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A roundup of top expert guests who can provide updates and commentary on today's national and international news stories. Be sure to follow us @TruthClips for continuous guest updates & breaking stories throughout the day. 

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Jackie Jones

Participants at The Media Line’s inaugural Press-and-Policy BreakfastFelice Friedson
The Media Line
(Reporting from Jerusalem)

The Media Line’s inaugural Press-and-Policy event held in Israel.

150 attendees shared in thoughtful discussions about the impact of news reporting and women on the creation of policy. Multiple news organizations focused almost exclusively on a comment Friedman made in the course of extending greetings of the US at the American news organization’s milestone event [urging newsies to “get it right” rather than getting it fast” and not to speak until they get it right], emerging pressures from the street fueled by social media that are creating new stresses and new realities for policy makers were the primary topics of the day. 
(TML Press-and-Policy Breakfast participants (l to r): MK Sherrin Haskel; Anchor Gadeer Mreeh; CBS News’ Talia Medina; The Media Line Pres. Felice Friedson. (Lior Mizrahi))

FFelice Friedsonelice developed an American news agency specializing in coverage of the Middle East which has became one of the most prolific content providers to the region and around the world. Under Felice’s direction, The Media Line has become a primary source of reliable news and information to both the public and private sectors with a strong emphasis on economic coverage from Israel and Palestine. Additional reports can be found at The Media Line
Todd A McNutt
Topic: Privacy Expert
  1. What is an Enhanced Driver License?
  2. Why is is embedded with RFD technology to which the DoHS would have sole & restricted access?
  3. What is HR 418?
  4. Why was it pushed through with little legislative support?
  5. Why is the Secretary of the Dept. of Homeland Security (an non-elected official) in charge of it?
“RFID technology is the ultimate threat to the American People and our final right to privacy. If we let this one go, we will never recover.”
The Department of Homeland Security is 

Author Todd A McNutt has spent the past 24 years in information technology with a focus on protecting individual privacy rights. The last 5 years has been focused on RFID technology.  He has also developed technology which detects RFID in any product, packaging, pet or person.

His latest book: Other People’s Secrets… Your Life UN-redacted” 

Tina Marie Griffin
CEO & Founder of Counter Culture Mom

Talking about:
Our Mother Who Art In Heaven, Hallowed Be Beyonce?
"The spirituality behind contemporary feminism often comes in the form of goddess worship, and the fact many have a desire to overthrow the patriarchal structure in society. It is rebellion against God as “Father.”

California bans state-funded travel to Oklahoma over its anti-LGBT adoption law
"Who in the world conjures up such ridiculous laws? Like, I want names.."

Former Hollywood actress, pop culture expert. Tina’s main mission is to equip parents and teens on how they can safely navigate through today’s pop culture chaos. 

Daniel Punose
VP of GFA World 

Topic: Global violence against women:
Why are women targets of such abuse and discrimination? Why does it seem almost like a requirement for women to silently endure the violence done against them?

Violence against women stretches from country to country and takes on many forms. It is estimated that 1 in 3 women—globally—have or will experience abuse in their lifetime.

Violence against women in South Asia is particularly high. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the prevalence of violence against women in this region is at 37.7 percent, compared to “23.2% in high-income countries and 24.6% in the Western Pacific region.”
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