next:letter #13 - Why your tensions are organizational gold

Our three next:pedition guides exploring their tensions...
"Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil"?
Hi there!

Human beings are awesome at perceiving tension - but most of the time we think of it as being pretty negative. We rather "speak no evil" (like the three wise monkeys), avoiding conflict and frictions, pretending there is nothing we can do.

Why is that? 

Yes, tensions can be frustrations or inconsistencies, but they can also be opportunities or new things that you want to explore. After all, tensions are just "a gap between the current reality and a potential you sense”. While processing tensions are fundamental to the Holacracy practice, there are also other areas where tensions can be truly transformative - find out more in our link-section "Enter, tension!" below.

What tensions do you feel at the moment?
Is there a way to transform a frustration into an opportunity?
Are there any potentials you want to explore?

Simply keep calm and mention your tension - there's even a t-shirt for that ;-)

Take care,
your dwarfs and Giants

PS: Thank you for your beautiful feedback to the solution-oriented year-in-review of our next:letter #12! It's not too late if you want to reflect on 2017 & and set new intentions for 2018 - another inspirational tool to do that is the End of Year Compass - you can download it for free here.
Corinna Volonte-van Gils at dG

 Welcome @ dG! 

The dG tribe is growing and growing: Today, we'd like to introduce to you Corinna Volonte-van Gils
She just joined us, energizing our Training Operations, contributing to the evolution our new office space and taking care of many other things. Find out more on our website!

 Unlearning stuff at the next:pedition 

Our learning lab is in full action - the next:travellers are preparing for Module 2 in Malaga next week. Meanwhile, participant Marcus (from London) took some time to reflect on Module 1 in Vienna, his experience so far and insights about #nextland. Check out his blog here: "Unlearning stuff is so much harder than learning stuff!"
Marcus & next:guide Gerhard
Join our playground!
Dramatized version of now:land ;-)
Welcome to next:land!

 Enter, tension. 

Because your tensions are organizational gold!

1. The Fundamental Difference Between Thriving and Dying Organizations
What does it take to change a destructive organizational experience into a pervasive, inevitable, and fundamentally constructive experience that makes organizations much better? "The best organizations are engines for transforming tension into productive growth." Thanks for this, TheReady!

2. When Companies End Remote Work, This Is What They're Really Saying
Teams are more effective when they're sitting side by side... aren't they? The debate over remote work rages on - and at the heart of the issue is collaboration and, by extension, creativity, and innovation. However: "Ending remote work in the name of collaboration is bullsh*it". Because if you keep your people engaged, they'll be effective no matter where their desk is.

3. Money, money, money...
... is a sensitive topic; and definitely a tension-driver: Almost two-thirds of over 71,000 U.S. employees who are paid the market rate for their positions believe they’re underpaid, according to a survey. The implications? Frustration, fluctuation, discrimination. We recommend this 5-minute read "Why Everyone’s Salary Should Be Revealed" and The Salary Formula at Buffer!

BONUS: [German only] Aufmerksamkeit ist keine unendliche Ressource
"Es bräuchte dringend eine kulturelle Debatte darüber, wo wir als digitalisierte Gesellschaft hinwollen." Kritisches Denkfutter über Aufmerksamkeit & Achtsamkeit in Zeiten der Vernetztheit auf

iOB 2016

 Join us! Events on Organizational Development 

You want to get in touch with other professionals from the fields of HR, organisational consulting and change management? Check out these upcoming events:

  • The iOB-Conference ("4. Jahrestagung der internen Organisationsberatung") will take place at the ImpactHUB in Vienna on March 15 & 16. The registration is still open - register now!
  • At the PoP 2018 - Power of People Conference in April, Marion Gartner and Matthias Lang of dG will host plenary sessions and workshops. If you book your ticket now, you get -100EUR Early-Bird-Bonus PLUS another -100EUR with the code "dwarfs & Giants"! Check out the Agenda & Ticket-Link on the PoP event page.
There is also an opportunity to expand your expertise even further: The next Executive Master of Science in Organizational Development (MSC) will start in March, 2019. Matthias Lang and Valerie Schneglberger of dG are teaching two seminars of the programme. Feel free to join the upcoming Info Days in Vienna, Zurich, Berlin & Co:

 Trainings: Get your next:letter -15% now! 

Want to finally join the Holacracy-game in 2018? Or you know some folks in Germany, Switzerland or Austria who could be interested? Feel free to invite them to our upcoming trainings 😇 There are still some Early Bird Tickets available, PLUS you get another -15% using the code "next:letter #13" until January, 31 (just drop us an email and we'll send you a ticket discount).

➡️ Holacracy Intro Workshop, Vienna: Feb. 14 (Valentine's! 💖)
➡️ Holacracy Practitioner Training, Vienna: Feb. 26 - March 1
➡️ Holacracy Intro Workshop, Vienna: April 19

You don't have time for a whole day, but want to learn what Holacracy is - in less than 2 minutes? Well, you're lucky: We have a video for you! Feel free to share on Facebook and YouTube (English with German subtitles):

Was ist Holacracy? In weniger als 2 Minuten erklärt.

Was ist Holacracy? In weniger als 2 Minuten erklärt.

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