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Attending an Australian university as an undergraduate in 2018 can at best be described as underwhelming. I find myself sitting in lectures cringing at the flurry of buzzwords and politically correct revisionist interpretations of the world. Instead of being encouraged to think for ourselves, we students are often given a neatly packaged worldview presented on a platter for our mindless consumption.
Given this despair at much of my degree, I was so relieved when I discovered Mannkal. I had already started to develop an understanding of classical liberalism when, by pure chance, I met some staff members at a local libertarian event. We had a brief conversation, in which I excitedly explained why I didn’t agree with much of what I was taught at university, or how the government liked to interfere in our lives.
The initial intellectual spark in a Northbridge pub has led me on a journey; through brief trips to Sydney and Brisbane, and a longer one to London, I have discovered the benefits of being able to think for oneself, the merits of individual choice and responsibility, and the harm caused by an ever-interfering government.
This experience seems to be typical of a Mannkal Scholar. After attending student seminars at the Mannkal office, where topics range from free trade to ownership over one’s body, I applied to attend the Friedman Conference in Sydney. The conference sessions provided an opportunity for high-calibre speakers to expand upon the ideas presented in the student seminars. These conferences equip Scholars with a wealth of knowledge which is essential for their Mannkal internships. In turn. these internships allow Scholars to draw upon their knowledge of free markets for a number of projects.
Earlier this year I was lucky enough to receive a Mannkal Scholarship to intern with the Centre for Policy Studies in London. It was a fantastic opportunity to spend time exploring issues in public policy alongside possible solutions. I spent my days researching and reporting on the welfare state and university loans, among other things, and my evenings exploring the city. The opportunities given to Mannkal Scholars are simply incredible, and I would like to congratulate the next round of Scholars who have recently been announced. You can meet them below and read about where they are going on their respective scholarships.
The Mannkal program doesn’t end with the internship however. Once they return, Scholars are presented with a number of other opportunities to implement their ideas. In my case, this has meant being published with CapX and LibertyWorks, and interning with Mannkal, where I helped draft the Foundation’s recent submission to the Western Australian Parliament’s Inquiry on Personal Choice and Community Safety.
Not only does Mannkal encourage students to explore ideas which are missing from the university syllabus, they are enabling individuals to be effective leaders in the future. Grounding the leaders of tomorrow with a sound education is a tireless but vital mission for today. This is the goal of Mannkal, and the education and opportunities which they facilitate are truly unique and should be seen as a beacon of hope for university students in Western Australia.
Will we be able to afford our degrees, a house, or our retirement? Will we have the freedom and responsibility to make decisions for ourselves? Are we able to engage with and criticise people and their ideas freely in society? These are the questions which plague students as they move through university. Those who are fortunate enough to become involved with Mannkal quickly learn that classical liberalism holds the answers, and so they are enabled to fight the good fight for small government and personal freedom.

Cian Hussey
Research Intern


Check it out online or drop by our office to grab your copy!
Mannkal Musings contain all the latest from the Mannkal team & scholars, including internship reports, upcoming opportunities and more!


Liberty Could be Good for You Yoo!
We are proud to announce our 2018 End-of-Year Scholars. Click below to read more about them and their internships.
Liberty on the Rocks: November!
From 6pm, Thursday, 15th November
Raffles Hotel, Applecross

Catch up with like-minded lovers of liberty, this time in Applecross. Liberty on the Rocks (Australia) is an autonomous affiliate of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, a grassroots non–partisan, non-profit advocacy body, and is part of the international Liberty on the Rocks network. It is dedicated to promoting the ideals of free market economics and the philosophy of freedom.
The Crisis of Democracy
6pm - 7.30pm, Thursday, 22nd November
The Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney
How do we restore faith in democracy? Is there too much corporate and foreign money involved in the electoral process? Is the noisy and relentless media cycle the cause of the problem or the symptom? Is political polarisation likely to get worse? How do we attract better-elected representatives? How do we do democracy better? Join the CIS for a lively conversation with Luca Belgiorno-Nettis, Glenn Barnes, Janet Albrechtsen and Matthew Lesh.
Generation Liberty's Freedom Party
7pm - 11.30pm, Saturday, 24th November
The Friend in Hand Hotel, Glebe, Sydney
This has been a big year for Generation Liberty. We have expanded and are still growing thanks to the great work of our campus coordinators. So, we are throwing an end of exams Freedom party to celebrate and thank its wonderful members for all of their support.

Mannkal's Emerging Leaders Showcase 2019
6pm - 9pm, Wednesday, 6th March 2019
The University of Western Australia Club
Save the date for Mannkal's biggest event of the year! Join us for drinks and conversations as we welcome back home our 2018 Scholars.

More information to follow.

We are delighted to announce the launch of The John Hyde Archive on December 4th 2018. This archive an online library of the great John Hyde, former Liberal Party Federal Member for Moore and former Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs, one of Australia's most revered think tanks.

Thanks to a diligent team of volunteers, John's articles will soon be available online, free of charge. Here is a teaser of what's to come:

Axing the Qangos
by Herman Toh and John Hyde


Mannkal offers international scholarships to Western Australian students. These unique scholarships grant interested young adults a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to intern at an international think tank.

To apply, please email the following documents to Kate Wagstaff at

  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae (up to two pages) including photograph (within CV)
  • Statement of Academic Record (an unofficial transcript is sufficient)
  • Cover Letter (1 page) addressing one of the opportunities on offer. Choose one host think tank opportunity from our list here, and explain why you are the best candidate for that particular scholarship and what you hope to gain from the experience
  • Please write on only one of the opportunities on offer. Applicants who progress through to the interview stage of the selection process will be considered for all opportunities.
Our multi-step application process involves getting to know you through research reports, events, interviews and workshops. The process can take several months, beginning with your application - so the sooner you apply the better! 

Each year, mid-year internship applications close in early March, and places are determined around April/May. End of year internship applications close in August, and places are finalised in October/November.

Students who are not successful in receiving a scholarship in one intake will still be eligible for the next intake. The longer we have to get to know you, the better we are able to potentially match you with a suitable host think-tank. 

Now is the time to apply, whether you're in first or last year at University. 
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