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  • Forbes Space Journalist Bruce Dorminey - For the first time ever we’ve realized that dissolved oxygen, a molecule that was critical for the evolution of life on the Earth, could be available on Mars in quantities that could suffice to support aerobic life.
  • Gregory Wrightstone - Talking about Sen Rubio's comments re: Climate Change “Sea level rise and changes in the climate, those are measurable,” Sen Rubio said.
  • Dr.Carol Swain - Talking about: Leftists Lack the Language and Moral Authority to Criticize Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
  • LT C (Ret) Sargis Sangari - Reporting available from  Irbil, Iraq. Grave concern over the developments in Iraq, particularly about the situation of Assyrians, the indigenous people of Iraq.
  • Author Shelley Neese - Ever heard of The Copper Scroll? 
  • Dr. Ken Canfield - In North America, over 8 million children under the age of 18 live with and are cared for primarily by their grandparents.  
  • Chef Gary LeBlanc, Pres Mercy Chefs - Still in Mexico Beach FL - Providing Disaster Relief in Hurricane Michael's aftermath. 
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Bruce Dorminey

Bruce DormineyDorminey, a Forbes science journalist and author, covers over-the-horizon technology, aerospace, astronomy and space science. ---
  • Extrasolar planets
  • Astrobiology, astronomy, space exploration.
  • SETI
  • Space

Space & More:
US Air Force: Don't Worry About Those Weird Lights and Booms Sunday, It's Just a Spaceship

Gregory Wrightstone

Gregory WrightstoneStrong proponent of the scientific process and believes the policy decisions should be driven by science, facts, data and not on a political agenda.

Climate Change News:


Our climate is changing.

The UN Predicts 50 Million Climate Refugees By 2020

Antifa Protesters Shout Down Scientist Who Challenged Climate Alarmism

Recent Interview with Brian Kilmeade talking about false links between global warming & Hurricane Michael.

Dr. Carol Swain

Dr Carol SwainAuthor, Speaker, Former Law Professor & Conservative Political Commentator

  • Political Correctness, Anarchy, and the Decline of America
  • From Poverty to Professor, from GED to PhD, from Agnostic to Christian
  • Why I Became a Republican
  • White Supremacy v. White Nationalism: Is There a Meaningful Difference?
  • Abduction: How Liberalism Steals the Hearts and Minds of Our Children
  • Calling people conspiracy theorists is an intimidation strategy user to keep conservatives from asking honest questions. It’s time to embrace the names and epithets the Left uses to silence our voices.
  • Should Supreme Court Justices get Secret Service protection?
Latest Op Ed

Leftists Lack the Language and Moral Authority to Criticize Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Democrats’ ‘Fighting Words’ Take on an Ominous Tone

Dr. Swain's New Book

LTC Sargis Sangari

LTC Sargis SangariTopics: Military strategy, Middle East Foreign Policy, Middle East, Assyrians in Iraq & Syria.

Middle East Reporting:

Currently in Iraq - available by cell.
"There are many challenges that Assyrians are facing in Iraq, including security, land seizures and Kurdish discrimination and marginalization of Assyrians in the north."

Despite Trump's promise to protect them, Christian refugees struggle to enter U.S.

Trump vowed to aid Mideast Christians. But under his administration the number of Christian refugees admitted to the U.S. has fallen more than 40 percent.

Iraqi president names Adel Abdul-Mahdi as next prime minister

Shelley Neese

Author, The Copper Scroll Project
VP The Jerusalem Connection Report
Shelley NeeseShelley Neese is Vice President of The Jerusalem Connection Report. She writes regular articles for The Report and her writing has also appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Jerusalem Post Metro Edition, Arutz Sheva, and FrontPage Magazine.

To anyone who has a little bit of the Indiana Jones spirit inside them, The Copper Scroll Project remains a fascinating and tantalizing artifact, and will no doubt continue to tempt the imaginations of scholars and the public alike for centuries to come.

The copper scroll has led to one of the biggest treasure hunts in history, with numerous expeditions setting out to find the valuable hoard.

  • What is the Copper Scroll? 
  • What is the Copper Scroll pointing to & how do we know if it is real or imaginary?  
The author of the Copper Scroll Project, Shelley Neese, has created a riveting and true story of one man’s epic search for the lost treasures from the First Jewish Temple, which stood on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

A True Story of Lost Treasure

Dr. Ken Canfield

Dr. Ken CanfiledDr. Ken Canfield, a nationally-known leader and scholar, has committed his life to strengthening families and fathers.  He has founded and continues to engage in several organizations dedicated to improving family well-being, most notably the National Center for Fathering, where he served as President for 16 years. He is currently president of the National Association for Grandparenting (, which he founded in 2016.
Did  you know that over 1.6 million adults become new grandparents each year, on pace to be over 84 million by 2020.

Dr. Canfield is Founder of the National Association for Grandparenting
"Grandparents have three resources which are in short supply in strengthening families today: time, wisdom and a passion to leave a legacy" – Dr. Ken Canfield


Chef Gary LeBlanc

Chef Gary LeBlancFounder and President

We provide professionally prepared, restaurant quality meals for victims, volunteers and first responders in national emergencies and natural disasters. Our team is experienced in bringing relief following hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires and national emergencies.

TOPIC:  Hurricane Michael

  • Chef Gary LeBlanc and team in MEXICO BEACH, FL. This is a storm of epic proportions. The needs are HUGE.
  • We’re standing with these victims, but the conditions here are just unthinkable. The storm may have passed, but the hardest days are still to come for these victims.
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