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Volume 2 Issue 45 | June 2, 2020


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Updates from Minoo
Thanks to those who joined our Sunday Gathering. We had a meaningful conversation on what it means to be a faith-bearer in the face of this evil of systemic racism (and one of its consequences being police brutality) while continually fighting against this current pandemic. Racial reconciliation was something that was at the center of our heart from our church's very conception. While I grieve and mourn for my negligence and complicity to advance this work, in prayer and reflection, I am sharing some of the activities Commonwealth can and will commit to moving forward: 

We commit to giving 10% of our May giving ($393) to Emergency Response Fund. We plan to continue to give 10% of our giving moving forward to organizations that are working full-time/around the clock to dismantle racism and injustice in our society, and uplifting the oppressed and overlooked among us. (If you have thoughts or suggestions on a specific org, please let us know.) We are also committing to thinking about how we can continue to increase this proportion, as well as sustain it. As a small, beginning church, our giving may not have the flashiness of a more established church, but we are doing this out of faithfulness in God who "hear[s] the desire of the meek; who will strengthen their heart, who will incline [the Lord's] ear to do justice for the orphan and the oppressed, so that those from earth may strike terror no more" (Psalm 10:17-18).

Across the country, we're seeing a whole bunch of book clubs starting in response to the desire to learn and un-learn our knowledge of America's racial history and religion. We want to commit to this learning in one of two ways: 
  • If you or people you know are interested in joining such a book club, let us know.
  • If we learn that people are already involved in such a book club (and don't really need another one to join), we want to help fund a book club by providing donations to purchase books. If you know of a book club that could use this help, please also let us know.  
We aren't here to tell you who to vote for; but, we do believe in the power of the vote. While I think “casting lots” is more biblical than voting, Christians are called to be deeply engaged in their communities; to seek the welfare of the city (Jeremiah 29). And part of the way cities and communities come to be is through its governing policies. Voting is what influences and determines these policies. While many of us have never contemplated how we'll get to our ballots, there are many others out there with limited resources, means, or knowledge of how to get to their ballot. We want to aid those who are unfamiliar or unable to get to their ballots. We are looking into effective and helpful methods given the coronavirus backdrop—whether it is driving people to the polls, disseminating resources in non-English languages, etc. We will continue to keep you posted on these commitments. (Please also let us know if you have any suggestions or resources on this matter.) 

Here are the ways you can support us.

Prayer. While I really appreciate your prayer for our church community, I ask you to pray with me for (1) those who are risking their well-being out in the street & the first-responders, (2) those who are suffering from racial trauma, and for us to suffer with them and mourn with them, (3) churches and individuals to speak truth and embody our oneness in Christ during this time, and (4) all of us to repent of our complicity in patterns of hate and division. 

Donations. Your financial gift is the most tangible way to uproot and upbuild this community to continue living out God's calling. So I'd like to again invite you to partner with us as patrons and supporters. A gift of any size means a whole lot for us. You are more than welcome to invite others to join as well.
Subscribe, Share & Like. We have a number of platforms where you can connect with us. Out of the many, we ask you to support us by subscribing to our YouTube channel and inviting others to do as well. I didn't understand until now: your one-click means a whole lot!
We gather twice a week online as a community of compassion and care. Anyone is invited, and you are surely welcome to invite those who are looking for a space for meaningful connection and conversation!

Last Sunday, we continued our series called "Reopening Our Church." This series will be a thoughtful inquiry, both as individuals and as a community, on what it means to "go back from" or "re-open in" our current COVID-19 world flamed with division and hate. I hope you can join us by staying tuned and joining the conversation! 
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Upcoming Gatherings 📅
Thursday, 7:30 to 9 pm
Our Thursday night chat will begin with a question, "How are you?" and close with a question, "How can we pray for you?" In-between we share stories, testimonies, jokes, personal reflections, hard questions, and much more.
Sunday, 11 am to noon
On Sunday mornings, you will receive an email titled Sunday Supplements. It is a package that can be used for worship at home. And at 11 am, we get together virtually to share our reflections from our worship, our concerns & prayers for our community and the most vulnerable, and various resources that could strengthen us in our daily walks.
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