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The 2021 Legislative Session is over! This year, we passed three pieces of legislation as well as one bill that I floor-sponsored (meaning the bill originated in the Senate). These bills dealt with issues like healthcare costs, emergency management, and clean air—issues that impact us all. I also co-sponsored bills on issues ranging from mental health care to domestic violence prevention to privacy protection.

Overall, I happy to report that the 2021 General Session of the Utah Legislature was a success. As a body, we passed over 500 bills, and while there were bills I disagreed with, the democratic process remains effective and strong. The bills that passed both the House and the Senate can be found here. You can also click here for a document with summaries and explanations of some of this year's legislative highlights.

As always, please reach out to me and share your perspective on issues that matter to you. 801-999-8047


My Legislation 

  • HB 96 Emergency Management Amendments
    This bill will help our cities, counties, and state prepare for future emergencies by improving communication and coordination between state and local government. 
  • HB 99 Public Employees Health Program Amendments
    This bill will help save taxpayers and our state money by allowing the Public Employees Health Plan to negotiate for better prices on expensive medications.
  • HB 206 Epinephrine Auto-injector Access Amendments
    HB 206 will save patients money on epi-pens, a life-saving medication used for severe allergic reactions. This bill will allow patients to purchase this expensive and life-saving medicine for a reduced price via a program through our Public Employee Health Plan. This program will be available to any Utahn who needs this essential medication. 
  • SB 146 Emissions Testing Amendments
    Three years ago the legislature passed a pilot program for diesel passenger cars and trucks to be included in the inspection and maintenance program in Utah County. The Division of Air Quality estimates over 1,250 tons of emissions were reduced by implementing this program in the first year alone. This bill simply made the pilot program a permanent maintaining all of the good progress the state has made in reducing emissions in these counties.
 Not Passed 
While not all of my sponsored legislation passed this session, I am still proud of the conversations we started and will return to work on these issues in the future. Here are a few of those bills: 
  • HB 194 Diabetes Prevention Program (Passed through the House, did not receive a vote in the senate)
    This bill would have created a pilot program for the National Diabetes Prevention Program and will save tax dollars by helping Medicaid patients improve their health and avoid developing diabetes.
  • HB 310 Campaign Finance Modifications
    This bill would bring more transparency and accountability to political campaigning. This bill would allow Utah to actually enforce the existing state laws on campaign finance (right now there are few penalties). This bill would also require campaigns to disclose expenditures in the last month of an election. 
  • HB 445 Paycheck Protection Program Recipient Relief Grant Program
    Small business owners are the backbone of our state’s economy.  In a year when the legislature is giving $100 million in tax cuts, this targeted plan would have delivered significant help to the many small businesses owners, who weathered the economic downturn with a much deserved boost. This bill would have given certain small business owners a needed tax break for loans they received under the Federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).  While this bill didn't pass, I'm hoping it will be addressed in a future special session.
Thank you to the many emergency management experts, first responders, and state and community officials who serve 24/7 & worked to pass HB 96 (Emergency Management Amendments).
Learn More about the 2021 Session 
In the News
Since there was so much that happened this legislative session, I wanted to share a few articles that give a great overview of some of this year's highs and lows. 

Budget 2021 Highlights
The budget is one of the most important things we pass each legislative session. Check out this document to learn more!
Rep. Harrison in the News
Clean Air Update
As a co-chair of the bipartisan Clean Air Caucus, I am proud to report that many of our legislative priorities were passed and funded during the 2021 Legislative Session. A total of $334 million of funding was secured for ongoing and one-time funds for various projects including: 

Salt Lake County Electric Bus Emissions Monitoring Project (Rep. Stephen Handy)
Proof of concept for mobile air monitoring on UTA electric buses – will help fund the placement of air quality monitors on UTA electric buses in Salt Lake County.

Front Runner double-tracking
Selective double-tracking of Front Runner rail lines will allow UTA to add Front Runner express service with four new Front Runner trains at certain locations.

Transit Enhancements
Includes: new Front Runner station in Vinyard, new UTA Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line in Salt Lake County, eastern extension of 2100 South S-Line across Highland Drive, plus railroad consolidation in Utah County to enhance southern extension of Front Runner and fund a transit environmental study at the Point of the Mountain.

Box Elder County Air Quality
Data collection and petition to EPA to separate Box Elder County from the Salt Lake Clean Air Nonattainment Area.

This is a reminder that all Utahns age 50+ as well as those age 16+ with certain medical conditions are currently eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Last week, Governor Cox also announced that all adults will be eligible to receive the vaccine starting April 1. *Scheduling not yet open for all Utahns

Learn more or sign up for your vaccine at 

Rental Assistance
Beginning today: Utahns who are unable to pay their rent and utilities due to circumstances related to COVID-19 can apply for assistance through the Emergency Rental Assistance program. Visit for more information and to apply.

New State Parks! 
This session the Utah Legislature approved two new Utah State Parks. Our state parks have seen an increase in visitors over the past years, and these two parks will give us more opportunities for outdoor recreation and enjoying open spaces. One of the state parks will be Utahraptor State Park as it is the site of a significant dinosaur quarry. Today we had a Utahraptor visitor in the House Chamber. The other park, Lost Creek State Park, is an existing reservoir. Looking forward to exploring these parks! Here is more info about the new parks and a list of how you can find out more about Utah’s beautiful state parks.
Thank You, Katie! 
2021 Legislative Intern
Special thanks to my phenomenal legislative intern, Katie. She was essential to my success this year and I’m so grateful to have worked with her. She even had double duty in that she served as the intern for Representative Rep. Rosemary Lesser, MD as well. I can’t wait to cheer her on in her future endeavors. Thank you, Katie!
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