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What a month it’s been! Mannkal sent 19 young and liberty-curious students to the ALS Friedman Conference in Sydney - our biggest number yet! West Aussies made up 35% of the crowd – as ever, we punch above our weight and we had quality as well as quantity, with scholars Lee Herridge and Bianca Talbot headlining a panel debate on "Is Nationalism Good For Liberty?", while Llew Cross, Rob McLeod and Cat Slack from Mannkal won the “Dragons Den” competition for their campaign to end the luxury car tax.

A week later we sent a team of 11 to Seoul for the regional meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society, a free market society founded by Friedrich Hayek. With the world's gaze fixed on North Korea, our team heard from Nobel Prize-winning economists and other world leaders. The two-day conference ended with an excursion to the DMZ where we looked over the border into the Hermit Kingdom. Be sure to read MPS President Peter Boettke's summary here, and my own thoughts here.

Back in Perth, we just farewelled our mid-year scholars who are heading to the US, Canada and the UK. They’re a talented bunch and we know they’ll make us proud. Our student workshops will soon feature guest speakers from different professions - the first with Dr Joe Kosterich, who will tell us how to fix the health system.

We're organising a conference on Western Civilisation for Friday, 24th November with some big-name speakers, while our Freedom to Choose conference on 30th June will cover the challenges to the Australian university system. And our friends at CIS are looking for talented students to attend their Liberty and Society conference in August. So much is happening this year and we hope to see you soon!

Yours in liberty,

Paul McCarthy
by Dr. Joe Kosterich

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the Friedman 17 conference on the creep of the nanny state into our lives. Regular readers will know my view on the importance of the individual being responsible for their health. And how much of the advice we get from public health is wrong, especially when it comes to diet.

It was certainly interesting to share a platform with a former minister in the Keating Labour government and a former senior policy advisor to former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. If nothing else this shows that concern about the nanny state stretches the political divide.

There was also a session on reducing harm by use of e-cigarettes with two very well respected and knowledgeable doctors who specialize on drug addiction and harm prevention. It was highlighted how Australia is out of step with Europe, the UK, NZ Canada and the USA is when it comes to e-cigarettes.

A disproportionate number of smokers are homeless, in prison, indigenous or have mental health problems. Nicotine (which is not a carcinogen) is thought to alleviate some symptoms in those with schizophrenia.
These people are neither interested in arguments about “normalizing” smoking nor care that tobacco companies may make e-cigarettes. They are also unlikely to want a medical solution to smoking.

Sadly ideology has trumped science in Australia. Other sessions covered politics, economics, and subjects very close to my heart, free speech and identity politics.

Most of us tend to travel in the same circles so it is very invigorating to go to a conference where you know virtually nobody and where much of the discussion is on topics that you do not deal with day to day.

The notion of authentic happiness includes fun, challenge and purpose. It is too easy in these days of social media to live in echo chambers and never hear views other than our own. Some have become so frightened of words they disagree with that they need trigger warnings and safe spaces.

We learn and grow by hearing new ideas and being challenged. Humanity advances by thinking outside the current box. This is good for us as individuals and for society as a whole.

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Mannkal catches up with friends in Hong Kong
Mannkal Senior Analyst, Sharni Cutajar, stopped off in Hong Kong on her journey back to Perth from the Mont Pelerin Society Regional Meeting in Seoul to catch up with our Lion Rock Institute partners. Conversation surrounded Mannkal’s Leadership Program and how the LRI could expand their newly established student program in the United States, as well as many presentations from the Mont Pelerin Society Regional Meeting that many guests at lunch had attended.

"I am most grateful to the Lion Rock Institute for hosting me last Friday in Hong Kong and for their kind hospitality. It is always a pleasure meeting friends of Mannkal from around the world and I was very humbled by the warmth of the LRI staff." - Sharni Cutajar

Mannkal looks forward to sending LRI more great interns soon and cannot wait to see the results of their internship program!
Upcoming Events
Freedom To Choose Conference
Friday, June 30th
University of Notre Dame, Fremantle
The 8th annual FTC conference is titled The Deepening Malaise of Australian Universities and will feature prominent speakers such as James Allen (UQ), William Coleman (ANU), Elena Douglas (Knowledge Society) and many more.  More information can be found here
To attend, please RSVP to Limited spots available.
Trump, Brexit & the Australian Liberal Party with Prof. James Allen (UQ)
Saturday, July 1st
Mannkal HQ (Hayek on Hood)

Prof. James Allen from the Law School at University of Queensland will give a presentation on the current political climate here and abroad. Join us for a stimulating debate on the future of Australia and its political parties.

To attend, please RSVP to Limited spots available.
Liberty & Society Student Conference Perth
Friday 4th - Sunday 6th August
Ibis Perth

Do you like to challenge yourself, question the way decisions are made and think seriously about the future of Australia and New Zealand? If you have started exploring the possibilities offered by classical liberal ideas then this conference is an opportunity not to be missed.
Participants from Australia and New Zealand will receive a scholarship covering food, accommodation and most travel. Apply here.
Samuel Griffith Society Conference
Friday 25th - Sunday 27th August
Novotel Perth Langley

A must for anyone with an interest in law and the Constitution of Australia! This year, the Society's conference is coming to Perth, so do not miss your chance to attend this highly valuable event. Confirmed speakers include 
  • The Hon. Patrick Keane AC (Justice of the High Court)
  • The Hon. Nicholas Hasluck AM (former Judge of the Supreme Court of WA)
  • Senator David Leyonhjelm
  • The Hon. Wayne Martin AC, Chief Justice of WA
Read more about the conference here.

Applications are open and should be submitted to by 25th June.

Mannkal Alumni - Recent Highlights
Elizabeth Powley - 2016 End of Year Scholar (IDEAS, Kuala Lumpur)

"Through the fantastic opportunities provided by Mannkal, I was fortunate to be accepted as an intern at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in their Economics Team. I have been put in charge of managing my own project for the next three months, as well as helping the amazing team with daily tasks. My project will be taking the lead on the Consumer Confidence Survey with tasks that include creating the publication as well as providing suggestions for improvements on future surveys. No day will be the same at CCI, and I can’t wait to start!"
Chris Hendrickson - 2016 End of Year Scholar (Liberty Forum, Athens)

"I was fortunate to be recommended to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for an internship recently. Following a successful internship in Greece over the summer break I interviewed with Chief Economist, Rick Newnham, and have been successful in receiving an internship offer, commencing immediately at the CCI. I am beyond excited to begin my time there and am extremely thankful to the entire Mannkal team for all of their support and preparation that has allowed me to be extended such a remarkable opportunity."
Dan Press - 2015 End of Year Scholar (Atlas Network, DC)

"Following my Mannkal internship, I have been accepted into KAP (Koch Associate Program) in the US and signed a contract with Competitive Enterprise Institute as a Financial Policy Analyst. My role will predominately focus on financial regulation and technology, given the administration's focus on rolling back things like Dodd-Frank. I'll be writing op-eds, studies (I have one on the Glass-Steagall Act coming out soon), blogs, and speeches on how government laws and regulations restrict access to capital. I have also been published in Forbes, Business Investor Daily and The Spectator Australia."
James Bentley - 2016 Mid Year Scholar (Canadian Taxpayer's Federation, Ottawa)

"I have recently been offered my dream job at Azure Capital starting next year. I believe that the global exposure which I received during my Mannkal scholarship positioned me more competitively in the job application process. The experience left me with endless talking points and an opportunity to show Azure just how much I learned from my endeavours.

I cannot thank Mannkal enough for believing and providing me with endless learning opportunities which have had a highly positive impact on my life."
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Applications are now open for 2017 End of Year Internships. 

Our multi-step application process involves getting to know you through research reports, events, interviews and workshops. The process can take several months, beginning with your application - so the sooner you apply the better! 

Each year, mid-year internship applications close in February, and places are determined around April/May. End of year internship applications close in August, and places are finalised in October/November.

Students who are not successful in receiving a scholarship in one intake will still be eligible for the next intake. The longer we have to get to know you, the better we are able to potentially match you with a suitable host think-tank. 

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