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We often neglect to give credit to the fact that small beginnings is the way that most, if not all, organisations start. POPUP started in 1998 as a ministry with a vision to make a difference by giving them hope through skills training. POPUP became a fully-fledged Non-Profit Company in 2000. Looking back it is great to have witnessed the growth in numbers, but more importantly in impact.
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POPUP Western Cape launched with 15 learners presenting the POPUP LIFE SKILLS programme and we CELEBRATED this group of learners with a certificate ceremony in June.

Although the initial dream started 2016 with small steps, God gave momentum and opportunity to impact cities! John C. Maxwell once said, small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.

MAY THIS INSPIRE YOU to dream and to take small steps!
May you gain momentum to make a difference in whichever sphere of life you operate in.

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Contact Louise van Heerden directly if you want to get involved at POPUP Western Cape
Centre Administrator

Cecil Nurse is a furniture manufacturing and supply company that specialises in office furniture. We manufacture and supply office furniture to the corporate sector and to professional buyers such as designers and architects, as well as to the public for home office spaces. We place a high premium on social responsibility.
Our partnership with POPUP has positively impacted our business and the community as it has assisted in employee development, and our B-BBEE scorecard. This allows our company to support local companies and generate revenue within the economy.
Cecil Nurse a Division of Bidvest Office (Pty) Ltd., first partnered with POPUP in 2013 when they started their Adult Education and Training Programme (AET) where they successfully completed 105 courses that included level one to four of English and Mathematical Literacy. In 2017, Business Awareness (Life Skills) was introduced to their AET programme as well. Between 2018-2020, eleven candidates were enrolled on Generic Management and End User Computing. In 2021, ten learners in Cecil Nurse, Cape Town, joined the AET programme. POPUP continuously provides excellent services and aids in promoting employee growth and development in our company.

Herbert Meyer – CEO Cecil Nurse
C E L E B R A T I O N / /  POPUP Western Cape celebrates the first group of 14 learners to complete the POPUP LIFE SKILLS programme with a certificate ceremony at Doxa Deo Helderberg and partnership with Taste and See.
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