One week to go!  So far, we have had six bills pass completely through the legislative process and are awaiting the governor's signature. We have two more bills still in play this week that I can hope we get get entirely through the process. 

The 2020 General Session of the Utah Legislature ends Thursday, March 12 at midnight. There is still an enormous amount of work left to do. The bills that have already passed both the House and the Senate can be found here
Between now and when we adjourn, I will work tirelessly to do good work for our community. Right now is a particularly crucial time for funding. Some of the most important bills of the session have a cost to them, so the final hurdle for many bills is to secure funding. I have been asking the my colleagues to prioritize funding for HB 195 to save taxpayers money on unnecessary healthcare spending!! This is a good bill that will pay for itself, and more. Learn more about the budget process.
This week, I will also be keeping a close eye out on last-minute legislation and amendments. I'm concerned about things coming before us that we have not had adequate time to review. Please reach out to me if you see anything that is concerning to you. My email is

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your representative. Let's finish out the session strong! 

I want to hear from you!
If you have not yet, please take a moment to fill out this survey so I can better understand our priorities in House District 32.  Feel free to share with friends and neighbors. I will share the survey results this week!
On Thursday, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed HB 363 unanimously. This bill will help save taxpayers💲 and reduce healthcare costs for our state employee health plan. This bill allows Utah to work with other states to increase our negotiating power with drug manufacturers to drive down prices and costs for Utah taxpayers.
Clean Air Update

I serve as a Co-Chair of the bipartisan Clean Air Caucus. Many clean air bills and funding requests have been proposed this session. Click here to view their current status.

Tier 3 Gas
Tier 3 gasoline is cleaner and creates less air pollution than non-Tier 3 gas. When used in 2017 and newer vehicles, Tier 3 gas reduces up to 80% of harmful emissions. It also reduces the emissions in older cars.

I started a website to help consumers learn about the benefits of Tier 3 Gas and where they can purchase it! Find a station selling this cleaner fuel at

Contribute to Clean Air
While you are filling out your Utah Income Tax Return, please consider contributing to the Clean Air Fund. You can find this option under "Voluntary Contributions" on your return.

Corporate Accountability

This week I authored an op-ed regarding tax breaks for refineries that are not producing Tier 3 gas in Utah.  

We should not reward corporate inaction with tax give-aways. 

"This is like telling kids who turned in their homework on time that the kids who didn’t would be given an extra week without penalty"


-Coronavirus Updates-

The status of this outbreak is changing quickly. Please check in regularly with reputable sources to ensure you are taking appropriate precautions.

Latest Utah information on Coronavirus:

If you're worried that you may have coronavirus, please call the Utah Coronavirus Information Line at 1-800-456-7707.

The CDC has recommended that high risk people (older adults or people with serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease) should be stocking up on some supplies and avoid crowds. Link with more info:

Also, the State Department announced that Americans should avoid cruise ships at this time:

The Legislature is putting together a significant funding package along with federal funds to address issues related to the outbreak.

International Women's Day
Yesterday, we celebrated International Women’s Day! I’d like to thank all the women out there who lead, inspire, and mentor others. I’ve benefited from the influence of amazing women from every walk of life. Today I’m very grateful to serve in the Utah Legislature with a record number of elected women—26 Representatives and Senators. Clearly you don’t have to serve in elected office to lead, inspire, or mentor. But I hope more of us will consider this option.👊👏
Visitors at the Capitol!
Always a highlight when friends come to the Capitol to advocate for good causes in our State. Honored to call them friends and constituents. 😆

Check out the Legislative Website!
The Utah legislative website is an incredible resource for the public to stay informed about what's going on up on Capitol Hill! Take a moment to to visit where you can track bills, listen to committees, review the budget, and so much more! 
Intern Corner

For a different perspective each week I am going to have a summary of the week's events from the point of view of Nick Cockrell, my legislative intern who works with both me and Representative Andrew Stoddard. He has been fantastic and vital to passing all of our bills. 

Nick is a Senior at the U of U majoring in History, Political Science, and International Studies. He is also a long-time resident of House District 32! 

Here are his impressions of the sixth week of the session:

Final week! This is crazy, I feel like I just barely hit my stride and it is already over. In a way, I wish the Utah legislative session wasn't such a short 45 days. I wish I had even more time to do work with my Representatives and for my community. Upon some quick research, I learned that not every state has a part-time legislature like Utah. California, for example, has a full time legislature. While I can see the advantages to having a legislature ready to deal with any issues year-round, I think the part-time nature of Utah's system allows for more professionals like Representatives Harrison and Stoddard.

My favorite part of this week was our caucus lunch. Caucus lunch is the time where all the lawmakers in the Democratic Caucus sit down together with members of the public over lunch. It is really fun to see so many legislators in one place! I also love the guests that come and visit the caucus. Last week, for example, Senator Mitt Romney visited the Capitol and spent time with us talking about a variety of issues. I always really enjoy this type of collaborative approach to lawmaking. We have to work across the aisle and across different levels of government to ensure good policymaking. I look forward to seeing who will come visit us during this last week 

Have a question or comment for me? You can reach me at or 801.999.8047

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