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On one particularly cold day in Ottawa with snow falling and heaters at full capacity, I gave a talk to a group of Canadian academics and policy analysts on Australian views of property rights, referring to a film called The Castle. To my surprise, not only did the audience know about the film, but some legal academics had shown it in their classrooms. I thought our accent and slang would be too challenging. Upon further questioning, it became apparent that the ideas and values had a deeper resonance.

The Castle is a story about property rights. Phrases such as ‘it’s going straight to the pool room’ may result in a smile but should not diminish the core theme of the movie. The defence against the appropriation of private property with phrases such as: “a man’s home is his castle”, “on just terms” and reference to the ‘vibe’ of the constitution had comedic value as well as cultural relevance. While the sentiment of a private home being sacred and requiring protection dates to Roman times, the term in its modern usage can be traced back to Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England.

Property rights extend beyond attachment to private homes. Secure property rights are an important prerequisite for a functioning market-based economy. Remove or diminish property rights and the quality of life declines and progress slows. Economic exchange is dependent on the clear title of chattels or land as well as easy, efficient and defendable transfer. Blockchain and other crypto-currencies are popular as they make title (in financial terms; a ledger) a public, permanent record of transfers or transactions.

In working on property rights, I have come to the realisation that Mannkal’s Western Civilisation conference on 24th November; support for students attending the Samuel Griffith Conference; and seminars on crypto-currencies all have a common thread. Having the ability to buy and sell property as well as defend a house against arbitrary confiscation is a key requirement to cheaply and efficiently accessing capital. This common law heritage, which enabled transaction of property is wonderfully described by Alan Macfarlane in The Origins of English Individualism.

As it turns out, Canadians, like Australians, share the benefit of inheriting British common law and ideas about property rights. It is a critical component of the success of our economic system, yet it is constantly under threat and must be defended.
Yours in liberty,

Andrew Pickford
Executive Director
Upcoming Events
Student Seminar: The Theory of Money and Credit with Andrew Reynolds
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Thursday, 14th September

'Hayek on Hood', Subiaco (Mannkal office)

Guest speaker, Andrew Reynolds, will host a seminar on the theory of money and credit and free banking from a classical/Austrian/free market perspective. His presentation will be followed by a round table discussion.

Seats are limited. RSVP to

Prince Philip/Commonwealth Study Conference Alumni Panel
5:30pm - 7.15pm
Monday, 18th September

'Hayek on Hood', Subiaco (Mannkal office)

Dr Vanessa Guthrie, Mr Dermot Ryan and Mr Ron Manners will share their CSC experiences and provide insights for the next generation of leaders. The session will be moderated by Mr Neil Smithson. Drinks and light refreshments provided. Read more about the event here.

Seats are limited. RSVP to

LibertyWorks: Jo Nova Speaks
6.15pm - 9.00pm
Wednesday, 20th September

Join our friends at LiberyWorks and hear what the mainstream media won’t tell you: the history and the real story on our weather and electricity costs. Jo Nova explains the hidden hot history of Australia and what we need to do to get cheap electricity again.

Spots are limited. Reserve your ticket here.

Student Seminar: Professional Skills with Andrew Pickford
11:30am - 1:30pm
Thursday, 21st September

'Hayek on Hood', Subiaco (Mannkal office)

Mannkal Executive Director, Andrew Pickford, will host a seminar on professional skills, including resume and cover letter advice, office etiquette and more. This seminar is compulsory for our 2018 EOY applications, but all students are encouraged to attend.

Seats are limited. RSVP to

HETSA Conference
Saturday, 26th - Sunday, 27th September
Australian National University, Canberra

The History of Economic Thought Society of Australia's annual conference will be held at University House, ANU in Canberra. This is an event for anyone with an interest in economic theory and its place in academia and public policy. Read more about the conference here.

Mannkal applications have closed, but public registrations remain open.

ACM 18th National Conference Conference
Monday, 25th September
ACM's 18th national conference will be on the theme of "Once more unto the breach'', with the possibility of a Shorten Government holding a "fake referendum". With sessions packed on ACM campaign and current constitutional issues, a key feature will be an address by the Hon Tony Abbott followed by a cocktail hour where he will move among the delegates. Read more about the conference here.

Public registrations are open.

Saturday, 14th October
Royal on the Park Hotel, Brisbane

Join LibertyWorks for its inaugural freedom conference! The mission of LibertyFest is to celebrate liberty where it exists and to consider how lost liberties can one day be returned. Confirmed speakers include Senator David Leyonhjelm and Mark Latham. Read more about the conference here.

Public registrations are open.

Western Civilisation Conference
Friday, 24th November
CERI, Nedlands, Perth

Mannkal is hosting a follow-up one day conference to the hugely successful "The Sun Rises in the West Conference" held in 2010.

Revisit our 2010 conference here.

SAVE THE DATE. Registrations will open shortly.

2017 Samuel Griffits Society Conference
Mannkal proudly sponsored 23 scholars to attend this year's Samuel Griffith Society Conference, held at the Novotel Langley, Perth. Pictured here with John Stone (founder of SGS), Hon Nicholas Hasluck AM, Ron Manners and Doug Hall (Mannkal ambassador).
Murdoch legal academic and long term defender of free speech, Dr Augusto Zimmermann, who is also President of the Western Australian Legal Theory Association (WALTA), received a standing ovation at the end of his speech during the 2017 Conference of the Samuel Griffith Society.

Read Dr Zimmerman's response here.
Scholar Update
James Walker (UWA) has been selected for a prestigious 10-week internship with the Westpac Institutional Bank at their Head Office in Sydney (starting 27th November). He will be working across the Corporate and Commercial Banking, Capital Advisory and Asset Management divisions.

As a Psychology major, James credits Mannkal (through his internship with the Center for Policy Studies in London and his attendance at the Mont Pelerin Societ meeting in Seoul) for his thorough understanding of Australia's economy and financial markets.

James was the only applicant without a Commerce Degree, yet he was the only one the interviewers could talk to about what Westpac has to do in the current tough and volatile environment.

Congratulations, James!
Past Events
Student Seminars:
  • Mannkal Alumni Tim Lefroy - From Mannkal to Canberra and Oxford (Monday, 4th September)
  • The Frozen Water Trade (Human Innovation) (Thursday, 31st August)
  • Student Presentations - Over to You! (Tuesday, 29th August)
  • Foreign Investment (Why Australia Needs It) (Thursday, 24th August)
  • Minimum Wages (Nice Idea, Bad Outcome) (Thursday, 10th August)
Samuel Griffith Society Conference
Friday, 25th - Sunday, 27th August
Novotel Perth Langley, Perth

A must for anyone with an interest in law and the Constitution of Australia! This year, the Society's conference came to Perth. Read more about the conference here.

Property Rights: Central to Good Government

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