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Living as a demi-minimalist

by tierneycreates

I am demi-minimalist, like the demigods of Greek and Roman mythology. Not a “textbook” minimalist, not a guru-level minimalist, but a mere mortal infused with a desire to curate my life to contain only those things that bring me joy and peace.

My demi-minimalist journey is not a epic heroic saga but a series of small-medium-large changes made over a fifteen year period of my life. The only “epic battle” in my demi-minimalist saga occurred early in the story with myself as I struggled to realize that I am not my house, job, or my things. I am something much greater.

A native New Yorker, it begins post 9/11 with a restlessness in my spirit and a sudden desire to evaluate what in life brings me peace of mind.

First I discovered what did not bring me peace: where I lived, what I did for a living, and the clutter that surrounded me.

Next I discovered within me the courage to begin the journey to discover where this peace could be found.

The roadmaps for my journey were books and blogs by those currently traveling a similar path.

My journey lead to a radical change in where and how I lived. I sold my house in Seattle and moved to Central Oregon, the smallest place I have ever lived. It lead to leaving a management position in a large office for a telecommuting 4-day week staff-level position.

It lead to moving from a 2800 square foot house to a 1300 square foot house and donating more than 50% of my belongings.

It keeps leading me to time to meditate, create, blog, be with those I love, go on long-walks in nature and to just be.

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