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Guest Avail Sgt Mike McGrew

Author, Founder of 911 At Ease International
911 At East International

First Responders LOVE their families just like you do.....the only difference is.....they leave their families to protect yours says Sgt Mike McGrew, 31-year veteran Law Enforcement Officer and Co-Founder of 911 At Ease International.

Pres. Trump says he is the Law Enforcement Candidate and he's backing it up with actions:

President Donald Trump has ordered his administration conduct a review that could result in a loss of federal funding to cities that have been “permitting anarchy, violence, and destruction in America,” according to a memo issued by the President on Wednesday.

President Trump signed off on the five-page memo on Sept. 2, which requires all federal agencies to compile reports detailing which funds can be redirected, the New York Post reported.

Those reports will be sent to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for further action.

Pres. Trump Tweet re Federal Dollars
Total Line of Duty Deaths at 183 in 2020

These lives mattered.

Police have been shot, stabbed, run over, and hit with objects across the country since the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis Police. These injuries and deaths have been mostly unreported by the national media.

Sgt Mike McGrewAbout Sgt. Mike McGrew (Retired)

From his 31-year career as a police officer and sergeant, co-founder and executive director Sgt. Mike McGrew knows first hand the dramatic impact of working the front lines as a first responder. He faced his own struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries and other self-destructive behaviors, after years of dealing with the gruesome and inhuman crimes he encountered while working as a police officer. He also experienced the unbearable pain of losing a child to cancer. Through Sgt. McGrew’s own personal and spiritual journey  of discovering healing from post-traumatic stress injuries, he co-founded 911 At Ease International.

Sgt. McGrew published his personal story in A Higher Call to Duty.

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