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Just back from Japan & S Korea ....

Guest Avail: Jason Ho
(Located in San Jose, California)
Topics: Pelosi Trip / China / CCP / Chip Shortage / Taiwan / S Korea / Japan

The branches of the #CCP network extend not only into the #Japanese and #Taiwanese business realm but even into the government.
  • Lead Designer of F35 Flight Control & Image Displace Systems
  • Expert on Huawei 2.0 organization
  • Expert on China & Technology Theft - #CCP #Huawei #China #IO #AI

Taiwan News Reports: Secret Meetings

Pelosi Meetings with TSMC CEO, Morris Chang

  • Secret Meeting in the US Embassy in Taiwan
  • Chang & Pelosi Lunch together.
  • TSMC is fully participating in all Pelosi's meetings in Taiwan
  • TSMC established a SCIF (Sensitive Command Information Facility) to hold meeting with Pelosi
  • Pelosi and TSMC held all afternoon meetings.
  • Pelosi had dinner with President.
  • Concluded with another secret meeting.


Chairman of the world’s largest chipmaker met with Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan, risking the firm’s mainland China market. ‘China is looking for people and companies to punish’

Nancy Pelosi did not have much time to spare in Taiwan. But on the Speaker of the House’s controversial visit, she made sure to meet with one of the self-governing island’s most important business leaders, Mark Liu, chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), the world’s biggest chipmaker.

Pelosi to meet with Taiwan’s biggest semiconductor manufacturer

TSMC is building a chip factory in Arizona -- and considering constructing several on the site -- in a project seen as key to U.S. national security

Pelosi dined with Taiwan computer chip executives during her brief visit 

The encounter was a reminder of how important Taiwan chip production is to U.S. national security
#CriticalTime #Pelosi #AIT

Pelosi AIT "secret room" talks with Liu Deyin?

About Jason Ho

Chief Technology Officer,  Teklium
Located in San Jose Ca
Jason HoSpeaks on experience with #CCP #Huawei #China #IO #AI
  • Lead Designer of F35 Flight Control & Image Displace Systems
  • Cyber Security & AI Specialist
  • Expert on Huawei 2.0 organization
  • Personal experience on China & Technology Theft – #CCP #Huawei #China #IO #AI
  • Chief Technology Officer, Teklium

Expert Topics:

  • The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the cause of most of the world’s problems today.
    • How do we stop them?
    • How do we help liberate the Chinese People?
  • An Outdated Japanese National Security Policy is putting the US in peril
  • Exposing #CCP Tech Spies
  • Influence Operations (I/O) in Japan & United States.
  • How China is using two U.S. allies as backdoor to steal vital technology
  • Japanese journalist faced prison for exposing Chinese spying & theft of U.S. defense secrets
  • State audits of 2020 presidential election ballots. Big lie, or big steal?

Jason Ho brings his 20+ years of experience in integrated circuit design and fighting the CCP as he presents the new Huawei 2.0 organization (#Xilinx, #Ibiden, #NVidia) that has absorbed Japanese robotic and car companies to fool Americans and circumvent the moral economic embargo against #Huawei.

Chief Technology Officer,  Teklium Inc.

Cyber Security Solutions & AI Experts

Jason Ho was the lead designer of the flight control and image display systems of the US F-35 jet fighters. Teklium Inc.  is a California corporation founded by a team of veteran pioneers in large-scale computer chip design to exploit the breakthrough design and performance characteristics of their late3t innovations in the artificial intelligence (AI) world. 

 Long Active US Patent List too numerous to list.
Main topics that Jason talks about:

Biden administration completely misunderstands China & the #CCP

“I’ve spent more time with President Xi [Jinping] of China than any world leader has — for 24 hours of private meetings with him with just an interpreter, 17,000 miles traveling with him in China and here,” the president added. “He firmly believes that China, before the year [20]30, ’35, is going to own America because autocracies can make quick decisions.”

  • #CCP threaten's America with Washington’s acquiescence.
  • Look at Hong Kong & Taiwan
  • China is already firmly established throughout Africa.
  • Should the U.S. stop the flow of money to China.
  • China pledges to continue to 'modernize' nuclear arsenal, calls on US, Russia to make greater cuts
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It is customary for a nation to have an army but extremely rare for a political party to have one. China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is an exception, as it owes allegiance to the Communist Party of China (CPC).
The strategic directions for military modernization have been spelled out in the ‘White Papers on National Defense’. The 2015 White Paper focused on the strategy of ‘Active Defense’, and that of 2019 delved on ‘Defense in the New Era’.
The timelines laid down to achieve the stated goals are:
(1) Mechanization by 2020.
(2) Basic modernization including ‘informationization’ by 2035.
(3) Transformation into a world class military force by the middle of the century.
Xi has gone on the overdrive to consolidate his position at home and to project a strongman image abroad, through aggressive posturing by the PLA around the disputed territories in the South China Sea, and against India in Ladakh. It is part of Xi’s campaign to set the stage for the 20th Party Congress due in 2022, during which there will be a reshuffle in the leadership.
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