next:letter #17 - The foundations of the future of work 

dG Team during the Campfire Days
"How to design an agile, responsive, customer centric organization" session at our Campfire Days.
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If you read this email, you actually managed to get through the GDPR-/DSGVO-Spam of the last weeks. We're really glad to have you on board :-)

That also means that you are part of a global movement for new ways of working! Take the next step towards next:land for you and your organization by joining our upcoming webinars & events or get inspired with the links below.

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 Let's innovate the way we work! 

Check out our new public workshops on different aspects of the future of work! Details & pricing on our website, registration via
Webinar: The DNA of next:land
What are markers of "the new world of work" - and what do they mean for 21st century organizations? Find out more about The DNA of next:land in this free 1,5hr webinar on June 18 on Facebook!
Workshop: Systemic Transformation Theory
Learn and experience the fundamentals of systemic theory like working with the systemic loop and hypothesis in this intensive online & offline workshop format: 3.9. & 22.10. (online), 26.-28.9. (Vienna)
Workshop: Agile Working Methods
Get to know the processes, roles and artifacts of agile methods in this 2-day workshop on October 22-23 (Vienna). If you don't want to wait until then, we highly recommend to join the Agile Leadership Lab in Graz in June/July!
... pssst, another secret:

Systemic Theory, Agile Working Methods & Group Dynamics qualify as a PREP:CAMP for the 2nd edition of our learning LAB next:pedition in 2019. That means that one workshop is included in the participant fee! Find out more in our upcoming discovery sessions or download the folder with all facts here (PDF).
Get ready for next:pedition 2019!
PDF-Download of our next:pedition info folder... Thanks for sharing ❤

 How to: Listen, communicate and grow 

Our monthly link collection for you to get spirited up:

The Power of Listening
... in helping people change: "Our findings suggest that listening seems to make an employee more relaxed, more self-aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses, and more willing to reflect in a non-defensive manner." Check out this in-depth, practical advice on how to give feedback at

Faster vs. better communication
Real-time chat apps are taking the business world by storm. However, this controversial blogpost is betting against addictive, shallow, messy messaging apps towards are more mindful way how to work together. (Also resembling in this strong piece on how to fight multitasking because, as we all know, it actually kills productivity.)

How to build high-performing teams
"Although purpose is not the only component that will support organizations in achieving durability and success, it’s one of the most significant." Mackenzie of TheReady blogs about the transformation of companies into purpose-driven organizations.

[German only] Kollegiale Führungs- & Organisationsmodelle
Agil, soziokratisch, holokratisch, teal, systemisch etc. – kompakte Übersicht von Bernd Oestereich zu aktuellen Modellen und deren Ursprüngen!

 One more thing. Or rather, 50: 

You also love to use visual, compelling, engaging, easy-to-use & easy-to-understand templates to work with teams & projects? The crafted a massive 50+ canvas collection. Also, he is discussing the downsides of over-simplified tools... Get inspired!
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