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Expert Guest Avail: Lt. Col (R) Sargis Sangari

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Would you please consider booking Lt. Col (R) Sargis Sangari who can provide updates and commentary regarding today's news on the Iraqi elections and the possible coup which may be leading to a Civil War in that country.

Thank you for your consideration.   I look forward to working with you.
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 Todays Iraqi COR Decision: A Harbinger of An “Iraqi” Civil War

June 6, 2018 | Near East Center | Lt Col (R) Sargis Sangari

Lt Col Sargis SangariIn the Iraqi parliamentary elections held on 12 MAY 18, 250 of 328 sitting members of parliament were voted out of office.  Today the outgoing MPs who lost their re-election bids voted to change the election law and remove all the members of the High Commission of Elections, who had begun certifying the election results. These are going to be replaced by nine hand-selected judges charged with performing a recount of the vote.

The unspoken assumption is that the new judges will find cause for overturning the election results and allowing the ousted MPs to remain in office. In effect the legislative branch of the Iraqi government has taken the judiciary hostage as means of nullifying the outcome of a legitimate and lawful electoral process. This is an affront to the executive branch, given that Abadi was voted in as prime minister by an overwhelming majority.

What this amounts to is a coup by the ousted members of parliament, one that is likely to arouse the anger of a large segment of the voting public. If their actions are not reversed Iraq may well descend into civil war. 

Fighting has already erupted between Saddar, who “owns” the Baghdad streets, and the ousted MP supporters and the Sunni Muslim Kurds in Kirkuk, who are keen to regain the Kirkuk oil fields.

As well, ISIS is again poised to return to Iraq with a force comprising an estimated 25,000 fighters. The latter are currently embedded in the ranks of the so-called Kurdish White Flags, who stand in defiance of the GOI (Government of Iraq), and may make their move within a short time frame of less than three months.  The only beneficiaries of such a vote will be the Sunni Muslim Kurds and ISIS embedded within the ranks of the White Flags. 

The ousted MPs have one choice.  Stand with the GOI and its peoples will or chose to stand with the seperests Kurds, ISIS, or others who will possibly return to their original positions in 2014 when ISIS first attacked Iraq.  The Judiciary must either stand in defiance of this Cope or be marginalized by individuals who care more about their seat and access to power than Iraqi people.

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LT Col Sargis Sangari

Lt. Col (RET) Sargis Sangari

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