next:letter #21 - This is where the magic happens! ;-) 

Hi there!

Looking back from December 31, 2019 - what will you have experienced during this year? What qualities did you explore, which intentions manifested, is there a new behaviour that you started?

This was "one" of the questions during our intense, beautiful week at dG: 23 dwarfs working on vivid collaboration & common ground at our Council Days, sharing gifts during the Secret Santa 🎅 happening and celebrating our XMAS PARTY!! 🎄 Check out our pics on Facebook or LinkedIn - however, no photos from after 22pm.. What happens in the tribe, stays in the tribe ;-)

Talking about our tribe, many thanks for all your reactions to our blogpost about 1000 days of dwarfs and Giants: A radically honest look behind the scenes of a self-organization lab. Like Gerald wrote: "And yet, all that is still in the unknown, so we are holding the questions as we go..." 🔮 We will continue to share insights from our journey, and are always open for hints about specific aspects of our lab you would like to know more about!

... and one more thing:

We wish you Happy Holidays & lots of magic for 2019! ✨

dwarfs and Giants

 Welcome Bernhard! 

Bernhard at dG
A big warm welcome to our @Evolutionary Catalyst and @Agile Coach Bernhard Ibertsberger! We are more than happy to have you :-)

"Be willing to step outside your comfort zone once in a while; take the risks in life that seem worth taking." Find out more on his personal site!

 Enjoy your journey, Stefan 🏄 

It's very important for us at dG to create and allow different setups that account for changing individual needs along our life’s journeys - like integrating the needs of our families, sabbaticals etc. Like Stefan, who decided to take some months off, spend time with his family (and twin girls!) and travel the world. We gave him a big goodbye hug during our Council Days and look forward to having him back in Summer 2019!

 Free NEUKURS Premium memberships 

Time for some X-Mas gifts! :-) We have 3-month Premium memberships (equals EUR 49,--/month) for the online learning platform NEUKURS for you, simply using the code "AFBCLG4KA4" by choosing your package. Check out 2000+ micro learnings in 74 courses by 67 experts! Among them: The Holacracy Intro Course by Stefan of dG and Barbara of ImpactHUB Vienna. Register at!

Want to learn Holacracy "offline" and deep-dive into self-organization? Check out:

 next:pedition 2019/2020 coming fast... 

next:pedition Discovery Session
The second edition of our next:pedition is approaching fast, starting with the first (of 5) modules in April 2019 in Vienna! We aleady have an exciting list of participants from the DACH-region, but also Poland and China.

You want to shape the future of work? Check out this article on New Work Stories called Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Transformation or join our next Discovery Session on January 16 (3:30-7pm) at the dG Harbor in Vienna! Simply register via

 Learning Opportunities 🌱 

... more details on our training site!
  1. Systemic Transformation Theory: January – March (starting January 8!)
  2. Group Dynamics: February 11-15
  3. Agile Working Methods: February 27-28
Also, we are really glad for the invitations to be part of these upcoming event formats in Austria to share and reflect (Sorry, German only!):
  • YARD Forum, 24. Jänner, Wien: Wie wirken organisatorische, räumliche und digitale Interventionen auf Menschen, Strukturen und Prozesse? Gerhard & Anna berichten über die kulturelle Intervention bei DOKA.
  • Soziokratie & Holacracy, 31. Jänner, Dornbirn: Matthias diskutiert mit Lisa über die Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten.
  • iOB Tagung 2019, 21.-22. März, Wien: Die 5. Tagung der internen Organisationsberatung, hosted by dG - Early Bird Tickets bis 31.12.!!

 Teaching smart people how to learn... 

... and more inspiration!

🙉 Why professionals fail at learning: Stop trying to be in control, stop suppressing negative feelings, stop being as "rational" as possible... Instead, learn how to learn!

💪 Four Types of Power: There are many ways to slice up and categorize power. As a construct, it’s an exceptionally deep and multi-faceted. But is there a simpler way to think about it? Chris says: Yes!

🤖 You are subjective, and you'll always be: It's a full-time job to control perception biases. But it might helpful to know them and how they are warping your perception of reality!
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strategy partner for the 21st century. See how we organize ourselves: Find out more about our circles and roles in Glassfrog.

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