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Many people have given up hope on changing the future of our country due to the enormous challenges we are facing. The leadership of POPUP together with partner organisations never did because we were driven by faith. They believed that there is potential in every human being to develop their God given talents and live life with hope and purpose. Transforming communities that are desperate for a better life was the vision we signed up for and continue to pursue.

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When we look at our cities, what do we see? Do we notice the potential opportunities that we have to impact our communities, or do we get overwhelmed by the need that we see all around us? This is a daily struggle in our city.
POPUP West Rand is situated in the heart of the Krugersdorp CBD. It is here, in the heart of the need, that we find our calling and purpose.
Even before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, a crippling socio-economic climate was taking hold of the West Rand. With youth unemployment rising, homelessness rising, criminality increasing and social unrest in surrounding areas, the need for impact and hope was palpable.
Now, a year and a half later, our community has been severely affected by the impact of the pandemic. Hope is dwindling, and it is here, in the darkness, that we find opportunity to be a light. Hope must be kept alive. HOPE IS ALIVE IN JESUS CHRIST.

In our center, we have seen and also felt the impact in the lives of our learners. We have seen some learners in dire need for assistance and sustenance.

We have seen some of those who started their journey with us, not returning due to families relocating in search of employment or alternative housing.We have seen some of our previous learners find employment, we have had the opportunity to help sustain others with food and clothing, while they return every day to continue their educational training. Hope is alive.
As a center, we are constantly mindful of the hands that help to strengthen us. We are thankful to the companies that entrust us to partner with them to impact our city. We know, as we facilitate skills development, we are empowering others to impact their homes, communities and cities. Hope is alive, and it is spreading.
Would you consider partnering with POPUP, to increase your impact on the West Rand?
When you look at our city, what do you see? We see opportunities to bring HOPE and IMPACT to those who will transform the future for good.

Contact Wayne Eksteen directly if you want to get involved at POPUP West Rand
POPUP West Rand Centre Manager
There is a glimmer of light shining on the horizon. It is a city on the hill coming into view! Finally, we have made it. We have reached a city of wholeness. A city where all eight spheres reflect the fullness of the glory of God.

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A journey into passion

There is nothing that gets us more excited at POPUP than when people discover their passions. It’s a beautiful thing when people give expression to their gifts. It lights up a room, restores hope, reignites a vision. As POPUP West Rand celebrates their second birthday, we would like you share our joy with you through two just such remarkable stories of restoration, impartation and growth in November 2020.
"There is no passion to be found playing small--in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." - Nelson Mandela
In their search for clarity that would shed light on the next steps in their lives, both Bulelwa Balintulu and Leratho Thomas, ended up at POPUP West Rand. They are both passionate about teaching and learning and further pursued this passion by enrolling for an Early Childhood Development (ECD) NQF Level 4 course in June 2021. Before starting the skills course, our learners are tasked to find host employers where they can apply in practice the knowledge that they acquire during their certified ECD course. Both Bulelwa and Leratho found registered ECD Centres close to their homes who were willing to invest in them on their journey towards fulfilling their passion.
Upon starting the course their excitement bubbled over. Soon the flame ignited a fire. Certainly, a road in pursuit of one’s passion is never without challenges, distractions and roadblocks, but Bulelwa and Leratho have been growing, learning and developing through it. “Passion is worth the sacrifice.” they say.
We have been inundated with positive feedback as their own journey’s have touched the lives of others. They are indispensable at the centres where they volunteer. These selfless heroes in vest in the lives of our country’s children, serving with excellence, developing with fervours, and engaging growth in their stride. Their love inspires us. We look forward to the future as it unfolds for them, to see how God fans into flame their passion for future generations.
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