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Lamenting the passing of an idealised era or missing out on a supposed golden age is a common human trait. A Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris, captures this desire with the main characters believing that they were born a generation too late. Celebrating historical periods is not necessary a problem. Obsessing over the “good old days” can be. This is the challenge Mannkal encountered when putting together a conference on Western Civilisation.

It became obvious when considering the achievements and durability of Western Civilisation that there is an inclination to become overly nostalgic and frame discussions in a triumphalist tone which avoids introspection, reflection and deliberation. We have tried to avoid these traps while dealing with the pervasive and corrosive influence of cultural relativism which denigrates our past and appears to have morphed into the more aggressive phenomenon known as “identity politics”.

The purpose of our The Sun Rises in the West II conference is to provide students and future leaders with insights for when they will inevitably make difficult decisions in positions of power. Most of these decisions will likely be responding to the mess they will inherit, but many others may arise from external threats. We believe that future leaders can benefit from understanding past societies and critical turning points. Many, but not all, lessons will come from the West and deserve analysis and debate. Simply presenting a stocktake of achievements is not adequate. From constantly interacting with bright young students and describing the benefits of a free society and free markets, I am also quickly drawn to the “so what” question. The same applies to a conference looking at Western Civilisation.

Despite criticism of millennials, I have great faith in the future. To give them the tools they will need, we carefully considered how to frame a future-looking Western Civilisation event. After all, what service would we be giving to future generations if we only debate the speed of the decline and fall of Australian society? How will they know what to do when they face a crisis in the 2030s or 2040s, without knowing how Greece or Britain responded to powerful and tyrannical adversaries? What will their reference point be for encouraging independence, entrepreneurship, resilience and innovation?

In preparing our conference, we have a bias to study what comes next. Our keynote speaker, John Chisholm, will connect classical ideas of freedom and liberty to the success of Silicon Valley. In coming weeks, I will bring you news of the many other speakers and topics we will be exploring at The Sun Rises in the West II.

I welcome you to attend The Sun Rises in the West II and invite you to consider sponsoring student participation. Tickets and further information for this November 24, 2017, event are available on our website.

Yours in liberty,

Andrew Pickford
Executive Director
Upcoming Events
Student Seminar: Joanne Nova
Thursday, 12th October (1-3pm)
'Hayek on Hood' (Mannkal office)

Joanne Nova has taken time out of her busy schedule to come and deliver a presentation logic, reasoning and how Australia's national energy policy has been highjacked to suit a different agenda. This is an event not to be missed!

Seats are limited. RSVP to

Saturday, 14th October
Royal on the Park Hotel, Brisbane

Join LibertyWorks for its inaugural freedom conference! The mission of LibertyFest is to celebrate liberty where it exists and to consider how lost liberties can one day be returned. Confirmed speakers include Senator David Leyonhjelm and Mark Latham. Read more about the conference here.

Public registrations are open.

An Introduction to Mannkal with Curtin Economics Society
Tuesday, 17th October
Curtin University

Sharni Cutajar and Eva Christensen will give an introductory presentation on all that Mannkal has to offer. If you are a university student interested in limited government and free markets, do not miss this chance to get to know more about us!

Register here.

Mont Pelerin Society Regional Meeting
Thursday, 2nd - Sunday 5th November 
Stockholm, Sweden

The Mont Pelerin Society's Regional Meeting will be held in Stockholm, Sweden with a focus on the theme "The Populist Threats to a Free Society and the Reconstruction of the Liberal Project". The meeting will bring together economists, historians, philosophers, and other students of public affairs, both younger and more senior. The meeting aims foster intellectual arguments and to reassert the valid ideas that can challenge the populist threats to a free society. Read more about the conference here

Public registrations are open.
Western Civilisation Conference: The Sun Rises In the West II
Friday, 24th November
CERI, Nedlands, Perth

Mannkal, in partnership with the Institute of Public Affairs, is hosting a follow-up one-day conference to our hugely successful "The Sun Rises in the West Conference" held in 2010.

Is the "West" a cultural, geographic or societal concept? Is Western Civilisation under siege? How can we ensure that future generations will benefit from its foundations? Join us for a full day of stimulating presentations and discussions. Our confirmed speakers include:
  • John Chisholm, CEO of San Francisco-based John Chisholm Ventures and longtime participant of the Free Market Road Show
  • Prof Wolfgang Kasper, economist and author of The Merits of Western Civilisation
  • Dr Jennifer Oriel, columnist at The Australian
  • Rev Peter Kurti, Research Fellow at CIS (Religion and Civil Society)
  • Dr Bella D'Abrera, Director of the Foundations for Western Civilisation Program, IPA
  • Dr Kevin Donnelly, Senior Research Fellow at ACU and author of The Culture of Freedom
Revisit our 2010 conference here.

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE (scholarships available for university students).
2017 HETSA Conference (CANBERRA)
Mannkal proudly sponsored six students to attend the History of Economic Thought Society of Australia's annual conference. This fantastic event brings together the best economic minds in our country for a 2-day crash course in topics ranging from Adam Smith to Marx and Keynes. Our 2017 scholars (clockwise from left): John McMahon, Alex Daniel, Joshua Adamson, Rachel Hollick, Elizabeth Powley and Bermond Scoggins.
Past Events
HETSA Conference
Saturday, 26th - Sunday, 27th September
Australian National University, Canberra

The History of Economic Thought Society of Australia's annual conference was held at University House, ANU in Canberra. This was an event for anyone with an interest in economic theory and its place in academia and public policy. Read more about the conference here.
ACM 18th National Conference Conference
Monday, 25th September
ACM's 18th national conference was on the theme of "Once more unto the breach'', with the possibility of a Shorten Government holding a "fake referendum". With sessions packed on ACM campaign and current constitutional issues, the key feature was an address by the Hon Tony Abbott.
LibertyWorks: Jo Nova Speaks
6.15pm - 9.00pm
Wednesday, 20th September

We joined our friends at LibertyWorks and heard what the mainstream media won’t tell you: the history and the real story on our weather and electricity costs. Jo Nova explained the hidden hot history of Australia and what we need to do to get cheap electricity again.
Prince Philip/Commonwealth Study Conference Alumni Panel
5:30pm - 7.15pm
Monday, 18th September

'Hayek on Hood', Subiaco (Mannkal office)

Dr Vanessa Guthrie, Mr Dermot Ryan and Mr Ron Manners shared their CSC experiences and provided insights for the next generation of leaders. The session was moderated by Mr Neil Smithson. Read more about the event here.
Student Seminars:
  • Competition is the Best Form of Regulation with Brad Walmsley (Tuesday, 3rd October)
  • Professional Skills with ED Andrew Pickford (Thursday, 21st September)
  • The Theory of Money and Credit with guest speaker Andrew Reynolds (Thursday, 14th September)

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