next:letter #11 - New office, new people, new adventures!

The dG team at the Holacracy Practitioner Training in Vienna (c) Sascha Bernadis/dG
Hi there!

This picture captures how a bunch of dG people looked like when we got THE call: We have a new office!!! 🎉

Our brand-new "harbour" is a shared office space at Bräunerstraße 11/3 in 1010 Vienna. We moved in together with the folks of digital marketing acency 3etter last week, and it's still very work in progress - pictures on Facebook. At least, there's coffee ;-) So while we're creating our space, building our community, screwing furniture together and simply getting settled in a real office, we still have an incredible WANDERLUST:
"a strong urge to travel and explore the world."

That's why China, Russia, Belgium, UK & Germany are just a few of the places where dG people travelled this week, spreading the word about next:land... Find out more below!

Take care,
your dwarfs and Giants

PS: next:letter #11 from Bräunerstraße 11 on 11.11., can you believe it? ;-)
Valerie Schneglberger im Portrait

 Welcome @ dG! 

Some of you have already met our evolutionary catalyst Valerie - now also officially listed on our website! She's a really experienced systemic organizational consultant and certified Holacracy coach. Find out more on her personal site about her background and where her energy & power flows!

 The travelling tribe 

Settling down is one thing, creating a "homebase" for next:landers. At the same time...
  • Sascha & Marion went to Shanghai delivering a keynote speech and open workshop day about the journey from NOW to NEXT at the First China Organizational Evolution Forum. Nǐ hǎo!
  • Stefan sent love from St. Petersburg where he supported one of our clients with their organizational transformation this week.
  • Gerald & Matthis joined a learning journey in Berlin, and were amazed by the readiness of all participants to dive into new contexts and to enter the challenge zone.
  • Last but not least: 21 next:travellers from Austria, Germany, Spain, Poland, UK will start with their journey to next:land on November 21st in Vienna! We're superexcited, stay tuned for insights from the learning lab next:pedition :-)

 Curious about community culture? 

Yes, indeed! When merging to organizations into one office space, many questions arise. How do we want to create our space, what needs to be done, who has authority to decide what? Therefore, we collected some inspirational links for creating a new community culture.

How to practice radical Honesty.
Patty McCord, known for creating Netflix’s 'Culture Doc', about radical honesty: “One of the most important mandates at Netflix was that people talk openly about issues with one another. That went for subordinates, colleagues, and bosses. We wanted honesty to flow up and down, all around the company.”

A Manual for working with me.
Wouldn't it be cool if you started a new job and were able to hand your coworkers a manual about how to work with you? The August put together some great and very pracitical inspiration in this ready-to-go Google Doc.

Wholeness at Work
While we're trying to implement spaces for wholeness at our new harbour, it's still a challenge to stay focused and mindful during the business buzz. How can our companies and workplaces support the human experience more fully? "Office lunches and massage days are not going to make up for all the parts of the human being systems that aren’t working well."
The RELAX!-Tshirt in three iterations...

 RELAX! Nothing is under control. 

This is our favourite and most popular t-shirt - and the third (even better!) version is now available in our webshop! When working with the evolution of organizations, it's only natural to have evolutions of t-shirts, too ;-)

 The power of small steps 

"Use the force of the small and continuous steps
and ask yourself consciously the question:
Safe enough to try?"

Thank you so much, Ivo Bättig, for this beautiful tweet about the power of Holacracy. If YOU want to learn how these steps really work in practice, there are many opportunities! Grab your ticket for the last Introduction Workshops 2017 here:

Workshops in German:

Workshops in Polish:

If you want to take your Holacracy practice to the next level, join our Practitioner Training in February 2018. The First-Bird-Tickets are already sold out, but you can still get reduced Early-Bird-Tickets!

Wait, but... how does it work in "real" life?

Find out in this new case-study by LIIP in Switzerland about their Holacracy implementation experience: "Was auf den ersten Blick wie ein rigider Computercode wirkt, kann dem Einzelnen viel Selbstbestimmung im Arbeitsalltag bringen." (Sorry, German only)

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