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Australia's Place in the World
As Australians set their focus on Christmas and the beach, there is almost complete unawareness of international trends which will impact this country in the coming decade and beyond. The Korean Peninsula and domestic political turmoil may grab media attention, but larger tectonic shifts will alter our position in the world.

The first and perhaps most underrated development is the US Senate passing a comprehensive tax reform bill. While still needing to work its way through a conference committee and be signed into law, it will increase US growth rates well above the average of the anaemic levels of the Obama-era. A 20 percent company tax rate and accelerated depreciation could turbocharge the US economy. Personal rates should be flatter and the carve outs are less than ideal, but this a major development. It will change the dynamics of the 2018 mid-terms and the 2020 presidential election cycle. Yet, it barely made a mention in the Australia press, with ABC burying the story down with human interest items.

Secondly, as China receives the lions share of attention, India’s slow reforms are gaining momentum. The result will not be as steady or centrally planned like Beijing, but this will be its strength. When India’s economy becomes a larger and more flexible economy, will Australia matter as much as it did historically? Probably not. In both economic and strategic terms our importance will wane. In a new quadrilateral alignment with the US, Japan and India, it is possible that Australia could slip to become a very junior partner.

Thirdly, crypto-currencies, digital innovations and continuing disruption are transforming businesses and employee-employer relations. Instead of embracing and leading these changes, much of the cartelised sectors of the economy and their collaborators in government are reluctantly plodding along.

Fourthly, world energy prices are low. Australia benefited from keeping its own energy costs low and earning export income from sending bulk energy abroad. This period has ended. High domestic energy prices, chaotic energy policy and potential summer blackouts are now the norm.

What does this mean for Australians as they turn up their air conditioners and ponder the quiet month of January? At a household level, staying cool and relying on the grid is more expensive and fraught than it was even a decade ago. More broadly, the world is moving, and we may soon slip behind. Higher company tax rates, expensive domestic energy, an inflexible industrial relations system and more attractive international investment destinations is the current reality. We have an inward-looking political class who have spent their entire working lives either working for or in government. Leadership, like that of Bert Kelly and his successors is needed once again. We don’t know who they will be or where these leaders will emerge from, but Mannkal is working hard to identify those Western Australians with potential to join the ranks of Modest Members.

Yours in liberty,

Andrew Pickford
Executive Director
Upcoming Events
Asia Liberty Forum
10th - 11th February, 2018 

Atlas Network's Asia Liberty Forum 2018 is co-hosted by Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) in Indonesia and will take place at the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta hotel. This event brings together friends of the freedom movement across Asia to discuss challenges facing the region and to learn from one another how to most effectively advance free-market reforms.

Scholarship applications have closed.
Starting mid-January 
'Hayek on Hood', 3/31 Hood St, Subiaco
We will resume our popular libertarian seminars next month; topics will range from free speech and PC culture to free-market banking and other economic subjects. These seminars are approximately 1.5 hours long and free and open to all university students.
If you would like to be a speaker, get in touch with Llew Cross on today!
2018 YEAR AHEAD EVENT - save the date!
Wednesday, 7th March 2018
UWA Club

Details forthcoming - stay tuned!
Western Civilisation Conference - The Sun Rises in the West II
Clockwise from top left: Rev Peter Kurti with Dr Kevin Donnelly; young Mannkal Scholars with Regine Kasper; Dr Jennifer Oriel; Mannkal Scholars with Matthew Lesh
Past Events
Mannkal Alumni & Friends Catch-Up Event
Thursday, 7th December 
The Vic, Subiaco

We were pleased to see so many new and old faces for a friendly catch-up. Celebrating another successful year, we look forward to seeing all friends of Mannkal when we kick our program back up in January.
The Sun Rises in the West II
Friday, 24th November
CERI, Nedlands

Mannkal and IPA ran a fantastic conference on Western Civilisation (a follow-up to our 2010 conference, The Sun Rises in the West). Held at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation, we had over 100 attendees, a large part of which were university and high school students who came curious about the future of Western Civilisation in Australia. Speakers included John Chisholm, Dr Jennifer Oriel, Dr Bella d'Abrera, Dr Kevin Donnely, Rev Peter Kurti and Matthew Lesh. 

See photos here. Listen to Ron Manners' intro here. More videos to follow soon.
LibertyWorks: Ian Plimer Book Launch - The Climate Change Delusion
Tuesday, 14th November 
The Generous Squire, Perth CBD

Our friends at LibertyWorks were proud to host Ian Plimer to speak about his new book “The Climate Change Delusion - The Great Electricity Ripoff". Ian commented on the state of the climate debate, current and past policy failures and the impact they have had on energy prices.
Mont Pelerin Society Regional Meeting
Thursday, 2nd - Sunday 5th November 
Stockholm, Sweden

The Mont Pelerin Society's Regional Meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden with a focus on the theme "The Populist Threats to a Free Society and the Reconstruction of the Liberal Project". In attendance was Mannkal ambassador Doug Hall and 2017 End-of-Year Scholar Jack Williamson.


Mannkal offers international scholarships to Western Australian students. These unique scholarships grant interested young adults a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to intern at an international think tank.

To apply please email the following documents to Kate Wagstaff at
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae (up to two pages) including photograph (within CV)
  • Statement of Academic Record (an unofficial transcript is sufficient)
  • Cover Letter (1 page) detailing why you are the best candidate for this scholarship, and what you hope to gain
  • Please write on only one of the opportunities on offer. Applicants who progress through to the interview stage of the selection process will be considered for all opportunities.
Applications for 2018 Mid Year Internships are now open!

Our multi-step application process involves getting to know you through research reports, events, interviews and workshops. The process can take several months, beginning with your application - so the sooner you apply the better! 

Each year, mid-year internship applications close in early March, and places are determined around April/May. End of year internship applications close in August, and places are finalised in October/November.

Students who are not successful in receiving a scholarship in one intake will still be eligible for the next intake. The longer we have to get to know you, the better we are able to potentially match you with a suitable host think-tank. 

Now is the time to apply, whether you're in first or last year at University. 
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