what they think is an action to take. It could be something like calling your mother and thanking her one more time about all of her specific actions, or something like sending an encouraging note to a friend.”

Showing God’s love and speaking out about the bigger questions are key parts of what Blessings in Actionseeks to do. They contend that too many of today’s outlets leave God out, and they hope to change that. Or, at least, to offer a biblical perspective even when audiences are hurried for quick, brief information. They bring the avenue for audiences to obtain and provide information themselves.

“If you download our site on our action place, you can include an article to share with other people,” said Elaine. “Or, if it’s a bigger article, you could send to us and then we can put it on in our Christian News feed. We need to give Christians the power to communicate in social media and apps like this one.”

For youth ministries, mission organizations, and Christian schools, Blessings in Action can continue conversations from services and small group gatherings.

Elaine recently read comments from readers who felt new hope through a story a young lady wrote on Blessings in Action. She thought of how multitudes need to read those types of stories. With determination she plans to invite more people to read— and write—stories of hope and truth. The lady’s inspiring words confirmed to Elaine that their app is needed, and that people can provide fitting stories for the platform.

“God is asking us to do this because he wants people in this nation to no longer step aside and be shoved out of the way,” she said. “Our voices need to be heard.”

Learn more at

The Our Action Place app is available from the Apple and Android stores.


Chris Maxwell served as lead pastor for 19 years and has worked as Director of Spiritual Life at Emmanuel College for the last 13 years. He speaks around the world in churches, conventions, and epilepsy events. He has written nine books, including Underwater – his story about epilepsy – and his most recent book, a slow and sudden God: 40 years of wonder.

Guest Avail: Chris Maxwell

Chris MaxwellChris speaks around the world in churches, retreat centers, conferences, and medical conventions (To learn more about Chris’s speaking schedule or to invite Chris to speak at your church, group or event please click here.)

His latest book, Underwater: When Encephalitis, Brain Damage, and Epilepsy Change Everything, looks at how encephalitis almost ended Chris’ life. The scar tissue in his brain and life with epilepsy made him – and his family and friends – feel like the life they’d known changed suddenly and permanently. Pause with Jesus: Entering His Story in Everyday Life, enters the stories of Jesus walking with His disciples, loving those unloved by others, and leaving the crowd to get time alone with the Father. In his book, Pause for Pastors: Finding Still Waters in the Storm of Ministry,Chris offers life-lessons from his own years as a pastor to help other pastors find rest in the stress of their vocation. Pause for Moms: Finding Rest in a Too Busy World and Pause: The Secret to a Better Life, One Word at a Time include stories, questions, and spiritual exercises guide readers to a greater understanding of how God is with us in our normal life experiences.  His book Unwrapping His Presence, is a collection of stories and poems for the Christmas season, a difficult time for many people. It contains honest words of hope, reminding readers of Christ’s entry into our world and our lives. Changing My Mind chronicles Chris’ battle with the life-changing experience of encephalitis and the long-term effects of epilepsy. God has used his disability to bring hope to many hurting people. His first book, Beggars Can Be Chosen, uses the narratives of Jesus inviting people to follow Him to teach much about Christ’s method of evangelism.

In addition to being an author of those books, Chris writes articles, reviews, curriculum, poetry, songs, commercials and speeches for various magazines, publishing companies, websites, and newspapers. He has written for Leadership Journal, God’s Word for Today, Ministry Today, The Orlando Sentinel, Charisma, Enrichment, LIVE, Lift, The Sonshine Bulletin and others. He has also served as editor or ghostwriter for over twenty books, and written chapters and devotionals for other books, including Traci Mullins’ A Grandmother’s Touch.

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