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Are you interested in being a leader in your school? Apply to be an ambassador for Teens4Green where you can help get teens in your school service hours while promoting environmental awareness and sustainability on your campus. This is an opportunity to be a teen leader in an award-winning club, which is beneficial for college applications and scholarships.  Our mission is for youth to take direct action and teach others to improve environmental quality. 

Teens4Green Student ambassadors will be in charge of promoting Teens4Green Events at their school and encouraging teens to make a positive difference in our community. Throughout the year, student ambassadors will build lasting relationships, be open-minded to trying new activities, and grow together to become better leaders. 

Apply for an ambassador position (15 available), applications due 8/8
Apply to be an ambassador 2020/2021
Mission: Teens4Green is a service-based club for teens (13-18 years old) interested in making a difference in the community by direct-impact volunteering in environmental projects. 
Due to the public health concerns, no in-person events through the summer possibly longer. To keep our members engaged and working for a better environment, we're offering citizen science events - where you contribute to our ability to observe behaviors and waste habits to make more effective programs. To see how you've made a difference in the recycle survey check out some of the results linked at the bottom of the page! 

Citizen Science: Food Waste Diary

This volunteer opportunity is to log your food waste for one week. For the project please download the excel file from the google drive (link below). There are 2 tabs, one is for the instructions, the second is for you to enter your food waste. In the link you'll be logging all parts of food waste for one week. Things to include in your log: tossed leftovers, ends, stems, rinds, peels that you did not eat, food that went old that you threw out. If in the course of a regular week, you clean out your fridge of any food that has gone bad, please log that as well. You will make note which items and how much that are thrown out, and the reason why, and what state the food was in.
This exercise has two benefits. 1) We get case study glimpses at what food is being wasted and can work at mitigating that. 2) YOU get a chance to see what's going on in your own bin so you can make adjustments.  
If you are a Frisco ISD student: in order to get (2) volunteer service hour from the city of Frisco. For credit you will need to fill out 1 week of food waste logs and make notes of how you could reduce your wasted food. Once you finish, be sure to rename the excel file on your computer: Food waste log (YOUR NAME) then email it to 

With your parents permission, you can take photos of your steps to reduce food waste and share them by tagging @teens4green on Instagram to be featured on our story!
Apply to be an Ambassador

Citizen Science: Compost at Home

Another option for earning volunteering hours: Start a compost pile at your home! You can earn 1 hour for making a compost bin (send in pictures to document this) and a second hour for composting your yard waste and getting the bin started! Yes, that's right, you can earn service hours for helping with yard work! Photos and parent's sign-off are needed to verify. 

There is SO much information on this topic, what you end up going with will really depend on what you want to compost. From least time-intensive (and least accepted) to most time intensive, here's a general guide and you can choose what fits with you, please do your own research to see what is needed to be successful!
Grasscycling (leaving grass clippings on your lawn after you mow to replenish nutrients into the soil)
Passive composting *see social media for a quick and inexpensive way to make a bin* (piling lawn debris and letting it sit)
Tumbler (a compost bin that can be tumbled instead of turned, - food scraps and lawn debris accepted limited by space in the tumbler)
Vermicomposting (the use of worms to break down food scraps - some straw or paper may be needed)
Bokashi (part of a compost system that still requires a compost bin of some type)
Hot compost (requires specific mix of greens and browns, air and water, and requires turning periodically). 

Want to earn 2 hours of credit on your own time? Participate in a Citizen Science survey for the City of Frisco auditing the waste (trash and recycle) from your home. This assignment takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Depending on how well it goes, we may have a follow-up assignment. 

If you have any questions or suggestions on the waste audit, please contact  Miss Juli - 
Do a Waste Audit
Turn In your Waste Audit - 2 hours volunteer credit
Results from Recycle Survey
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