next:letter #10 - Keep calm and mention your tension.

Trainer Matthias Lang at the Holacracy Practitioner Training in Vienna (c) Hanna Spegel/dG
Hi there!

Do you have a tension?

Don't wait for someone to "empower" you. Because if everyone waits for everyone else to make something OK, everyone will wait a long time... Mention your tension! Process it! Help your organization to evolve! That's what our participants are experiencing right now at the sold-out Holacracy Practitioner Training in Vienna (Pssst... there are more pictures on our page!)

In other news, we're still growing, expanding our tribe. We're hunting a new office space. We're trying to eat our own "dog food"*. We're hosting more specialized trainings, exploring deeper levels of self-organization. We're super-excited for our learning lab next:pedition to start this November... and everyone's incredibly busy ;-) Find out more below!

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PS: Our next:letter #10 on the 10.10.2017, how cool is that ;-)
Anna Wohlesser with her brandnew business cards! (c) Björn Rabethge/dG

 Welcome @ dG! 

We're so happy to announce that Organizational Developer and Process Designer Anna Wohlesser is now a new partner! "Big news in my life. I joined Dwarfs and Giants on their journey to re-write the future of organizations. As in - I now have an organization. As in - I have business cards, a team to work with, an office, a slack channel - this is all sooo exciting. After 14 years of one-woman show this is HUGE and I cannot wait to see what life has in store for me!" Say Hi to Anna on Facebook :-)

 Doing vs. Being 

When it comes to buzzwords like "AGILE!" and other sexy new trends & tools, there is a huge difference between Doing and Being: “Doing agile is a set of activities, but being agile is the state of mind, the ongoing capability, and the cultural adaptability.” (find out more in this blog by PostShift).

Therefore, we are constantly trying to connect Doing & Being: The Harvard Business Manager featured our article about next:land in their special edition on Agile Management. We're using agile methods to synchronize our staff at big consultancy projects*. Last week, we had a great workshop on Agile work practices called "Wissen statt Buzzwords" in Vienna, which was exciting, fun and extremely energizing!

Our participants' workshop-summary called Ten Commandments of Failing Agile is still in progress. Meanwhile, we want to share another biblical insight with you (kudos to the Marketoonist):

7 deadly sins of innovation

 Still confused, but on a higher level... 

... that's how some of the 34 participants felt after Day 1 of our Holacracy Practitioner Training in Vienna. So we did our job right ;-) Also, questions came up, like:

Q: "How do we transfer mechanisms of self-organization into the corporate world?"
A: Listen to Klaus Polley from Deutsche Telekom sharing his insights on how big corporations handle change in this podcast by Intrisify. Also, Klaus and Stefan will have more answers at the Holacracy Introduction Workshop for Corporates (Bonn, November 27)!

Q: "What kind of culture do we need to truly adopt models of self-organization, also in terms of self-development?"
A: There are different spaces for different tensions - therefore, it's very important to focus on the "human" dimension of practices like Holacracy, too. Monika and Gregor will dive deeper into this dimension during the special workshop "Holacracy and Us" (Graz, Oktober 17). There are still some tickets left!

Q: "How does an an actual implementation look like?"
A: Well, it's always different :-) For example, the CEO of a very successful software development company in Poland implemented Holacracy because she wants the organization to be a place for real empowerment, where people can improve and change something. Find out more in this video: "Revolution in management."

Feeling inspired? You want to expand your own Holacracy practice? Tickets for our next Practitioner Training 2018 are now on sale - grab your First-Bird-Tickets here!

 This is Marcus: 

Marcus Druen (c) dwarfs and Giants 2017
And he will participate in our learning lab next:pedition! This exciting journey through the highlands of next:land will start with our kick-off on November 20. You are curious why Marcus is joining this lab? Find out in this interview!
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