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Luther’s Legacy and Western Civilisation
While not normally a fan of ABC Radio National, I enjoyed a Saturday Extra feature on the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany. Unsurprisingly, Aunty links the reformation and subsequent enlightenment to favoured progressive causes. However, it shows that there are key developments in the history of the West which continue to shape our society.

Aunty and the cultural gatekeepers tend to view Western Civilisation and its achievements through the perspective of identity politics and postmodern theory. Yet it is difficult for any serious historian to ignore the influence of the Magna Carta, Reformation, Glorious Revolution of 1688 and Enlightenment. No amount of reinterpretation or elevation of a fringe group can diminish the impact of these milestones in the development of Western Civilisation. Despite the rise of social history, limited attention paid to our English heritage and continuing long march through our treasured institutions, there remain written, physical and institutional evidence of the success of Western Civilisation. Drafting this column in English, in a city built on the edge of the Indian Ocean, from a country based on common law and representative government shows this legacy is deeply embedded in our lives and cannot easily be overturned.

For a long time, taking a Whiggish view of society or celebrating our Western heritage would be met with derision. This period is ending. The reasons are varied and are partly due to the work of independent organisations. Perhaps this is why a timely and important report by the Institute of Public Affairs titled The Rise Of Identity Politics: An Audit Of History Teaching At Australian Universities In 2017 was met with such a ferocious response from those who subscribe to the prevailing postmodern, leftist consensus.

Mannkal is playing its part by convening the Western Civilisation Conference: The Sun Rises in the West II. This conference is part of our ongoing efforts to pass on the insights, lessons and wisdom from history to the next generation of Western Australian leaders. We celebrate the dynamism and flexibility of Western Civilisation and believe that Western Australia’s best days are ahead.

I look forward to seeing you at The Sun Rises in the West II conference. If you can’t make the event and would like to sponsor a student to attend, please contact me directly at

Yours in liberty,

Andrew Pickford
Executive Director
Upcoming Events
Mont Pelerin Society Regional Meeting
Thursday, 2nd - Sunday 5th November 
Stockholm, Sweden

The Mont Pelerin Society's Regional Meeting will be held in Stockholm, Sweden with a focus on the theme "The Populist Threats to a Free Society and the Reconstruction of the Liberal Project". The meeting will bring together economists, historians, philosophers and other students of public affairs. The meeting aims to foster intellectual arguments and to reassert the valid ideas that can challenge the populist threats to a free society. Read more about the conference here.
LibertyWorks: Ian Plimer Book Launch - The Climate Change Delusion
Tuesday, 14th November 
The Generous Squire, Perth CBD

Our friends at LibertyWorks are proud to host Ian Plimer to speak about his new book “The Climate Change Delusion - The Great Electricity Ripoff." Ian will comment on the state of the climate debate, current and past policy failures and the impact they have had on energy prices.

Tickets are available here.
Western Civilisation Conference: The Sun Rises In the West II
Friday, 24th November
CERI, Nedlands, Perth

Mannkal, in partnership with the Institute of Public Affairs, is hosting a follow-up one-day conference to our hugely successful "The Sun Rises in the West Conference" held in 2010.

Is the "West" a cultural, geographic or societal concept? Is Western Civilisation under siege? How can we ensure that future generations will benefit from its foundations? Join us for a full day of stimulating presentations and discussions. Our confirmed speakers include:
  • John Chisholm, CEO of San Francisco-based John Chisholm Ventures and longtime participant of the Free Market Road Show
  • Prof Wolfgang Kasper, economist and author of The Merits of Western Civilisation
  • Dr Jennifer Oriel, columnist at The Australian
  • Rev Peter Kurti, Research Fellow at CIS (Religion and Civil Society)
  • Dr Bella d'Abrera, Director of the Foundations for Western Civilisation Program, IPA
  • Dr Kevin Donnelly, Senior Research Fellow at ACU and author of The Culture of Freedom
  • Matthew Lesh, Research Fellow at IPA
Revisit our 2010 conference here.

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE (scholarships available for university students).
5th International Conference on Democratic Transitions in the Muslim World
27th -28th November 
Kuala Lumpur
The Istanbul Network for Liberty is pleased to announce its 5th international conference on “Democratic Transitions in the Muslim World” which will discuss one of the most sensitive issues of international politics today: "Compatibility of Muslim Societies with the Liberal Democracy". Read more about the conference here.
Mannkal Alumni & Friends Catch-Up Event
7pm - late
Thursday, 7th December 

The Vic, Subiaco

Come on down to The Vic pub to catch up with old friends and to say hello to the latest batch of Mannkal Scholars. We will celebrate the end of exams and the arrival of summer - see you there!

Please indicate your attendance by clicking 'Going' on our Facebook event.

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Past Events
An Introduction to Mannkal with Curtin Economics Society and UWA ECOMS
Tuesday, 17th October
Curtin University

The team from Mannkal made their rounds at UWA and Curtin to meet with new students and talk about all the opportunities on offer. Stay tuned for more campus visits in 2018.
Saturday, 14th October
LibertyWorks held its inaugural freedom conference in Brisbane! Speakers included Senator David Leyonhjelm, Mark Latham and Dan Mitchell. Read more about the conference here.
Student Seminar: Joanne Nova
Thursday, 12th October (1-3pm)
'Hayek on Hood' (Mannkal office)

Joanne Nova took time out of her busy schedule to come and deliver a presentation on logic, reasoning and how Australia's national energy policy has been highjacked to suit a different agenda. Attendants were treated to gratis copies of The Skeptic's Handbook.


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