next:letter #23 - Slow down to speed up. 

Dear <<Your First Name>> <<Your Last Name>>!

"Relax into your full potential."

What do these word mean... to you?

At dG, we love clever quotes ;-) Sentences like that represent values that manifest in our daily work, in transformation projects or while setting up an intense learning journey like the next:pedition. However, systemic theory tells us that reality is emerging through dialogue - so let's keep the conversation going: What is the actual intention of these words? "Slow down to speed up", for example, doesn't necessarily mean to stop and lie down in a hammock - but rather to master the art of relaxing under circumstances of dynamics and complexity.

What is your favourite quote or (maybe implicit) guiding principle?

We wish you a relaxed weekend!

dwarfs and Giants

PS: More news from next:land below - a big warm Welcome to Georg, Trainings in Berlin, thoughts on Emotional Culture, insights from our Evolutionary Catalysts and a free online training on Self-Organization!

 [dG Tribe] Welcome Georg! 

Georg Tarne at dG
Finally, a big warm welcome to Georg Tarne at dG!! 

Georg built the social startup soulbottles from scratch to 50 employees, while implementing Holacracy and Nonviolent Communication as core components of the culture. Find out what our newest @Evolutionary Catalyst is up to at dG on his web portrait.
Up next => Georg will be delivering the main Keynote at the Freiräume (Un)Conference next week in Graz and hosting the first (sold out!) "Clear the Air"-workshop in Vienna End of May. If you want to read more in detail about his approach to wholeness and conflict resolution, read this in-depth interview on (German only). Rock on!

 [Trainings] Berlin Calling 

Check out our upcoming trainings in Fall/Winter 2019 in Berlin!

The Human Side of Work
October 23 & 24, 2019 (Berlin)
Trainer: Georg Tarne

How to create a constructive conflict culture with “Clear the Air”: On the way to new work we usually encounter challenges on the human side. Conflicts either escalate or are swept under the rug (neither strategy helps). Without a boss to delegate conflict resolution to, you need other ways to make sure conflicts are being addressed and solved in a way that everyone is happy with the outcome. You’ll learn how this works in this introductory workshop - more details on the event page.

Holacracy Practitioner Training [German only]
October 14-17, 2019 (Berlin)
Trainer: Matthias Lang

Intensives 4-tägiges Praxistraining: Lernen Sie die Spielregeln von Holacracy und wenden Sie diese in einer Unternehmenssimulation an, facilitieren Sie Meetings und entwickeln Sie Ihre Organisation durch das Prozessieren von Spannungen weiter! Details & Tickets online - Early-Bird-Tickets verfügbar.

 [Emotional Culture] I Feel Feelings. 

I feel feelings @dG webshop
Keep calm and mention your tension.
Both positive and negative emotions exist for a reason. Humans are sensors — they detect both problems and opportunities. Rather than dismissing negative emotions, understand what they are telling you about your leadership, team, or company. Find out more on Emotional Culture at at the Liberationist's Blog! If you want to go for complete emotional transparency, get our brand-new I FEEL FEELINGS merch from the dG webshop ;-)

 [next:land] Evolutionary Catalysts in action 

dG Evolutionary Catalysts in action
News from #nextland :-)
  1. Valerie and Monika hosting an "Ownership & Responsibility Lab" in Bad Urach this week (details on Facebook & LinkedIn)
  2. Marion and Anna working with DOKA HR on their Global HR Transformation (details Facebook LinkedIn)
  3. Sascha and Gerald introducing Holacracy and Dynamic Strategizing at the XING "The Room" executive conference in Hamburg. Download the full article here!
  4. Matthias discussing effects of acceleration on the future of work - watch the video online at WUtv.
And... more events coming up!!

🎉 Our dG "ambassador" in Spain, Mónica, will be part of The Hero Camp in Madrid! She will host a module at the Change Makers weekend about the future of organizing, #nextland principles and practices of self-organization.

🎉 Anna and Sascha will be rocking the GAINER FESTIVAL in Linz in October with an intro key note and two master classes about "Rewriting The Future of Organization" and organizational tension processing.

 [Study] Free training on Self-Organization 

Comic: What to do when overwhelmed with work
Self-Organizing is both an organisational context - and a valuable skill. You also feel overwhelmed sometimes and would like to learn how to self-organize in a better way? The University of Vienna offers a free training implemented in a 7-week research program. It takes 30 minutes every week and is a great opportunity to leverage your skills in goal setting and planning. Lucas of dG is currently supporting this study with his Master Thesis - feel free to get in touch with Lucas and his team or simply sign up for this free training online!
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