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May 8, 2018


Michael Friedson, VP The Media Line, is available to appear on TV, radio, talk shows, podcasts or as references for your articles and blogs. Michael is based in Israel and can provide on the ground reporting.

For scheduling or questions, please contact me by email or 662-259-0988.

I look forward to working with you.

Jackie Jones
Guest: Michael Friedson

By Nixing Iran Nuclear Deal, President Trump Opens Pandora’s Box In Mideast Tinderbox

Israel is on high alert following threats from Iran earlier this week.  Israel struck one of Iran's newly established Military bases on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. All bomb shelters on the Golan have been ordered to be unlocked, and Israeli citizens are to be on alert following President Trump's announcement tonight, stating that America is withdrawing from the Iranian Nuclear deal. Also, suspicious Iranian troop movements have been spotted, across the border in Syria. 

Damascus, Syria is around 45 miles from Israel's side of the Golan Heights. Israel is preparing and positioning troops and equipment such as the Iron Dome in case of rocket fire from the North.  

President Trump To Announce Decision On Whether To Withdraw From Iran Nuclear Deal

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Michael FriedsonMichael Friedson, Co-founder and Executive Editor of The Media Line News Agency, a seasoned broadcast and print journalist with more than two decades of experience covering the Middle East.

Michael hosted The Media Line’s nationally-syndicated Mideast Week radio program and appears daily as commentator on radio programs airing around the world, including the BBC World Service, ABC Australia, CTV Canada; affiliates of America’s major networks, and a New Hampshire news station bloc where he’s a featured member of morning program.

Michael Friedson Reporting: 
The Golan Heights:
The Flashpoint Heats Up

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