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Guest Pastor Todd Coconato

National Speaker | Advocacy | Evangelist

The Religious Liberty Coalition is fighting for you!

Pastor Todd CoconatoThe last two years have been simply unprecedented. Who would have ever thought that we would see pastors of American, Canadian, Australian, and other Western countries’ churches being arrested, detained, fined, harassed, roughed up by police, and even in some cases imprisoned?

The targeting of pastors is eerily reminiscent of movies relating to “the end-times” or what you might see in a communist country such as China, the former Soviet Union or North Korea and yet this is happening right now in the West! And what is the crime these people have committed you ask? They simply held a church service! They gathered with others of like-mind and preached the message of the Gospel during a time of great need in the nation (s). The irony of this is that many of the people that burned down businesses and parts of cities around the United States during the same time have not even been charged with one single crime!

Mental illness, suicides, divorce, drug overdoses/addictions, domestic disturbances, and many other major related issues have gone through the roof since the pandemic was declared. It is rare that you hear any real discussion about this however, as most mainstream media reporting has been focused on the fear factors and government narrative of the virus and official talking points. The church is pivotal in tackling and bringing needed help to all the above-mentioned issues. The churches must remain open! 

It is not OK for pastors to be targeted or churches to be shut down.This was absolutely a wrong decision and we have suffered tremendously as a result as a society. We commend those pastors and leaders who were willing to push back against the unconstitutional mandates and tyranny.

Stand with organizations like The Religious Liberty Coalition, (RLC)  who are willing to take a stand and fight for freedom of religion here in the United States! You can make a difference.


About Pastor Todd Coconato
National Speaker | Advocacy | EvangelistTodd Coconato Show


  • Religious liberty and freedoms for pastors, churches, Christian business owners and people of faith
  • Vaccine Mandates
  • Right to Assemble
  • Fights tyrannical and unconstitutional ordinances and mandates.

The liberal-left is targeting Christian leaders and pastors trying to strip their organizations of religious liberties and freedoms. They are trying to put invisible handcuffs to limit what you’re called to do. Join A Like-Minded Community Of Like-Minded Believers

"I am on a mission to stand for the truth of God’s word, righteousness and for religious liberties and freedoms in this late hour."

From the fake news media, to the criminals in Big Pharma (Pharmakia), Big-tech, to the Hollywood Elites, to the swamp in government, to the communists in the educational institutions…even the wolves within the church! Exposure is here, and it’s here for a reason! This is an hour of awakening! It is a spiritual battle of the highest proportions—light vs. darkness!

Get Educated in Religious Liberties and rightsCoconato called it a "critical time" for the future of America and criticized legislators' agenda for being "demonic." In an earlier live stream, he criticized their pro-choice stance and claimed they were attempting to restrict religious liberty. "We pray for President Biden and pray that he leads this country in a righteous manner. We are not against anyone. We just want to see the nation led in a way that is positive for people to live freely and flourish," Coconato told Newsweek.

This is a season of separation, and preparation, before we go into the destination! (The promised land)

We are at a precipice moment.

We must choose a side: Holiness, truth, light, life, and righteousness or the lies and perversion of this world and those who seek to deceive us. (The prophets of Baal and their culture of death).

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