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'At the age of 20, I was arrested for two murders and possession of a gun and I was paraded around as the up and coming star of the Gambino Crime Family. If God can save me, he can save anyone.' -- Robert Borelli
  • Borelli began working for The Gambino's by age fourteen.
  • His reputation as a fierce fighter grew, and by the time he was a young adult, he had made an impression on influential members of the Gambino crime family.
  • In his early twenties, Robert was on his way to Mafia stardom, mentored by one of the most prominent wise guys in New York City.
About the Gambino Crime Family

Out of the Mafia, Into Grace

Meet Robert Borelli

Robert BorelliA gangster turned into a pastor? Unlike most mob stories that end in tragedy, the dramatic life story of Robert Borelli is a testimony of triumph, the triumph of good over evil. Former gangster, Robert Borelli  becomes a Christian who ministers to others. The sheer power of God to transform a hardened drug addicted criminal into a minister of the gospel will captivate readers of his book.

Robert Borelli was once a rising star in the New York Mafia’s biggest crime family. But his gangster lifestyle—and a crippling drug addiction—eventually landed him in prison at age forty-two, abandoned by everyone who he knew could help him. When his three-year-old daughter asked him in tears why he didn’t visit her, despair crashed over him and he cried out: “God, either have me killed or change me—I don’t want to live like this anymore. Please help me!” He began reading the Bible and became a new man in Christ, along with becoming a new person under the Federal Witness Protection Program. Today Robert is blessed by his wife Patricia and is passionate about sharing the truth about God’s transformative power with others.

Speaking topics
  • Robert’s life story and transformation
  • Addiction and healing
  • Choices and consequences
  • Protect your children
Launching YouTube Series:

“It’s Never Too Late” 

Robert Borelli - It's Never Too Late Episode 1
Robert reconnects with former Mafia associates, FBI agents, friends and family as he recounts his journey from life in the mob to addiction to drugs, prison, witness protection, healing and redemption through faith. For those who need hope: it’s never too late for a new beginning.
"God Made Him an Offer He Couldn't Refuse": Robert Borelli, former Gambino Crime Family Associate
Robert Borelli, former Gambino Crime Family associate, to Fides Podcast.  Robert tells his story of being a part of a crime family in New York, dealing and being addicted to drugs, and being in prison.  But his favorite part of the story is his conversion to Jesus Christ and how he went from seeking respect, money and power, to seeking God.

Robert's Book:
Next Book release Fall 2022

Robert Borelli - The WitnessThe Witness: A Tale of the Life and Death of a Mafia Madman

by Robert Borelli

THE WITNESS is the compelling account of the hard and fast life of an “up-and-coming star” within the Mafia ranks, the downward spiral created by his addiction to drugs, and his spiritual rebirth spurred by the heart-wrenching plea of his little girl.

Raised in the heart of an aging Brooklyn neighborhood, Robert was a small but fiery, attention-deprived Italian boy, drawn to the lifestyle of those who drove Cadillacs, had pretty girls, and were always loaded with easy cash. He became a part of that world early on, running errands and selling illegal goods for local mobsters. His reputation as a fierce fighter grew, and by the time he was a young adult, he had made an impression on influential members of the Gambino crime family. In his early twenties, Robert was on his way to Mafia stardom, mentored by one of the most prominent wise guys in New York City.

As the face of the Mafia began to change, so did their illegal business ventures. Robert began distributing and using cocaine; his addiction led to his eventual fall from the ranks of the mob. He tried to get clean and start a family, but his addiction was too strong. Eventually, the drugs became a barrier between him and his loved ones, including his newborn daughter. After another failed attempt at sobering up in Florida, Robert returned to New York, where the cycle of addiction to cocaine overwhelmed him. He was constantly high, shamelessly homeless, and hiding out in crack houses until the day federal agents caught up with him.

He saw his life ending in one of two ways; either he would die overdosing, or the men to whom he swore allegiance would silence him first.

Robert is as unlikely an evangelist as Paul was an apostle. ... His simple culminating statement is, "If God can save me, he can save anyone." —Brian Swiggart, Executive Pastor, TCAL Church

Our group was mesmerized by Robert's story.  While he was sharing there wasn't a sound in the room, then there wasn't a dry eye, as we realized the miraculous work Jesus Christ has done in Robert's life.  His story is told with passion and transparency and becomes a challenge to the listener to start or grow their personal relationship with God.  I highly recommend Robert Borelli as your next speaker.  —Donna Skell, Executive Director, Roaring Lambs Ministries

An anointed, God-inspired story of God’s grace and glory ... [Robert's] testimony transcends cultural, racial and denominational differences.  Call him.  Book him.  He will bless you and your people." —David Fogarty, Pastor, The Bridge Church
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