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Early 2016 we sketched a map about the next:land of organizing published in the Harvard Business Manager. We outlined a new continent for responsive, self-organizing, purpose-driven organizations and it created amazing conversations with clients about different ways of working, living and organizing.

Our next:letter is dedicated to providing news on the rich variety of next:land. Find next:land events, partners and collaborators within the global movement, read glimpses of our learnings and insights, and meet inspiring next:landers.

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  next:land News  

Harvard´s Hirotaka Takeuchi, one of the early frontrunners of nextland thinking, summarizes the purpose and practices of Embracing Agile (HBR). And shows the Secret History of Agile Innovation (HBR).

Steve Denning reacted to this – as he thinks – landmark in the history of management (Forbes) and explains the Why and How of Agile (Forbes).

A glimpse of agile in practice is given by the Corporate Rebels, visiting one of the most advanced NextLand companies. Find out what it´s like to work the „Spotify Way“.

And if you are looking for a source of inspiration before starting with Scrum in hardware or before you change the way of developing products for being more agile in it, take a look at Elon Musk and especially the story of SpaceX by Helene Valadon.

  News from HolacraCity  

Two of HolacraCity´s leading thinkers, Ethan Bernstein (Harvard Business School) and John Bunch (Holacracy® implementation lead at Zappos), discuss the online retailer’s transition to a flat, self-managed organization: The Zappos Holacracy® Experiment (HBR). They are also the co-authors of the HBR article Beyond the Holacracy® Hype. And it´s really worth to take the time to watch their video discussing the Holacracy® implementation at Zappos (HBR).

Gerald Mitterer from dwarfs and Giants wrote the preface for the German edition of Brian Robertsons bestseller "Holacracy". It´s all about football! And not to change the rules while playing.... You can read the preface easily on Amazon as „Blick ins Buch“ (German language).
"HolacraCity - a place to visit in the next:land of organizing" with Brian Robertson of HolacracyOne
In one of our next:videos Brian and Gerald discuss the similarity of selforganization in cities and organizations. Studies reveal that self-organized cities outperform organizations built on a central predict and control principle.
And if you want to get a deeper understanding why we call it HolacraCITY, learn more about the inspiring ideas from Edward Glaeser: Triumph of the City - How Our Greatest Invention Makes Us Richer, Smarter, Greener, Healthier, and Happier (Amazon): „Whenever a city doubles in size, the productivity per resident increases by fifteen percent — both the city as a whole and each individual living there become more effective. For organizations, the opposite is true. Individual productivity tends to decrease as companies grow in size.“

And last but not least learn about the Holacracy Experiment in Washington (state)Government (with our partner HolacracyOne involved).

  next:land Events  

(DE) Holacracy® Intro Workshop, 7.12., Wien

Die nächste Möglichkeit für einen ersten Ausflug nach HolacraCity: Unser Holacracy® Intro Workshop, Wien. Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2016 / 9:00 - 18:00 / Impact Hub, Wien. Dieser Workshop stellt grundlegende Funktionsweisen von Holacracy vor und vermittelt einen ersten „Geschmack“ der tatsächlichen Praxis. Diese Erkenntnisse und Erfahrungen sollen bei Überlegungen helfen, ob Holacracy für Ihre Organisation interessant sein kann. Der Workshop wird geleitet von Monika Kletzmayr & Matthias Lang. Certified Holacracy Coaches von dwarfs and Giants (lizensierter Holacracy Provider).

Information und Buchung

Holacracy® Intro Workshop, 9.12., Warsaw

Join our first Holacracy® Taster Workshop in Warsaw, Poland. 9th of December 2016 / 9:30 – 17:00 / Stalowa 52, Aparthotel. Is your organization adaptive to its environment – even as it scales? Are the functions and roles within your organization clear, yet also continually evolving, and driven by those doing the work? Are employees engaged in their work, take leadership and responsibility? The workshop will be run by Dr. Gerald Mitterer, Certified Holacracy Coach, dwarfs and Giants.

Information and booking

(DE) Wie bewerten wir Arbeit in selbstorganisierten Systemen?, 22.11., Wien

Die Mini-(Un-)Conference unseres NextPartners Gregor Karlinger geht der Frage nach: Wie bewerten wir Arbeit in selbstorganisierten Systemen? Im Freiräume Fokusraum #1. Dienstag, 22. November 2016 / 16:00 – 20:00 / Schottenfeldcenter, Wien.
Information und Buchung

(DE) Neue Schulen für das next:land, 26.11., Karlsruhe

Auch Schulen brauchen einen anderen Umgang mit Komplexität. Wie kann dies gelingen? Matthias Lang, dwarfs and Giants, ist Speaker auf dem Dialogforum Schulentwicklung 2016 des Fachverband Schulentwicklung Baden-Württemberg e.V. / Samstag, 26.November 2016 / Karlsruhe

(DE) Holacracy® Practitioner Certification Training, 13.-17.02.17, Wien

Lernen Sie die Spielregeln von Holacracy® und wenden Sie sie in einer Unternehmenssimulation an. Facilitieren Sie Meetings und entwickeln Sie Ihre Organisation durch das Prozessieren von Spannungen weiter. Erhalten Sie dabei konkretes und individuelles Coaching und Feedback durch unsere Holacracy-ExpertInnen und die anderen TeilnehmerInnen. Die Teilnahme an unserem Practitioner Certification Training ermöglicht die Zertifizierung zum „Certified Holacracy® Practitioner“.

Information und Buchung

  next:land Thoughts  

Next:land thoughts are impulses and reflections from the dwarfs and Giants and our next:partners in real life and work with our clients.

Hold the Question!

„Hold the question!“ A job literally done well by Gerhard Hochreiter during our Campfire Days, (Oct 3-4)  dedicated to mutual learning and exchange. But even more a core competence for next:leaders venturing into the unknown. The art of finding the right questions and holding the tension of not answering them immediately is core to our work in innovation processes. So what’s the Breakthrough Question your organization should hold?“

  next:land Practices  

next:land practices are methods and tools we develop, use and experiment with in our daily practice to guide our clients into the next:land of organizing.

We are hooked by The Ready’s OS Canvas...

... and applied it to ourselves (thanks guys for your great efforts in developing and publishing it!) One of our major principles at dwarfs and Giants is to eat our own dog food. For us, authenticly supporting organizations towards new ways of working and organizing requires to apply things first on us. This time we used a tool developed and published by our colleagues of TheReady: the OS Canvas.. Read about our experience on medium.

(DE) We provide - die Holacracy® Constitution auf Deutsch

Als erster lizensierter Holacracy Provider in Europa haben wir die Holacracy Constitution erstmals ins Deutsche übersetzt. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Partner HolacracyOne. Für alle deutschsprachigen Organisationen eine echte Vereinfachung - die zu noch mehr Klarheit in der Anwendungen dieses evolutionären Regelwerks führt. Hier die Holacacy Verfassung v4.1.4.DE zum Download.

Wir erstellen und übersetzen laufend Holacracy Unterlagen auf Deutsch und stellen sie auf unserer Website unter "We provide" zur freien Verfügung.


Welcome Thomas Thomison to our team of dwarfs and Giants. The Co-Founder of HolacracyOne will work with us on Holacracy® and self-organizing projects, partizipating in rewriting the future of organization.

Learn more about Tom

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