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Winter is upon us and we are happy to spread HOPE by telling you what’s up at POPUP and how people push on and through and are being impacted. This edition of our newsletter will focus on what is happening in Bloemfontein, one of our younger POPUP Centres.

Come on up that is how one of POPUP’s Ambassadors is inviting us to hear the “call to action that reverberates in every heart. It urges us on in the face of impossible odds towards a better future. Despite challenges, failures, and obstacles that occasionally drown it out, the passionate hum soon emerges once again.”
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2021 was the first year for POPUP Bloemfontein. Pre-Covid-19, we tested the waters with two 4-day programmes and officially opened our doors in January 2021. We started with only 3 learners! Originally we only planned four Life Skills Programmes for 2021, however, as of June we have already exceeded this amount with five programmes to date.

A massive blessing for our team was when a company asked us to present Life Skills to their company investing in their workforce.

We are so thankful and excited to see how the people in Bloemfontein are starting to understand POPUP, and where we can make a positive impact in Bloemfontein.

For the remainder of 2021 we are dreaming:
  1. Building relationships with companies and individuals to support POPUP in 2022
  2. New partners for 2022
  3. Seeing our 2021 programmes succeed
  4. Offering more diverse skills programmes
  5. Growing financially to appoint more staff
  6. Trusting for a 70% employment for our learners.
  7. Building strong relationships with more organisations in the city, for a bigger impact in the city.
Contact Marnelle Prinsloo directly if you want to get involved at POPUP Bloemfontein and find out how you can meet one of their more specific direct needs (like extending help for their 67min Mandela Day Drive @ El PIZO Place of safety for babies)
Centre Administrator

No one can act as an island in this great task of uplifting people, and POPUP loves taking hands with others working towards the same dream. The outcome? An exponential impact in the city.

Their ultimate goal is to restore dignity to vulnerable people - irrespective of age, gender, ability, political background, or race.  This is achieved by providing clothing and non-perishable food to needy families via their network, projects, and programs. An obvious partner for POPUP.
This massive outreach is a partnership of several businesses, schools, and life-giving churches (like Doxa Deo Bloemfontein) in the City. Street store is a day where the community in need has the chance to come to browse the “store” with the individualised help of volunteers and choose clothes for free. For example, 12 June 2021 STREETSTORE Bloemfontein served 2200 people in 4 different areas in the city.
Not done yet with good news!
Watch and listen to Lavern Frieslaar who shares how purpose was revealed to her, and how her hope was ignited at POPUP Nelson Mandela Bay.
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