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If you're not creating a social media presence to engage with and attract prospective patients -- and have an interactive website.... are you even operating in 2019? The answer is you are, but probably not well. Let Us Help!
Google Is Where You Search, Social Media Is Where You Talk About What You Found. Here's Why...


The landscape of social media has quickly replaced the standard way we communicate and do business. Google, Yahoo, and Bing can help you find what you want, but Social Media is where you talk about what you've found. It's clear to me that social media provides us with the necessary tools to reach out to a wider audience in real time, as well as find and communicate with family and friends. Social media has become an integral part of the fabric of our communication process.

Social Tool

Social media has completely changed the way we communicate. Social Media is being used to alert loved ones and authorities of possible threats and danger, as well as providing invaluable insight into the personal joyous milestones or desperation of some of its users. Instead of writing letters or sending a postcard, we now attach a link, send a picture or send an instant message via Snapchat, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Facebook - Messenger, Instagram or Twitter. We can communicate and notify family or friends in private messages with Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp no matter where we are in the world! In fact, Social Media has proven to be a lifesaving tool with Twitter providing us breaking news of the day.

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Important Questions to Grow Your Practice!
  • How much revenue are you trying to gain?
  • What is your budget to drive that income?
  • Do you have a strong enough sales team to help you reach those goals?
  • Can any of the current staff or in-house equipment be used to take you to the future?
  • What timeline are you expecting to reach the income goals you are expecting?
These are all legitimate questions because they go to the heart of our approach when creating a medical marketing plan. 

No Doctor or Practice Manager should start out on a long journey of prosperity without counting the cost and knowing the time it will take to reach those financial goals. Otherwise, your boat is out to sea without a compass or rudder to steer your direction and course.

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Many of the sites I've seen designed by other marketing agencies do not even have the HTTPS certificate installed on their website. As a result, sites are being flagged as not secure by Google. 

Additionally, our digital integrations make it easy for prospects to talk with prospective clients via chatbots, messenger, and other pre-qualifying design tools. Mobile first is always made easier through our process and our design format is always custom design.

Take a look at some of our work here, and choose which design style you prefer. 

Website Examples
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We're very excited to announce the addition of multiple new corporate partners to the Social Media Solutions For Doctors network of companies that have been added in the last six months. Each of the companies listed on our website provides a value-added benefit and education for our many client doctors, medical practices and groups.
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