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Dr. Tyra Hodge's Moving Biography Receives Amazon's Coveted '#1 New Release' Title

Dr Tyra Banks - A ReWritten Story

Summary: Dr. Tyra Hodge's inspiring life story has done rounds on social media across the globe and inspired thousands. Her biography has now earned the title of Amazon's '#1 New Release'.

(Location/Date) – Renowned educator, national speaker and author Dr. Tyra Hodge has now announced her latest book release titled, A Rewritten Story: Survival, Strip Clubs, and Salvation. As a raw, brave and emotionally charged biography, the new book aims to inspire the masses and help them overcome any limiting blocks in life. Out of all the recent book releases in 2023, Dr. Hodge's biography has earned Amazon's '#1 New Release' title in the ‘Biographies of Educators' category.

Prior to the success of A Rewritten Story, Dr. Hodge’s inspiring life story went viral on media outlets across the globe. When she earned her Doctorate in Education and spoke about her life on the streets that she has now left behind, Dr. Hodge received love and support from all over the world. Her biography has been deemed one of the most poignant new book releases and has already gained acclaim from industry peers and readers online.

A public representative for Dr. Tyra Hodge made an official press statement, "Dr. Hodge's story of overcoming her struggles is truly inspirational, as many women in America find themselves in the same predicaments as Dr. Hodge once did. Among the many new book releases this week, Dr. Hodge's biography has garnered lots of attention and praise for how bravely she has told her story, and how she is inspiring women to rise above and reach their full potential."

The representative further added, "As a passionate educator to educators, nationally renowned speaker and noteworthy author, Dr. Hodge proactively aims to uplift struggling American women and give them the inspiration to grow and succeed in all fields of life."

In addition to solidifying its top spot among Amazon books new releases, A Rewritten Story is also being adapted for the big screen. More info about the film adaptation will be announced in the near future. 

More details about A Rewritten Story can be viewed at

About Tyra Hodge Ph.D

Dr Tyra HodgeTV Show Host | Author | Education Professional | Trainer of Trainers | Motivational Speaker

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After high school, Hodge worked a few jobs but found herself about to be homeless.

“I did not feel like I was smart enough to go to college," Hodge said. “I started working in clubs, and it became a lifestyle I fell into a lot of drugs, and my life spiraled out of control.”

With no other option but dancing, that lifestyle led to loss.

“It was supposed to be a party, and I had been tricked. So I showed up and the guy was a predator, and he was there to rape me," Hodge said.

But out of that pain she found power from above.

“I said 'God what do you want me to do with my life?'” Hodge said.

And a random drive down I-45 steered her towards her future.

“There was like a whisper that just told me to go to school," Hodge said. “And I walked out with a full scholarship for school.”

On Saturday, surrounded by family and friends, she’s celebrating through a Soul Train line.

Hodge is also a mother of four, author of several books, founder of her own non-profit, and now her newest title - doctor.

“There's a strength inside of all of us, and we just need to tap into it. We need to find it," Hodge said. 

Graduating with her PhD in education, Dr. Hodge hopes to use that to inspire children and adults who, like she, haven’t had it easy.

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