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January 2021 Newsletter

Dear Knowledge Network members,  

We are living in turbulent times. A worldwide pandemic hinders schools' ability to provide a quality education experience as has been practiced for generations. Teachers and parents must substitute in-class instruction with remote education experiences utilizing technologies and pedagogy never before attempted on such a scale. In this environment, it becomes even more essential that school leaders provide quality leadership and management based on the best available evidence to guide our schools through the coming year.

This month focuses on the topic of school leadership and management. The January newsletter includes Wing Institute original work complemented with recently published research. This knowledge incorporates decades of practice based evidence and rigorous research to outline a path designed to maximize the success of our hard-working educators and parents who are working tirelessly to succeed in a complicated situation.

We at the Wing Institute wish the best to await the delivery of vaccines that offer the best path to getting all students and teachers back in our schools.

Covid-19 Update
This month the Wing Institute updates the most recent data on Covid-19 and schools.

Wing Institute Original Work: Leadership and Management
Additional content includes two Wing Institute original papers on teacher induction and a data mining article on the topic of professional development: For more information on behavior management and it's impact on achievement, please link to these education driver papers: Leadership Models, Distributed Leadership, Performance Feedback, and Coaching.
Leadership and Management Research
This issue contains summaries and access to the following resources: We are confident that our education system will get through these troubling times and emerge stronger than ever.  
Stay safe,
The Wing Institute

Covid-19 Update

SCHOOLS:  Covid-19 Data and K-12 Education  (last updated 1/14/21)

As schools reopen, it is important that critical indicators—the number and growth of Covid-19 related cases, hospitalizations, and deaths—be monitored closely.  The following are the latest updates on these numbers (see Wing Institute Covid-19 Dashboard):

  • As of 1/14/21, the number of children with Covid-19 was 2,511,132, an increase of 689,386 (38%) over the last 4 weeks. *
  • Children under age 18 represent 24% of the total U.S. population, but only 12.7% of all U.S. Cases,  *
  • The impact of Covid-19 on children continues to be less severe than with adults. Less than 2% of children with Covid-19 require hospitalization.  Less than .01% of children with Covid-19 die. *                       
*   American Academy of Pediatrics. (2021). Children and COVID-19: State-Level Data Report. 2021. Available in:

Wing Institute Original Papers

School Principal Competencies

Research has consistently shown that principals play a critical role in determining the quality of teaching, and in turn, student learning and achievement. Recent meta-analytic reviews suggest that effective principals are highly competent in the following areas. Read More

Donley, J., Detrich, R., States, J., & Keyworth, (2020). Principal Competencies. Oakland, CA: The Wing Institute.


Studies demonstrate that school principals dominate much of the research literature on educational leadership. However, the heroic notion of the principal taking on all leadership tasks alone gives way as the leadership contributions of other school personnel are researched and acknowledged. Read More

Citation: Donley, J., Detrich, R., States, J., & Keyworth, (2020). Teams. Oakland, CA: The Wing Institute.

School Principal Retention

Principals are critical to determining teaching quality, and in turn, student learning and achievement; retaining effective principals therefore is paramount, particularly in schools striving for rapid improvement. Principal turnover incurs significant financial costs, and often leads to increased teacher turnover and decreased student achievement. What strategies are needed to sustain quality principals? Read More

Citation: Donley, J., Detrich, R., States, J., & Keyworth, (2020). Principal Retention Overview. Oakland, CA: The Wing Institute.

Leadership and Management

What are the cross-cultural factors to be considered in educational leadership?

The effect of educational leadership on students’ achievement: a cross‐cultural meta‐analysis research on studies between 2008 and 2018.  This meta-analysis examines different leadership approaches and student achievement. The results of the analyses reveal that educational leadership has a medium-level effect on students’ achievement. The study finds educational leadership has a greater effect on student achievement in vertical-collectivist cultures (e.g., in Asian) than horizontal-individualistic cultures (e.g., in USA). Read more

How important is implementation science to effective leadership?

Implementation Science: Fidelity Predictions and Outcomes. This paper examines the importance of science in the effective implementation and sustainability of new practices and initiatives. Read more

What can schools do to increase the impact of leadership on critical outcomes?

Barriers to Strategic Leadership in Education. Strategic leadership has been in the discourse of corporate governance and management and has increasingly become a topic in education literature. This chapter focuses on the barriers that hinder strategic leadership in education. Read More

How can policy makers contribute to school principal quality?

The Big Test: The Future Of Statewide Standardized Assessments. The report examines the evolution of the testing backlash, the current landscape, and how state testing systems must change to survive. Read More

What do school leaders need to support low performing schools?

The Next Generation of State Reforms to Improve their Lowest Performing Schools: An Evaluation of North Carolina’s School Transformation Initiative. This research examines the impact of federally mandated school reforms under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) on North Carolina schools.The results reveal no significant growth in student test performance and decreased performance in year two. Schools also continued to experience high teacher turnover despite the school reform intervention. Read More

How can schools assure successful leadership succession?

Planning for the Future: Leadership Development and Succession Planning in EducationSuperintendents face immense challenges in recruiting and retaining high-quality principals, and district leaders. As a result, superintendents are constantly engaged in an ongoing cycle of hiring new assistant principals and district-level leaders. This article looks at the research and best practices on succession planning in education as well as in other sectors.  Read More

Wing Institute Recruiting

Search for Data Input Specialist


The Wing Institute is recruiting a part-time data input specialist to manage the Wing Institute data uploads  
We are looking for professionals who can: 
  1. review the Wing Institute web site to assure all links are maintained;
  2. manage the uploading of research onto the web site;
  3. upload Wing Institute papers onto Researchgate and; and 
  4. provide support in the development of the Wing Institute monthly newsletter
Positions to be filled by February 28, 2021.
Compensation: $30/hour (approximately 10-20 hours per month)
Please send resume to Randy Keyworth at the Wing Institute:

For more information

Data Mining


Why is this question important? How best to build an education system that can meet the needs of students and society continues to be in the forefront of public debate.  Read More


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